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Ready!Influential Partition of Adjacent Tunnels Construction for Beijing Urban Underground Roads

    Zhang Chengping, Qin Shipeng, and Cai Yi

Ready!Foundation Underpinning Process and Relationship with Groundwater in West-Central Florida

    Ahmed Said

Ready!U-steel and Anchor Cable Combined Support Structure for Deep Large Deformation Roadway

    Guo GangYe, Wang Weijun and Yu Weijian

Ready!Response Characteristics of Pile Foundation under Coupled Loads

    Chen Feng, Chen Sanshan and Jiang Guoping

Ready!Experimental Investigation into Compressive Strength of Soft Soil Stabilization under Curing Stress Conditions

    Darn-Horng Hsiao and To-Anh-Vu Phan

Ready!Evaluation of Factors Affecting Ripping Productivity in Open Pit Mining Excavation

    Rosihan Pebrianto, Marwan Asof, Budhi Kuswan Susilo, and Nurly Gofar

Ready!Physical Simulation of Elastic Wave for Engineering Site Detection

    Lu Tuo, Liu Shengdong, Chen Mu Lan, Zhang Peng and Sun Da Peng

Ready!Permanent Deformation Behavior of Undisturbed Saturated Silty Clay in Dongting Lake Area

    Wuming Leng, Si Chang, Rusong Nie, Chunyan Zhao and Qi Yang

Ready!Property of a New Similar Material for Physical Model of Daye Iron Mine in China

    Zhou Chuanbo, Liu Yangbo, Nan Jiang, Zhang Dingbang and Lu Shiwei

Ready!The Determination of Cutting Height of Top-Coal Caving with Great Mining Height Based on the Control of Coal Wall Stability

    Kong Dezhong

Ready!A Novel Strong Inhibition Water-Based Drilling Fluid Technology

    Xie Binqiang, Liu Chen and Zheng Lihui

Ready!A 3-D Analysis Model of Pressure Decline Curve for Acid Fracturing Well

    Zhifeng Luo, Liqiang Zhao, Pingli Liu, and FeiLiu, Nianyin Li

Ready!Sealing Property Evaluation & Application of Modified Grafted Starch HLD-1 Profile Control System

    Lan-jie Wang

Ready!Experimental Study on Monitoring Water Flow and Transport in Sands by 2-D Electrical Resistivity Tomography Method

    Liang Du, Shu-cai Liu, Juan-juan Li and Qi-nian Liang

Ready!Supporting Technique of Gob-side Entry Driving in Asymmetric Island Coal Face in Deep and Its Application

    Chuanyang Jia, Hengjie Luan and Zeyu Chen

Ready!Analysis of the Cracking Methods to the Secondary Lining in Mountain Tunnel

    Yu Li, He Ji-Bin, Li Rui-zhe, Tang Xia1 and Luo Lin

Ready!Analysis of Genetic Mechanism of Typical Landslide Disaster in Tongren Area, Guizhou Province, China

    Xinwei Li and Echuan Yan

Ready!Fluid-solid Coupling Experiment Study on Bedded Rock Salt at Creep Damage State

    Zhao Yan-Lin and Wan Wen

Ready!Numerical Evaluation of the Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings

    Soheila Soleimani and Adel Asakereh

Ready!Effect of Ground Motion- and Rate- Dependent Soil Dynamic Behavior on 1D Nonlinear Site Response

    Duguo Wang, Chenggang Zhao and Liang Li

Ready!Conservative Analysis on Axial Gouge Failure Stress for NG-18 Formula

    Wu Ying, Tang Na, Zhang Peng and Shan CongXing

Ready!Forecast of Geological Radar in Urban Orbit Traffic

    Wan Zhaohong, Zhou Zhong, Yang Hao, Wang Xiang-can and Zhang Qi-fang

Ready!Swing Oscillating Gear Transmission with Hypocycloid Shockwave

    Zheming He, Youxin Luo and Qiyuan Liu

Ready!Interlayer Bonding Performance of Organic Fiber and Polymer Modified Cement Concrete Road Overlay

    Yuan Zongzheng, Xu fang, Liu Miao, Wang Shuangchao and Deng Xin

Ready!Rockfall hazard assessment at Mingyang village, Nanjiang Country, Sichuan Province, China

    Lu, Kun-peng, Xie, Qiang, He, Xiao-bo, Yi, Tang and Li, Liang

Ready!Discrete Element Modeling of Dynamic Triaxial Test on Reinforced Saturated Sand

    Chengchun Qiu and Mengxi Zhang

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Vacuum Preloading for Dealing with Reclamation Sludge Foundation on Land Reclamation Site in Xiamen

    Ji Youjun, Wang Jie, Zhang Jian and Liu Zhiwen

Ready!Control Mechanism and Countermeasures for the Stability of Roadway Surrounding Rock in Fault Fracture Zone

    Gao Jie, Zhao Wei, Yang Guanyu, Lu Yan, and Zhai Jing-hui

Ready!Fracture Analysis of the Flaw in Rock-type Material under Compressive Loading and Osmotic Pressure

    Li Qiang, Zhang Li-Ting, Qi Qing-Lan and Zhang Yun-Qing

Ready!Evaluation of the Slope Stability based on Chaos Particle Swarm- Grey Neural Network

    Qiang Yue, Li Shao-hong, Li Li, Fan Zhe-chao and Liu Fang-ping

Ready!Measurement Analysis of Ground Settlement Induced by Shallow Metro Station Constructions in Rock-Soil Combination Strata

    Xiaoyu Bai, Mingyi Zhang, Tao Liu and Nan Yan

Ready!Strata Displacement in Roadbed Caused by Shallow Pipe Jacking Construction

    Yang Zhuan-yun

Ready!Shallow Hole Blasting Roof Cutting Pressure Relief for Gob-Side Entry Retaining and Its Use

    Shengpeng Hao and Yong Chen

Ready!Growing Media Selection of Meadow Green Roof

    Huang Li, Li Shuying, and Fan Hongliang

Ready!Surrounding Rock Grade and Reserved Deformation in Shallow-buried Bias of Separated Loess Tunnels

    Wang Zi-juan, Liu Xin-rong, Liu Jun and He Chun-mei


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