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Ready!Surface Subsidence Control during Strip-fill Mining Processes

    Lv Wenyu and Shuang Haiqing

Ready!Analysis of Anti-Sliding Performance of Small-Diameter Drilling Pile and Ordinary Cantilever Pile

    Ji Youjun, Qian Haiyang, Luo Qinglong and Xiong Hao

Ready!Mechanisms and Characteristics of the Discontinuous Surface Deformations by Repeat Mining in the Fault Structure

    Xizhen Sun, Weijia Guo, Chang Lu and Shichuan Zhang

Ready!Comprehensive Assessment of Post-Earthquake Collapse Risk based on Fuzzy Evidence Theory

    Fei Wang, Jingyu Su and Wei Wang

Ready!Model Test and Numerical Simulation Study on Failure Mode of Shallow Tunnel

    Liu Jun, Liu Xin-rong, He Chun-mei, Wang Zi-juan and Xiang Yu-zhou

Ready!Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings Located on Grouted Soil Slopes

    Amir Sajad Abedi and Nader Hataf

Ready!Development & Performance Evaluation of Suspended Emulsion Drilling Fluid System

    Lan-jie Wang

Ready!Effect of Different Drilling Fluid on Seepage Ability of Sandstone Reservoir of Silurian System

    Peng Xu, Hanqiao Xiong, Xiaolin Pu, Chao Gan and Zhihong Wang

Ready!Oil Displacement Experiment for Enhancing Oil Recovery of Porous Type Carbonate Reservoir

    Haiyang Su and Changlin Liao

Ready!Numerical Simulation on High-Steep Slope Stability Analysis in Transition from Open-Pit to Underground Mining

    Bo-lin Xiao, Zhi-qiang Yang, Qian Gao and So-qi He

Ready!Fractal Dimension Measuring for Failure Process of Rock-Like Materials Under Biaxial Compression

    Min Wang, Ping Cao, Wen Wan and Yan-Lin Zhao

Ready!Experimental Study of the Shearing Performance of the Cushion

    Han Xiaolei, Qiu Yankun, Dai Baicheng, Fu Donlong, Lin Chao and Ji Jing

Ready!The SCCAP Methodology Applied to Design Continuous Flight Auger Pilings

    Carlos Medeiros Silva, José Camapum de Carvalho and André Luís Brasil Cavalcante

Ready!New Model to Evaluate the Brittleness of Shale Reservoir in Western Sichuan Basin

    Guo Jian-chun, Luo Bo, Lu Cong, Liang Hao

Ready!Modified Statistical Damage Constitutive Model of Rock Based on Normal Distribution

    Tao Wen, Yourong Liu, Kang Wang, and Chengang Yang

Ready!Vibration Isolation of Soft-hard Alternant Strata and Its Influence on the Seismic Response of Strata

    Jin Xiaoguang, Lv Zhitao and Li Yayong

Ready!Construction Technology of Cast-in-Situ Bored Pile in Deep Water

    Liu Hui

Ready!Crack Initiation Extension Fracture of Rock Deformation and Destruction

    Dahui Qin, Yang Qin and Ting Mao

Ready!Optimization of Rubber Concrete Mixtures Based on Efficacy Coefficient-Copula Method

    Ning Zhao and Zhenshuang Wang

Ready!A New Analytical Method for Calculating the Active Earth Pressure behind a Retaining Wall under Rotation around the Top Mode in Building Engineering

    Gao Li-qiang and Dong Yan-bo

Ready!Energy Criterion for Fracture Propagation of Control Fissure in Perilous Rock

    Zhang Yi, Xu Lijun and Hu Kaifeng

Ready!Numerical Analysis on the Crack Propagation Mechanisim of Bias Tunnel Lining

    Qijun Hu, Xiaoqiang Yang, Qijie Cai, Chao Huang and Ping Wa

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Response Mechanism of Rock by TBM Disc Cutter

    Wang Songtao, Yan Shuai, Xu Zhiyang, Yang Yu

Ready!The Damage Form and Control Technology Research on Stone Arch Bridge in Service in High Intensity Seismic Region

    Tao Ye, Qijie Cai, Chao Huang, Xiaoqiang Yang, and Pin Wang

Ready!Runout Prediction of Aizi Gully Debris Flow Based on Model Calculation

    He Na, N.Sh.Chen, Zeng Mei and Chen Rong

Ready!Grey Elite Multi-parent Crossover Algorithm Based on High-dimensional Multi-objective Optimization Design

    Xiaoyi Che, Youxin Luo and Qiyun Liu

Ready!Simulation Study on Mining-Induced Stress and Fracture Evolution Characteristics of Overlying Rock Mass in Coalmine

    Shengli Kong and Yuanping Cheng

Ready!Implementation of Gaussian-Beam Based Demigration and Its Adjoint Operator

    Yuan Maolin, Huang Jianping, Jia Lingxiao, Li Zhenchun, Li Jiguang and Zhao Shentian

Ready!Undrained Creep Behavior of Gravelly Soil under Triaxial Compression Condition

    Zheng Liu, Qi-wen Zheng, Chen Wang and Li Wan

Ready!The Parameters Affecting Model Test of the Concrete Impacting against the Layer Sediment in Red Mudstone

    Hu qi-jun, Huang chao and Cai qi-jie

Ready!Thrusting Force and Horizontal Displacement of Railway Pier by FEM

    Wang Xiao-yang, Yang Kui, Liu Yong-biao and Yi Li-yun

Ready!Establishment of Statistical Damage Constitutive Model for Rock

    Liu Wanrong and Peng Chao

Ready!The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Techniques for the Safety of Deep Foundation Pits

    Do Minh Ngoc, Wu Li, Do Minh Tinh, and Zhang Li Jun

Ready!Dynamic Response Analysis in the Design of the Suspension Cable Structure of an Oil & Gas Pipeline in a Highly Seismic Region

    Qijun Hu, Ping Wang, Ming Liu, and Changping Yang

Ready!Influences of Newly-built Tunnelling on Adjacent Existing Tunnels in Beijing Urban Underground Roads

    Zhang Chengping, Cai Yi, Li Pengfei and Qin Shipeng


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