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Ready!Some contributions to the analysis of piled-rafts made up by self-drilling piles founded in a tropical soil of Brazil

    Cristhian C. Mendoza, Renato da Cunha, Juan Carlos Ruge and A. Lizcano

Ready!Centrifuge Model Test and Numerical Analysis of Properties of a Soft Foundation with an Upper Crust

    Junhui Zhang, Guangming Cen, Chiqing Zhou and Yunqing Ouyang

Ready!Liquefaction Potential of Nusajaya City

    Aminaton Marto, Choy Soon Tan, Nur Naemah Esa, Faizal Pakir and Siti Norafida Jusoh

Ready!Spalling and Cutting Mechanism of Hard Nodules in Thin Coal Seam

    Jinquan Jiang, Guangpeng Qin, Jin Dai and Hua Qu

Ready!Design and Fabrication of the Apparatus for Laboratory Study of Segmental Retaining Wall Units

    Faisal Ali and Md. Zahidul Islam Bhuiyan

Ready!Microstructure and Deformation Characteristics of Clay Contaminated by Alkaline Solution

    Yu Song, Xuejun Chen, Jie Ao and Qiu Li

Ready!Study and Application for Fracture Mechanism of Soft Coal-Rock Bonding Layer

    Liu Xiao, Lin Haixiao and Zhang Fan

Ready!Development of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Experimental System

    Yukun Du, Ruihe Wang, Weimin Yue, Zhiyuan Huang, Yixin Chen, and Ye Tian

Ready!The Deformation Law of Deep Foundation Pit in the Sand Gravel Area

    Qijun Hu, Yahui Xu, Zhiwei Long, Qijie Cai and Chao Huang

Ready!Utilization of Coarse Grained Phosphatic Gangue Gravels as Base and Subbase Materials

    Nafeth A. Abdel Hadi

Ready!Stream-tube Simulation of Naturally Fractured Low-permeability Reservoirs

    Chen Shu-li

Ready!The Ts-K Water Inrush Prediction Method Based on Water Inrush Coefficient

    Zhao Chengxi, Wenping Li and Qiao Wei

Ready!Characteristic Analysis of Soft Soils under Land Reclamation Fill from Pearl River Delta

    Jing Wang, Zhiliang Dong and Pingshan Chen

Ready!Classification of the Stability of Surrounding Rock in Mining Roadway Based on Support Vector Machine

    Shi Yongkui, Zhang Jingyu, Hao Jian and Li Wenying

Ready!“Effect-Cost” Control Method of Strip Filling

    Hao Jian, Shi Yongkui, and Zhang Jingyu

Ready!Inversion of Modulus of Anchored Rock Debris Mass in Collapsed Section of Large Underground Cavern and Safety Evaluation for Lining Structure

    Xiao Mingli, Xie Hongqiang and Zhuo li and He Jiangda

Ready!Attribute of Impacted Soils Towards Moisture Content and P-wave Velocity Inside Bukit Bunuh Complex Crater

    Nur Azwin Ismail, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, Dr. M.M Nordiana, Kiu Yap Chong and Shyeh Sahibul Karamah Masnan

Ready!Integrating 2-D Electrical Resistivity and Moisture Content for Soil Characterization Inside Bukit Bunuh Impact Crater

    Nur Azwin Ismail, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, Dr. M.M Nordiana, Zul Fadhli, and Nur Aminuda Kamaruddin

Ready!The Deep High Stress Dynamic Pressure Roadway Anti-scour Yield Support Technology

    Zeyu Chen, Chuanyang Jia and Hengjie Luan

Ready!Nonlinear Flow Characteristics and Induced Fracture Parameters Optimization

    Wen Zi-juan, Tang Hai and Lv Dong-liang

Ready!Monitoring and Analysis of the Sandy Pebble Stratum Foundation Pit Horizontal Displacement

    Qijun Hu, Yonghui Xie, Ze Shen and Chao Huang

Ready!Evaluation of Constitutive Soil Models for Predicting Movements Caused by a Deep Excavation in Sands

    Bin-Chen Benson Hsiung and Sy-Dan Dao

Ready!3D Finite Element Large Deformation Analysis of Soft and Weak Rock Tunneling Under High Unsymmetrical Geostress

    He Baohua

Ready!Evaluation of Geotechnical Parameters of Sand Silt Clay Mixtures obtained from Kollidam River Bed in Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu

    Evangelin Ramani Sujatha, Kumara Raja G, Poojetha D, Navroj Ravi, and Kumar Abishek

Ready!Micro Fracture and Fractal Damage Evolution Law of Coal-Rock Combination under Uniaxial Compression

    Jianguo Ning, Jun Wang, Xuesheng Liu, Chenglin Tian and Guangbo Li

Ready!Creep Characterization of Paste Cementing Body based on an Improved Burgers Model

    Lv Wenyu and Zhang Zhihui

Ready!Application of Particle Swarm Optimization on Settlement Fitting of Highway Foundation

    Gao Lei, Ji Baoquan and Li Mingkun

Ready!The Prediction of Damage Degree of Coal Floor Based on the Naive Bayes Classifier

    Shi Yongkui, Li Pengrui, Hao Jian, Wu Jisheng and Wu Hao

Ready!Application of EPS Silt Lightweight Soil in Treating Vehicle Dumping by FLAC3D

    Yong Feng

Ready!Investigation of Interaction between Crumb Rubber and Asphalt Binder for SMA Mixtures Using the Dry Process

    Bo Li, Junan Shen, Zhaoxing Xie, Walker Ozier and Anna Maijala

Ready!A Review on Various Nano Imaging Systems in Geotechnical Engineering

    Yasaman Dehghan Banadaky, Hamed Niroumand, and Khairul Anuar Kassim

Ready!The Influence of Land Use Changes on Rain Runoff in the High Urbanization Area——Based on the SCS Model

    Xuejun Liu, and Tao Liu

Ready!Space Dynamic Evolution and Characteristics of Urban Fringe Based on GIS and Fragstats Landscape Level

    Yan Long, Jun Yang, and Xuejun Liu

Ready!Effect of Ground Traffic Loads on Xi’an South City Wall

    Wang Xin, Hu Wei-bing, Meng Zhao-bo, Liu Ling-yu

Ready!Distribution Law of Jurassic Red Strata Landslide in Xiangjiaba Reservoir Area

    Cui Yulong


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