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Ready!Monitoring Analysis and Strengthening Method About the Tunnel Running Through Bridge Pile Foundation

    Feng Miao, Dejin Tang and Yang Chen

Ready!Geo-Environmental Prospectives and Development Plans for a New MSW Landfill Site Using Tirechips as Leachate Drainage Material

    M. K. Kaushik, Arvind Kumar and Ajay Bansal

Ready!Spalling and Cutting Mechanism of Hard Nodules in Thin Coal Seam

    Jinquan Jiang, Dr. Guangpeng Qin, Jin Dai and Hua Qu

Ready!The Non-Limit Passive Earth Pressure in Soils of Building Engineering

    Gao Li-qiang and Dong Yan-bo

Ready!Effect of Plastic Waste Incorporation on Geotechnical Parameters of Virgin and Oil-contaminated Soil

    Saad Ibrahim, Shaheer Khan, Syed Jafar Shah, Umair Ayub, and Haziq Khan

Ready!A Systematic Literature Review on Performance of Fly Ash on the Strength Parameters in Cohesive Soils

    Mohamadreza Mahmoudi, Hamed Niroumand and Khairul Anuar Kassim

Ready!Load Sharing of Anti slide Piles Based on Three Dimensional Soil Arching Numerical Analysis

    Mudthir Bakri, Yuanyou Xia and Huabing Wang

Ready!Partition of Gas-rich Region in Overlying Stratum Based on Key Stratum

    Cheng Wei-min, Sun Lu-lu, Wang Gang and Qu Hong-yuan

Ready!Strip Pillar Re-mining Technology Based on Paste-like Filling in Strip-goaf

    Hao Jian, Shi Yongkui, Zhang Jingyu and Qi Minhua

Ready!Arc-shaped Bulkhead Applied in Short-wall Room-and-pillar Mining

    Kaizhi Zhang, Ruikai Pan, Jinquan Jiang, Songtao Ji and Shuli Wang

Ready!Analysis of Injection Molding Process For T-pipe Based On Moldflow

    Zhang Xinjie

Ready!2-D Resistivity Imaging of Buried Furnace at Sik, Kedah (Malaysia)

    Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Rosli Saad and Dr. Mokhtar Saidin

Ready!Thickness Reduction Method of the Pillar Size Set Safely and Its Application

    Zhao Yan-lin and Wan Wen

Ready!Building Energy System Based on Capillary Mats

    Hu Yafan, Fang Chao, Du Yangyang, Jia Xingqiao, Pang Sukun and Li Caijie

Ready!Stability Control Based Excavation of Left Bank Slope at Jinping-1 Hydropower Station

    Yong-lin Liu, Jian Xiang, He-cheng Huang, Wen-xiao Liao, Hong-tao Li and Jun Wu

Ready!Macro and Mesoscopic Structure of Muddled Interlayer Based on Digital Image Processing

    Qijun Hu, Tao Ye, Xin Ju, Qijie Cai, Chao Huang, Xiaoqiang Yang, Pin Wang

Ready!Control Technology and Deformation Law of Gob-Side Entry Driving Roadway with Dynamic Pressure and High Stress in Deep Mine

    Chuanyang Jia and Zeyu Chen

Ready!The Productivity of Horizontal Well with Unevenly Spaced Multiple Fractures in Oil Reservoirs

    Wang Junchao and Li Haitao

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in Shale Gas Reservoir

    Lili Liu, Huijuan Zhang, Dahui Qin and Jianjun Liu

Ready!Bit Optimization in the Central Structure of East Sea Based on Rock Mechanics

    Hai-shan Zhang, Qin Hu, Wei-feng Yan and Fei-fei Duan

Ready!Deformation Characteristics of Foundation Pit with Positive Angle

    Lingling Qi and Benhu Jiang

Ready!A Systematic Literature Review on Performance of Fly Ash On the Strength Parameters in Cohesive Soils

    Mohamadreza Mahmoudi, Hamed Niroumand and Khairul Anuar Kassim

Ready!Soil Nailing Support System for a Rectangular Excavation

    Lingling Qi and Benhu Jiang

Ready!Sub-Soil Geotechnical Appraisal for Shallow Foundation Design Within Part of Greater Port Harcourt, Niger Delta

    Warmate Tamunonengiyeofori

Ready!Key Points of Design of Flyover Crossing Section of Jiahua Tunnel

    Yang Kui

Ready!Sustainability Measures and Potential Impacts on Occupational Safety and Health: Brazilian Constructions

    Emilia Rahnemay Kohlman Rabbani, Andréa Nunes Ferreira de Lima, Frederico José Barros Santos, Vanessa Ayanna de Souza Costa and Filipa Malafaya-Baptista

Ready!Effect of Lime-Guinea Corn Husk Ash on the Engineering Properties of Lateritic Soil

    S. A. Akinloye, G.M. Bankole, and A. Medubi

Ready!Pullout Mechanism and Failure Characteristics of Soil Anchor

    Kun Zhao, Chun-an You, Wen Du, Xiao-peng Lv and Yuan-yuan Li

Ready!Cyclic Undrained Shear Strength of Marine Silty Sand

    Jin Man Kim

Ready!A New Modified Cam-Clay Model Considering Cohesion and the Difference between Yield Strengths of Tension and Compression and Its Numerical Implementation

    Kang Ya, Cai Feng and Liu Zegong

Ready!Dynamic Properties of Sodium Silicate-Cement Grouted Sand

    Darn-Horng Hsiao, To-Anh-Vu Phan, and Hao-Cyun Jhong

Ready!Mechanism Analysis of Rock Breaking Using Static Cracking Agent (SAC)

    B.Y. Hao, S.Y. Hu, J. Cheng, H. Huang, K. Wang, and L.X. Kang

Ready!Wavelet Neural Network Optimization Algorithm based Landslide Displacement Forecast and Prediction

    Qiang Yue and Li Shao-hong


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