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Ready!Prediction Model on Maximum Potential Pollution Range of Debris Flows Generated in Tailings Dam Break

    Yang Zhiquan, Niu Xiangdong, Hou Kepeng, Liang Wei, and Guo Yanhui

Ready!Dynamic Response of Underwater Saturated Soil with Shield Tunnel Input P Waves

    Wenhua Chen

Ready!Investigation of Ancient River at Lembah Bujang, Kedah, Malaysia

    S. Ramzul Ihsan, Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, Umi Maslinda, and Hazrul Hisham

Ready!Mountain Landslide Induced by Fault Soil or Sand Earthquake Liquefaction

    Wenhua Chen

Ready!Contrastive Analysis on CT Buckling Critical Loads in Microhole Operation

    Hou Xuejun, Sun Tenfei, Zhang Yan, and Liang Qimin

Ready!A Case Study about a Patch Repair with Aminoalcohol Inhibitor in a Concrete Structure

    Eliana Barreto Monteiro, Humberto Jorge Barbosa de Melo, Jonas da Silva Bezerra, Élida Priscila de Moura Barros, and Alexandre de Azevêdo Demétrio Filhoand

Ready!Cutting Plane Method for Calculating Fractal Dimension of Rock Profile

    Min Wang, Ping Cao, Wen Wan, Yan-Lin Zhao and Yan-Lin Zhao

Ready!Application of Pile Tip Post-Grouting Technology to Increase The Bearing Capacity of Bored Piles in Vietnam

    Nguyen Khanh Tung and Wu Li

Ready!Predicting Reservoir Pressure of Gassy Soil

    Li Xiong-wei, Wang Yong, and Jiang Xiao-shu

Ready!Surrounding Rock Deformation and Failure Mechanism of Wudang Group Schist Tunnel: A case study of Tongsheng tunnel

    Zou Hao and Yan E-chuan

Ready!Modeling Subgrade Settlement in the Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Rail Line

    Yi Wen, Wang Yong-He, Xie Zi-Xing, and Tang Cheng-Yang

Ready!Repair Design and Construction of Shaft Project in Jinchuan Nieck Mine

    Dong Peixin, Yang Zhiqiang, Gao Qian and Zhang Zhanbin

Ready!Surrounding Rock Stress State Characteristics of Gob-side Entry Driving during Island Mining in Complex Condition

    Xiang-yang Zhang, Dr. Gang Ren and Min Tu

Ready!Analysis of Soil and Rock Slope Stability Influence by Anti-slide Piles Position

    Zhang Xuanwen

Ready!Lining Strengthen Area Deformation Control Effects and Stress Characters Analysis in Non-Pre-Advanced Twin Tube Tunnels

    Zhongle Lu, Li Wu, Qingjun Zuo, Qing Yuan and Bo Li

Ready!Anti-Seismic Analysis for Substructure of Bridge Based on Energy Transmission

    Yang Kui

Ready!Development and Application of Blast Digital Integrated Processing System

    Zhanying Ren, Renshu Yang, and Weimin Hu

Ready!Determination of Effective Influence Radius for Hydraulic Reaming in Mining Seam

    Peng Li

Ready!Micro Seismic Monitoring Technique and Practice of Rock Blast in Deep Mining

    Guo Lijie

Ready!Green Mining Technology for Residual Ores in the Goaf Group Based on Environmental Protection

    Guo Lijie

Ready!Analysis and Evaluation of Underground Coal Mine Spray and Dust Reduction Effect Based on Process Capability Analysis

    Li-tao Chen, Xian-hui Yin and Yan-yan Tan

Ready!Calculation of Vertical Earth Pressure on High Fill Culverts under Load Reduction Condition

    Junjie Jiao, Dingbao Song, Yuheng He, Yunhui Wang, Cheng Wang and Liufang Zhou

Ready!Gravity Method Used in Identifying the Northern Part of Seulimeum Fault, Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar, Indonesia

    Nabila Sulaiman, Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Muhammad Syukri, Hazrul Hisham, Umi Maslinda and S.R. Ihsan

Ready!Archaeo-Magnetic Studies of Buried Structure at Lembah Bujang, Kedah, Malaysia

    Umi Maslinda, Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, S.R. Ihsan, Hazrul Hisham and Nabila Sulaiman

Ready!A New Method to Calculate the Reserve-Production Ratio and Its Application

    Liu Xiaoyu, Cao Xunchen, Liu Xiao and Zhang Xin

Ready!Monitoring Technology of Surface Subsidence in Mine Based on InSAR

    Dr. Qin Hongnan, Li Changhong, Ma Haitao and Wang Yunhai

Ready!Influence of Area Replacement Ratio on Settlement and Stability of Oil Storage Tank Composite Foundation Treated With Compaction Piles

    Xuansheng Cheng, Wenjun Chen, Wei Jing, Chao Yin and Aihao Shi

Ready!The Characteristics of Residual Soil Shear Strength Considering the Influence of Matric Suction

    Ding Shao-lin, Zuo Chang-qun, Liu Dai-guo and Chen Jian-ping

Ready!Enhancing Bukit Bunuh, Perak Meteorite Impact Structure by Utilizing Ground Magnetic Data and Suevite Distribution Map

    Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M. M. Nordiana, Dr. M. Mokhtar Saidin and Y. C. Kiu

Ready!Facies-Controlled Modeling on Es2 at Block I of Shengtuo Oilfield

    Shaowei Pan, Jie Yin, Zhenhua Li and Yongjie Fan


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