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Ready!Integration of Ground Magnetic and Geotechnical Data for Bukit Bunuh, Perak Impact Structure Evidence

    Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M. M. Nordiana, Dr. M. Mokhtar Saidin and Y. C. Kiu

Ready!Interaction Mechanism between Surrounding Rock and Roadside Pack for Gob-side Entry Retaining in Thin Coal Seam

    Yantao Chen, Ying Xu and Yewen Feng

Ready!Characteristics of Stress Distribution and Progressive Yield in Soil-Rock Contact Surface Interfacial Layer Based on Direct Shear Test

    Yanli Wu, Wenping Li, Dongdong Yang, Hanying Bai, Qiqing Wang, Qingfeng Ding, and Yuxiang Lin

Ready!A Characterization Study of Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Clay and Fine Sand Treated with Landfill Leachate and Nutrient Solution

    Qiang Tang, Hengyu Wang, Hui Chen, and Xiaowu Tang

Ready!Experimental Study on Engineering Mechanical Properties of Aged Refuse

    Zeng Gang, Ma Jun, Xiong Hui, and Tian Yu

Ready!Numerical Modeling for Prediction of Compression Index From Soil Index Properties

    R. Nesamatha and Dr. P.D. Arumairaj

Ready!Numerical Study on Effect of Rock Mass Stability on Deep Deposit Slicing at Uranium Mine in Czech Republic

    Takashi Sasaoka, Akihiro Hamanaka, Sugeng Wahyudi, Hideki Shimada, and Vladimir Kebo

Ready!Evaluation on the Grade of Seismic Settlement of the Soft Clay Based on Bayesian Algorithm and Matter Element Model

    Xiuyuan Li, Wei Wang, Sai Huang, and Gang Liu

Ready!Surface Subsidence Prediction Model of Coal Mining based on Chaos Optimization and BP Neural Network

    Dr. Lv Wenyu and Zhang Zhihui

Ready!Global Warming Potential Impact Due to Pile Foundation Construction Using Life Cycle Assessment

    Mohamed K. Ay-Eldeen and Abdalazim M. Negm

Ready!Application of Fuzzy Entropy Theory to Tunnel Leakage Risk

    Pan HaiZe, Chen MengJie, He Jian and Miao Wei

Ready!Improvement of K-Means Algorithm and Its Applications In Analysis of Geological Exploration Seismic Data

    Lin Zhang

Ready!A GIS Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Model at a Regional Scale

    Yanli Wu and Wenping Li

Ready!Vibration Detection Warning Analysis Based on Zero-Crossing Attenuation

    Lin Zhang

Ready!Detection and Analysis on Foundation Deformation for Large Vertical Normal Pressure Storage Tank Group

    Wang Yadong, Xu Jiele, Xu Kaidong, Xu Yanting and Zheng Jianyong

Ready!Continuous Identification of Soil Compaction Stiffness by Harmonic Balance- Based Method

    Jiao Tan, Yang Mu-lin, and Xie Yang-biao

Ready!The Use of Information and Communication Technology for the Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) Management in the City of Recife

    Alexandre César Leão de Lima, Alexandre Duarte Gusmão, Maria Lencastre Pinheiro de Menezes Cruz and Eder Carlos Guedes dos Santos

Ready!The Key Technology of Integral lifting-up Protection Project of Yuhuang Pavilion—A Review

    Wei Lu, Dong Zhao, Wangyu Lan and Weixi Zhang

Ready!Progressive Optimization GM (1, 1) Model based on Direct Modeling for Demand Forecast of Urban Construction Land and its Empirical Research

    LanXiang Luo

Ready!Nonlinear Dynamic Model of Rock Mass and Its Application to Stability Analysis

    Yang Lijun and Liu Shaobin

Ready!Seawater Flooding Law for the Low Permeability Carbonate Reservoirs in the Middle East

    Zhang Yapu, Yang Zhengming, Zhu Guangya, Sun Junchang and Liu Xuewei

Ready!Load Transfer Law of Pre-stressed Anchor Cable within Loess Stratum

    Zhu Bin

Ready!Conglomerate Reservoirs Characteristics and Main Controlling Factors of Kexia Formation in Liuzhong Area of Kelamayi Oilfield

    Chunxiao Xiang and Xiong Zhang

Ready!Feasibility Analysis of Overhand Longwall Mining of Left-over Coal above the Gob Area Contained Residual Coal Pillar

    Ma Depeng, Cao Jisheng, Zhou Yan, Ma Shaojie and Luan Yuanzhong

Ready!Factors affecting the Width of Plastic Zone in Deep Strip Longwall Mining Based on Orthogonal Test Design

    Ma Depeng, Cao Jisheng, Zhou Yan, Ma Shaojie and Luan Yuanzhong

Ready!Identification Method of Reservoir Water-flooding Degree Based on the Flux-tube Model

    Nan Wu and Weiyao Zhu

Ready!Danger Mechanism of Rock Burst Induced by Mining in Synclinal Influence Area

    Shitan Gu, Zhimin Xiao, Ruifeng Huang, Wenshuai Li and Yunliang Tan

Ready!Progressive Mine Instability and Subsidence Response: A Case Study

    Gennaro G. Marino and Gabriel Posluszny

Ready!Impact Factors of Overburden Movement in Longwall Mining over Thin Overlying Strata

    Yang Li, Huaqun Wang, Wei Wu, Dapeng Yang and Ying Ge

Ready!Size Effect on the Unconfined Compressive Strength and Modulus of Elasticity of Limestone Rock

    Alaa H.J. Al-Rkaby and Zuheir M.S. Alafandi


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