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Ready!Influence of Repeated Wetting-Drying Process on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement Modified Crushed Rock Base

    Dr Anuchit Uchaipichat

Ready!The Affecting Factors’ Analysis and Correction of NMR Core Porosity for Shale Reservoir

    Li Xin, Liu Peng, Luo Yanying, Fang Zhaoqiang, Li Bin, and Wu Di

Ready!A Review of Underground Mine Backfilling Methods with Emphasis On Cemented Paste Backfill

    Morteza Sheshpari

Ready!Alternative Method for Evaluation of DaGang Deep Drilling Applications

    Shahryar Sorooshian

Ready!Determination of Suitability of Al-Hassa Clay as a Road Layer through Mechanical Stabilization

    Dr Mu'azu Mohammed Abdullahi, Abbas Al Jaroudi, Kadhem Al Hall and Nazri Bin Ali

Ready!Rock Mass Structures and Weathering Characterization of Weathered Slope in an Open-pit Mine

    Wen Zhong, Xiaojun Wang, Liansheng Liu, Kui Zhao and Zhuoying Tan

Ready!Estimation of Active Earth Pressure on a Rough Wall under the Non-Limit State Considering the Movement Mode in Building Engineering

    Meng Li-jun, Zhao Jing and Zhang Yan-jun

Ready!Influence of Section Coal Pillar Width of the Protective Layer on Pressure-Relief Effect of the Protected Layer

    Wei Wang, Wang Haifeng, Zhao Xu and Zhang Rong

Ready!Dynamic Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Rock’s Stability Surrounding a Tunnel

    Li Jun, Yang Feng and Shang Yu-fei

Ready!The Prediction of Height of Water-Conducting Fractured Zone in Overburden Strata of Seam Using Grey Artificial Neural Networks

    Lu Hai-Feng, Yao Duo-Xi, Hu You-Biao and Chen Shan-Cheng

Ready!Stochastic Modeling of the Reservoir Architectural Elements in Wen 25 Block of Zhongyuan Oilfield

    Yanchen Zhou and Yanshu Yin

Ready!Water and Sand Inrush From the Point of View of Seepage Instability

    Liu Yu, Li Shuncai and Jiang Hongqi

Ready!Development of Real-time Mining Data Remote Transmission System Based on Multi-sensor Fusion

    Daning Zhang, Zhenyang Xu, Lianjun Guo, and Yanning Yu

Ready!Relationships between Water-Cement Ratio and Rheological Characteristics of Power-Law Cement Grouts

    Yang Zhiquan, Niu Xiangdong, Hou Kepeng, Liang Wei and Guo Yanhui

Ready!Blasting Effect Analysis of Hole-by-hole Millisecond Minute Difference Initiation Network Along V-shaped Oblique Line

    Yajun Chen, Zhiguo Chang, Jingfeng Mao and Wenke Wang

Ready!Simulation of Hydraulic Conductivity Based on The Sandstone CT Image

    Mengdie Bao and Xiang He

Ready!Strength Recovery of Remolded Dredged Marine Clay: Thixotropic Hardening vs. Induced Cementation

    Chee-Ming Chan

Ready!Tailings Dams Monitoring in Swedish Mines using Self-Potential and Electrical Resistivity Methods

    Ganesh Mainali, Erling Nordlund, Sven Knutsson and Hans Thunehed

Ready!Analysis of Excess Pore Water of Grouted Micro-piles with PVDs Ground Treatment Method

    Zhaoyu Wang and Guoxiong Mei

Ready!Laboratory Evaluation of Silicone Rubber Sealant and Application in Crack Maintenance of Pavement

    Liu Jiesheng, Liu Ke, Xue Lian and Li Jixiang

Ready!Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for Rock Dynamic Disaster Hazard Assessment on the Coal Face

    Yongjiang Zhang

Ready!Development of Real-time Mining Data Remote Transmission System Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion

    Daning Zhang, Zhenyang Xu, Lianjun Guo and Yanning Yu

Ready!Deformation and Strength Characteristics of Graded Gravel by Large-Scale Triaxial Tests

    Dr. Duc-Phong Pham, Qian Su, Chuan-Bin Zhou, Anh-Tuan Vu and Huyen-Hanh Lam

Ready!The Mechanical Behavior of MBT-Waste

    Dr. Stela Fucale, José Fernando Thomé Jucá and K. Muennich

Ready!Technical and Economic Analysis of Construction and Demolition Waste Used in Paving Project

    Andréa Farias, Dr. Stela Fucale and Alexandre Duarte Gusmão

Ready!A Review on Types of Binder and Hydration in Cemented Paste Backfill (CPB)

    Morteza Sheshpari

Ready!Comprehensive Evaluation on Shale Fracability Using Principal Component Analysis

    Lili Sui, Jiangtao Zheng, Jian Yu and Xianxia Wang

Ready!Deformation of Adjacent Tunnel in Processes of Excavation

    Zhaohua Jiang and Youwen Su

Ready!Estimate Failure Probability of Ideal Submarine Pipeline

    Linping Guo, Shuwang Yan, Ai-wu Yang and Xiaoqiang Liu


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