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Ready!Infrared Image Implication for Non-Destructive Geotechnical Investigation Method

    Wonjun Cha, Hakseung Kim, Namjun Cho, and Hyun-Ki Kim

Ready!Development of Real-time Mining Data Remote Transmission System Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion

    Daning Zhang, Zhenyang Xu, Lianjun Guo and Yanning Yu

Ready!Influence on Roadways Caused by the Longwall Mining in the Adjacent Upper Seam

    Li Ximeng, Liu Changyou, and Yu Chao

Ready!A Uniaxial Compressive Damage Constitutive Model for Rock Mass with Persistent Joints Considering the Joint Shear Strength

    Limin Zhang, Siyu Hou and Hongyan Liu

Ready!The Optimization of Sidetracking Horizontal Well

    Huang Lingyan and Tang Hai

Ready!Potential of Environmental Contamination Associated with Disposal of Asphalt Waste in Soil

    André Nagalli, Emanuelle Dayane Schneider, Maria Aparecida Silva Porfírio, Mariana Reinert Schroh, Annelise Nairne Schamne, Lucia Regina Rocha Martins, and Vsévolod Mymrine

Ready!Initial Excess Pore Water Pressure Distribution due to Pile Driving in a Slope

    Xu Ying, Hong Tao, and Jian-bing Mo

Ready!Seismic Response of Pure-Friction Sliding Base-Isolated Structures Subjected to Vertical Component of Earthquakes

    Wei Gu, Saisai Wang, and Wei Cai

Ready!A Study in Various Techniques, Advances and Issues Used for Rock Masses

    Dr. Behzad Kalantari and Hasan Jamali

Ready!Feasibility of Drum Coal loading Process Simulation Using Three Dimensional Discrete Element Method

    Kuidong Gao

Ready!Inventory of methane emissions from municipal solid waste management in Pernambuco state, Brazil

    Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz, Alessandra Lee Barbosa Firmo, Tatyane Souza Nunes Rodrigues, José Fernando Thomé Jucá, Ioná Maria Beltrão Rameh Barbosa and Eduardo Antonio Maia Lins

Ready!The Debris Flow Hazard Assessment of Wenchuan Earthquake-stricken Area Based on Watershed Unit

    Dr Xiong Junnan, Sun Ming, Liu Shan and Peng Chao

Ready!Gas Storage and Emission in Qijiapo Mine

    Qi Li-ming, Zhao Rong and Ge Xu-bin

Ready!Rock Mass Mechanical Parameters by Back Analysis of a Tunnel

    Li Jin and Deng Xisheng

Ready!Influence of Dilatancy Angle on Slope Stability

    Yanmei Yang, Yujun Wang, Yifeng Wu and Wenwu Cui

Ready!Non-equidistance Grey Model GRM(1,1) and Empirical Research of City Construction Land Demand Prediction

    Bohong Zheng and LanXiang Luo

Ready!Influence of Shield Machine Lifting on Excavation during Tunnel Construction

    Qingmei Kong

Ready!Detection of Defective Piles Using Analysis Tools

    Leting Zhang, Yaping Wu, and Mingqiang Wei

Ready!Seismic Risk Assessment System of Urban Underground Structures Based on Numerical Analysis

    Junhai An, Lianjin Tao and Jidong Li

Ready!Parameter Estimation Method for SWMM under the Condition of Incomplete Information Based on GIS and RS

    Ji Shen and Qiuwen Zhang

Ready!Failure Characteristic of Traffic Project and Reconstruction Countermeasures Study Due to Wenchuan Earthquake

    Wang Yao, Zhang Junwei, Yu Xiangjun, Chen Yaoyao and Liu Yichen

Ready!Unsaturated Soil Slope Stability Analysis Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

    Yang Xiao-xiao, Dong Jian-jun and Nie Lan-lei

Ready!Assessment and Control Analysis of Impact of Open Cut Foundation Pit Excavation on Adjacent High Speed Railway Shield Tunnel

    Zhang Qi-fang, Zhou Zhong, Wan Zhao-hong, Yang Hao and Wang Xiang-can

Ready!Surface Displacements and Control Parameters of a Slurry Shield Tunnel Constructed at Shallow Depths in Soft Ground

    Zi-Song Yang

Ready!Different Damage Parameters on Failure Properties with Non-Straight Marble Under Uniaxial Compression

    Dong Qianqian, Ma Guowei, Wang Qiusheng, Xia Mingjie, Zhen Hebin and Li Qiaoyan

Ready!Numerical Modeling and Development of Empirical Correlations for Prediction of Plane Strain Properties of Cohesionless Soils

    P. Sooriya Narayanan and Dr. S.P. Jeyapriya

Ready!Improvement of Criterion of Instability for High Slope of Soft Rock and Numerical Simulation of Slope Stability

    Gao Wenhua, Zhang Zhimin and Qu Hongxia

Ready!The Influence of Tunnel Construction with Dynamically Changing Soil Mechanics Parameters on Soil Disturbance

    Zhe Liu, Ping He, Anqi Zhang, Xiuying Wang and Jinhua Wang

Ready!Three-Dimensional Analyses of Concrete Face Rockfill Dams: Barra Grande Case Study

    Dr. Adriano Frutuoso da Silva, Dr. André Pacheco de Assis, Dr. Marcio Muniz de Farias and Dr. Manoel Porfirio Cordão Neto

Ready!The Fluid-Solid Coupling Effect of Confined Water In Deep Mining Floor

    Wen-bin Sun, Wei-jia Guo and Jin-xiao Liu


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