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Ready!Dynamic Coupling Failure of Sandy Slope under Earthquake and Groundwater

    Shuai Huang, Yuejun Lv, Yanju Peng, Yi Fang, and Degou Cai

Ready!Pseudo-Static Analysis of Slope Stability in Different Groundwater Levels

    Shuai Huang, Yuejun Lv, Yanju Peng, Liwei Xiu, and Degou Cai

Ready!Effect of the ore body mining on stability and failure zone of travelling roadway

    Rui Zou, Yujie Wang, Tiejun Tao, Mingsheng Zhao, and Xianzhi Luo

Ready!Effect of Long-period Ground Motions on Hydrodynamic Pressure and Dynamic Response of Rectangular Piers

    Shuai Huang, Yuejun Lv, Yanju Peng, and Degou Cai

Ready!Measure of Specific Energy During Drilling of Rocks

    Mahendra Shewalla and John R. Smith

Ready!Prediction of Grouting Uplift of Subgrade by Stochastic Medium Theory

    Zhu Yong

Ready!The Design for Producing Non-Loadbearing Masonry Impacts: Comparative Indicators Analysis

    Alberto Casado Lordsleem Jr. and Victor Amadeu Lopes Silva

Ready!The Analysis of the Schist’s Failure Modes and Mechanical Characteristics in Northwest Hubei Province based on Uniaxial and Triaxial Compression Test

    Zou Hao and Yan E-chuan

Ready!GIS Techniques for Flood Modeling and Flood Inundation Mapping

    Faghih Mina and Tan Pei Ying

Ready!Stress-Strain Behavior of a Heterogeneous and Lightly Cemented Soil under Triaxial Compression Test

    Dr. Julio A. Capdevila and Víctor A. Rinaldi

Ready!Risk Assessment of Urban Subway During Construction Based on Strain Softening Partition

    Zhong-xi Tian, Chun-quan Dai, and Zeng-hui Zhao

Ready!Analysis of Costs Associated with Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Construction Sites in Recife, Brazil

    Jonas da Silva Bezerra, Kalinny Patrícia Vaz Lafayette, Luiz Augusto Ramos de Castro, Costa Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz, and Eduardo Ferreira

Ready!The Application of Wavelet Analysis and Support Vector Machine Coupling Model in Displacement Prediction of a Landslide

    Zhiping Zhou, Jiaming Zhang, and Jinqiao Peng

Ready!Seismic Stability Analysis on Diversion Dike for Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant

    Jin Yu-hao, Zhao Jie, and Wang Gui-xuan

Ready!Method of Determining the Threshold Pressure Gradient

    Jing Gao, Yingfeng Meng, Gao Li, Cong Li, Bin Kong, Minghua Fu, and Xu Tian

Ready!Analysis of Optimized Fast Drilling and Completion Technology of Dagang Oilfield

    Dr. Songcheng Tan, Longchen Duan, Yushui Lin, and Chao Dong

Ready!Inner Supporting Application of Piling Support in Deep Muddy Stratum Pit

    Ma Hui

Ready!Calculation Method of Quantitative Evaluation Weight Value ω of Railway Tunnel Earthquake Damage Loss Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

    Miren Rong, Mubiao Su, and Hailong Wang

Ready!Safety Criterion of Damage in Tunnel Roof Under Blasting Vibration Load

    Rui Zou, Yujie Wang, and Tiejun Tao

Ready!Application of Combination Weighting Grey Correlation Model in the Optimization for Deep Foundation Pit Supporting Scheme

    Li xuan, Li Jinwei, Xiong Mengxin, He Guowei, and Luo Changming

Ready!Pre- and Post-Cyclic Behavior on Monotonic Shear Strength of Penor Peat

    Adnan Zainorabidin and Habib Musa Mohamad

Ready!Stability and Reliability Evaluation of Unstable Rocks in JiaoZuo LongSi Abandoned Mine Slopes

    Li Xiong Feng and Yu Hong Ming

Ready!Real-time Monitoring and Prediction Method to Slope Displacement in Transition from Open Pit to Underground

    Peng Lv, Shengliang Wu and Wei Jin

Ready!Magnetic Response in the Discovery of Archaeological Artifacts and Monuments in Gandhara, Pakistan

    Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, Shyeh Sahibul Karamah Masnan, Dr. Rosli Saad, I.N. Azwin and Noer El Hidayah Ismail

Ready!Soil Arching Forming and Failure Mechanism Between Adjacent Cantilever Anti-slide Pile

    Sun Jin-shan and Jin Xiao-bo

Ready!Uplifting Behavior of Shallow Buried Pipelines Within Liquefiable Soils Under Cyclic Loading

    Hassan Sharafi, Sahar Jalili, and Payam Parsafar

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Macroscopic Mechanical Parameters of Fractured Rocks Containing Weak Interlayers

    Yunyue Xie and Hongtian Xiao

Ready!Earth Pressure on Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall by Field Test and Numerical Modeling

    Guo-lin Yang and Quan Shen


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