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Ready!Influence of Mineral Constituents for Fine Clay’s Strength Characteristics

    Hui Zhou, Yingguang Fang, Jianwei Liang, and Renguo Gu

Ready!Modified Consolidation Model and Calculation of Soft Soil Based on Microcosmic Test

    Hui Zhou, Yingguang Fang, Renguo Gu

Ready!Offshore Earth-rock Cofferdam Reinforcement Optimization by Probability Analysis

    Dai Yuwen and Dr. Wang Zhan

Ready!Fractal Analysis of Cracks Due to Mixed Mining of Coal Seam Group

    Hu Yong-zhong, Liu Chang-you, and Li Jian-wei

Ready!The REEs Characteristics of Dolomite from Lower Triassic Feixianguan Formation in Puguang Gas Field and their Geological Implications

    Huang Chang-bing, Li Zhen, Jin Min-gang, Yang Gang, Chen Ke-gui, and Wu Jun

Ready!Failure Degree of Rock Mass in Mining Tunnel by Nonlinear Criterion

    Xiaoming Li and Qunyi Liu

Ready!Key Points of Short Interval Distance of Jiahua Tunnel

    Dr. Yang Kui

Ready!Thrusting Force and Horizontal Displacement of Railway Pier by FEM

    Dr. Yang Kui, Liu Yong-biao, and Yi Li-yun

Ready!Analysis of Anti-overturning Stability of Leaning Towers Based on the Theory of Loess Deformation

    Wei Lu, Dong Zhao, Yulan Wang, and Guoxue He

Ready!Analysis of Reducing Medium Consumption Based on Lean PDCA Circulation

    Qing-he Yuan, Yan-yan Tan, and Xue-jie Xu

Ready!Construction Technology of Cast-in-Situ Bored Pile in Deep Water

    Dr. Liu Hui

Ready!Construction Prospect of Thrusting 3m-Diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe

    Dr. Liu Hui

Ready!Manual Tunneling and Thrusting Pipe Construction Technology Under Complicated Geological Conditions

    Dr. Liu Hui

Ready!Fracturing Pattern of Overlying Rocks and Determination of Supporting Strength of the Support during Mixed Mining of Coal Seam Group

    Hu Yong-zhong, Li Jian-wei, Liu Chang-you, and Chen Bao-bao

Ready!Numerical Evaluation of Vacuum Combined Surcharge Preloading and Its Influence on Surrounding Environment

    Binbin Xu and Toshihiro Noda

Ready!Micro-Fracture Permeability Influencing Factor Analysis Based on Lattice Boltzmann Method

    Qu Guanzheng, Qu Zhanqing, Wu Siwei, and Gong Diguang

Ready!Geotechnical Properties of Waste Soil from Closed Construction Dumping Area in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

    Ahmad Azdi Hosni, Dr. Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi, and Ahmad Sulaimi Shariffuddin

Ready!Long-Term Settlement Prediction At Closed Dumping Area Using Hyperbolic Function Model

    Ahmad Sulaimi Shariffuddin, Dr. Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi, and Ahmad Azdi Hosni

Ready!Experimental Study on Whole Tailings Cemented Backfill in Lilou Iron Mine

    Xiaoming Wei, Changhong Li, Xiaolong Zhou, and Lixin Zhang

Ready!Effect of Groundwater Levels on Dynamic Safety Factor and Internal Force of Soil Nail

    Shuai Huang, Yuejun Lv, Yanju Peng, Yi Fang, and Degou Cai

Ready!The Mining Transport Process of Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

    Xiaoshuang Li, Menglai Wang, and Hao Li

Ready!Mining Technology in Mining—Based on the Cream Filling

    Zhengkang Shi

Ready!Green Mining Technology of Coal Mining in China

    Zhengkang Shi

Ready!Mortar Coating by Mechanical Projection: Characterization and Indicators

    Alberto Casado Lordsleem Jr. and Gabriela Alves T. de Morais

Ready!The Effect of Surfactant on Difficult to Wetting and Hydrophobic Coal Dust

    Xin Song, Qi Xiaofeng, Chen Xingbo, and Xu Zhongrui

Ready!Composite Supporting Technology for Broken Soft-rock Roadway

    Zhou Xiaoting and Xie Taofeng

Ready!Prediction Model on Maximum Potential Pollution Range of Debris Flows Generated in Phosphorite Dumping Sites

    Yang Zhiquan, Hou Kepeng, Guo Tingting, Liang Wei, and Guo Yanhui

Ready!Mechanical Model Study of Coal and Gas Outburst in Rectangular Tunnels

    Banghua Yao, Xiaochuan Wang, Tailong An, Qingqing Ma, and Donglin Cai

Ready!Seismic Study of Rebound Zone within Bukit Bunuh Impact Crater, Lenggong Perak

    Nur Aminuda Kamaruddin, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M. M. Nordiana, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, and Fauzi Andika

Ready!Unsaturated Soil Slope Stability Analysis Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

    Yang Xiao-xiao, Dong Jian-jun, and Nie Lan-lei


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