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Ready!Magnetic Reconnaissance at the Great Cave (Kashmir Smast), Northern Pakistan

    Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Nasim Khan, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, Shaiful Shahidan, and Shyeh Sahibul Karamah

Ready!Aspects of Ground Vibrations due to Pile and Sheet Pile Driving

    Fanny Deckner, Kenneth Viking, and Staffan Hintze

Ready!The Planning of Coalmine Intelligent Management System Based on the Concept of “Safety, Greenness and People-Orientation”

    Li Chong-mao, Nie Rui, Wang Jian-jun, and Qian Xiang-yan

Ready!Prediction Method of Karst Fissure Water Content before Tunnel Face Based on GPR

    Zhao Ningyu and Liu Yi

Ready!Model of Coal Gas Permeability Prediction Based on Random Forest

    Shi Yongkui, Li Pengrui, and Zhang Jingyu

Ready!Dynamic Pore Water Pressure Analysis of Sandy Slope under Strong Earthquake

    Shuai Huang, Yuejun Lv, Yanju Peng, and Haijun Sha

Ready!Rock Permeability Characteristics in Complete Stress-strain Process Based on Confining Pressure Effects

    Xizhen Sun, Changxiang Wang, Ning Jiang, and Shichuan Zhang

Ready!Surface Discontinuous Destruction Features Caused by Repeated Mining of Multiple Coal Seams

    Xizhen Sun, Changxiang Wang, Ning Jiang, and Shichuan Zhang

Ready!Integration of Systemic Approach and Requirements Analysis in Dam’s Design

    Boucherit Rouissat and Abdelmalek Bekkouche

Ready!Typical Failure Modes of High-cutting Slops and Its Application on Yanwanqiao West Slope in Three Gorges Reservoir Region, China

    Qinwen Tan, Feng Chen, Meng Zhao, Tian Kou, and Junjie Wu

Ready!Evaluation of Uniaxial Compressive Strength by Point Load Tests for Irregular Specimens of Different Rock Types

    Wei Liang, Kepeng Hou, Zhiquan Yang, and Huafen Sun

Ready!Model Test for Characteristics of Rockfall Longitudinal and Transverse Movements

    Dr. Liu Dan

Ready!Rock Slope Greening Along Highway of Chongqing Northeast Area

    Zhang Xing-Mei, Xu Cong, Dr. Liu Dan, and Huang Ji-Wei

Ready!Effect of Transportation Development in Main Urban Area of Chongqing City on Economic Relation Intensity Among Clusters

    Liu Xiao-Meng, Huang Cheng-Feng, Dr. Liu Dan, and Huang Ji-Wei

Ready!Coal Rock Gas Dynamic Disaster Classification Attribute and Its Prevention Practice in Deep Mine

    Jianjun Cao, Qianting Hu, Yongjiang Zhang, and Benqing Yuan

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Coal under Repeated Loading

    Wang Hailong, Guo Weijia, and Chen Shaojie

Ready!Analysis on the Improved Time Function Model of Surface Subsidence

    Chuangye Wang and Hongguang Ji

Ready!The Regional Landslide Formation Influence Factors and Group Control Model Research Based on Comprehensive Contribution Rate and Principal Component Analysis

    Ren Xubin, Yan Echuan, Huang Xiaoming, and Liu Jun

Ready!Similarity of Materials for Stabilizing Pile in Model Test

    Honglue Qu, Ruifeng Li, and Hongyu Jia

Ready!Integrated Prevention and Control Technologies for Subsidence Areas in Metal Mines

    Jianjun Hu, Bin Yu, Peng Wu, and Jinrui Liu

Ready!Mineral Genesis and Evolutionary Sequence of Bauxite Deposit in WZD Area, Northern Guizhou, China

    Tao Cui

Ready!Grey Correlation Analysis of Influence Factors Sensitivity on Blasting Vibration Speed

    Dong Zhou, Zhuoying Tan, Zhenjing Huang, Zhiqian Xie, and Zhaohui Li

Ready!Supporting Mechanism and Mechanical Characteristics of Artificial Barrier Pillar

    Haigang Li, Hongguang Ji, and Zeming Zhou

Ready!Comparison of Leakage Emission Estimation Methods for Pollutants in Lead and Zinc Smelting Enterprises

    Liu Dajun, and Wang Jiaquan

Ready!Dynamic Response of Wind Power Tower Considering the Interaction of Pile and Soil

    Huang Shuai, Lv Yuejun, Peng Yanju, and Li Kaiwen

Ready!GIS Techniques for Flood Modeling and Flood Inundation Mapping

    Faghih Mina and Tan Pei Ying

Ready!Vertical Consolidation by the Steepest Slopes

    Mohammed S. Al-Zoubi

Ready!Edge Detection Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Image Based on Zernike Moments and 2D-Otsu Algorithm

    Yongming Yang, Yuanmin Fang and Liang Huang

Ready!Porosity Calculation, Pore Size Distribution and Mineral Identification within Shale Rocks: Application of Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

    Weijun Shen, Jiamin Wan, Tetsu K. Tokunaga, Yongman Kim and Xizhe Li

Ready!Formation Resistivity Dynamic Simulation and Finite Difference Methods of Implementation for Saline Mud Invasion

    Wang Fei, Pan Bao Zhi and Zhang Ping


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