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Ready!Rigid Pile Composite Foundation of High-Rise Building Pile Soil Stress Ratio Test and in situ Analysis

    Pan Wei-dong, Tan Li and Fang Ying-guang

Ready!Statistical analysis for the relationship between motion parameters and topographic conditions of long runout landslides in China

    Fu-gang Xu, Xing-guo Yang, Jia-wen Zhou, Tian-xing Hou, and Peng-yuan Lu

Ready!Roadway Sides Rock Deformation in Deep Mining

    Wu Hai, Wang Weijun, Wang Jin, Zhang Nong and Dao Viet Doan

Ready!Forecasting of mine discharge based on Phase Space Reconstruction and LS-SVM within the Bayesian evidence framework

    Chen Youkuo and Yang Yongguo

Ready!Hazard Analysis of Coal Spontaneous Combustion in Large Silo

    Jiangshi Zhang, Jianhao Wang and Jianhai Yu

Ready!Pore Structure Characterization of Ten Typical Rocks in China

    Zechen Yan, Canshou Chen, Pengxian Fan, Mingyang Wang and Xiang Fang

Ready!Settlement of Pile Group Foundation Associated with Excavation Beneath Basement of Existing Building

    Huafeng Shan, Xuemei Liu, Xinjie Zhan, and Tangdai Xia

Ready!Slope Reinforcement Technology by Vetiveria Zizanioides

    Cai Dechang, Wang Yi and Luo Xiaoyong

Ready!A Novel Model for Rapid Correcting Airflow Velocity in Semicircular Arch Tunnel of Coal Mine

    Lian-jiang Wei, Jian-wei Cheng and Xin-rong Luo

Ready!Application of the Technology of 3D RVSP for Goaf Detection in Coal Mine

    Qifeng Yin, Dongming Pan and Jingcun Yu

Ready!Effect of Displacement Loading Rate on Mechanical Properties of Sandstone

    Jinghu Yang

Ready!Pile Behavior due to Tunnel Excavation

    Mustafa Hasan Abdullah and Mohd Raihan Taha

Ready!Surface Settlement Calculation of Eco-bags Revetment

    Longfei Cheng and Linyan Li

Ready!On the treatment of dangerous slopes of fire-prevention road of the Fragrant Hill in Beijing

    Wang Guihe

Ready!Stability Analysis and Optimal Selection of Treatment Schemes of a Complex Soil High Slope

    Li Dongbo and Zhao Dong

Ready!Analytical Solution for Soil Remediation Using PVD-Enhanced System Arranged in a Grid Pattern

    Hengyu Wang, Xiaowu Tang and Qiang Tang

Ready!Application of Filling-Grouting Method in Treating Goaf under Subgrade

    Wen Shu-jie, Hu Guo-bao, An Jian-guo

Ready!Supporting Effect of Soil Nailing to Foundation Pit with Positive Angle

    Min Lin and Jun Cheng

Ready!Impact Analysis of Deep Foundation Pit Excavation on Adjacent Pipeline in the Sand Gravel Area

    Qijun Hu, Yahui Xu, Zhiwei Long and Pengcuo Zaxi

Ready!High Dynamic Strain Test for Transient Blasting Wave

    Xiaojin Chen, Siyu Pang and Qunyi Liu

Ready!Contact Behavior between Slab Track And its Subgrade under High-Speed Train Loading and Water-Soil Interaction

    Jian Han, Guotang Zhao, Xinbiao Xiao, Zefeng Wen and Xuesong Jin

Ready!Rock Slope Vegetation Restoration Factors Analysis Based on Shandong Province Highways

    Zhirong Jia, Zhonghui Hu, Xuezhong Fan, Xuebo Liu and Zhifeng Liu

Ready!Influence of Nano-Soil Particles in Soft Soil Stabilization

    Norazlan Khalid, Mohd Fadzil Arshad, Mazidah Mukri, Kamaruzzaman Mohamad and Faizah Kamarudin

Ready!Evaluation of Stone Columns versus Liquefaction Phenomenon

    Arsalan Salahi, Hamed Niroumand, and Khairul Anuar Kassim

Ready!Soil/Rock Threshold of Colluvial-Deluvial Soil-rock Mixture Based on Numerical Experiment

    Shu Zhang and Li Jiang

Ready!Three-Dimensional Seismic Response of Circular Convey Tunnel Induced by SV Waves

    Ma Hongwei and Chen Wenhua

Ready!Stochastic Simulation on Preferential Seepage Channels in Water-Flooding Reservoirs

    Ying Zhang, Feng Yao, Dongsheng Xu, Biao Ma and Hengshen Yao

Ready!Analysis of Roadbed Deformation Monitoring of Cangzhou Section of Beijing to Shanghai Express Railway

    Xiaojun Dai, Jianjun Liu and Yuan Li

Ready!Simulated Annealing Algorithm and Its Application for Determining the Critical Slip Surface of Slopes

    Wenhui Tan, Jian Li and Jiang Yu


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