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Ready!Numerical Analysis of the Influence on the Surface Subsidence Due to the Filling and Grouting Technology of Gangue Fly Ash

    Yang Bao Gui, Yang Peng Fei, Man Jian Feng, and Yang Jie

Ready! Pull-out Analysis of a Detachable Baffle Geogrid in an Embankment

    Guan Zubao and Yang Ting

Ready!Joint Roughness Coefficient and Fractal Dimension Calculation for Rock Profile and Their Empirical Formula

    Min Wang, Ping Cao, and Rui-chao Li

Ready!Dynamic Shear Modulus and Damping Ratio of Aeolian Soils

    Feng Shengyang, Li Xiangyang, Wang Shuyun, and Chen Zhi

Ready!Earthquake Ground Motions Prediction in Thailand by Multiple Linear Regression Model

    Pithan Pairojn and Sirithip Wasinrat

Ready!Probabilistic Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering Based on Higher Order Stochastic Response Surface Method: An Excel Add-in Implementation

    Dr. K. Mallikarjun Rao and Karthik Rajathachal M.

Ready!Application of Biaxial Polyester Geogrid as Rock Fall Protection—Case Study of Kolbano – Boking Road Indonesia

    Andryan Suhendra

Ready!Rock Slope Stability Prediction Model Combining Compound Index and SVM-based Simplex-Niche-Genetic Algorithm

    Zehong Zhou and Liu Xianshan

Ready!Back-Calculation of Dynamic Characteristics of Haizi Gully Debris Flow in Baihetan Hydropower Station Near-Zone Area Based on Disaster History

    He Na, Chen Ningsheng, Li Tao, Zeng Mei, Chen Rong, and He Yuxiao

Ready!Analysis of the Large Deformation Mechanism of Soft Rock Tunnel in Great Fault Area and Construction Controls

    Zongzheng Yuan

Ready!Numerical Simulation of the Detachable Baffle Geogrid in Old Road Widening

    Guan Zubao and Yang Ting

Ready!Numerical Study on Flattened Brazilian Test and Its Empirical Formula

    Min Wang and Ping Cao

Ready!Upper Bound Solutions for Partial Blow-Out Failure of Tunnel Face in Shallow Tunneling in Non-Cohesive Soils

    Liu Wei, Zhao Yu, Tang Xiaowu and Li Fengtao

Ready!Surrounding Rock Masses’ Stability for Underground Cavern Group of Hydropower Station

    Song Shu-guang, Sun Chao-qun and Chen Yun-juan

Ready!The Influence of Matric Suction on the Shear Strength of Highly Plastic Compacted Swelling Clays

    Ahmed M. Elsharief, Omaima A. Abdelaziz, and Mohamed A. Dafallaa

Ready!Flat Ratio Optimization of an Urban Large-Span Tunnel

    Wang Huachuan, Zhang Chengping and Li Pengfei

Ready!Deep Foundation Pit Deformation Rules Based on Orthogonal Experiment and Its Application in Thick Alluvial Area

    Wang Guofu and Lu Linhai

Ready!Numerical Simulation Analysis of Karst Tunnel Water Bursting Movement

    He Baohua

Ready!Influence of Cushion Blasting on the Stability of the Reservation Slope

    Xiao-song Shen, Tie-jun Tao, Jian-min Zhou, and Ming-sheng Zhao

Ready!Extraction and Precision Analysis of Small Watershed River Network Based on Different Data Sources of DEM: A Case Study of Jiahe Watershed

    Sun Zhengchao, Wang Zegen, Su Pengcheng, Hu Depeng, and Liao Qiancheng

Ready!Threshold Effect of Extracted River Networks Based on DEM with Different Horizontal Resolutions

    Wang Zegen, Sun Zhengchao, Su Pengcheng, Liao Qiancheng and Hu Depeng

Ready!Determining Representative Elementary Volume of Fractured Rock Masses considering hydro-mechanical effect

    Zehong Zhou, Lin Zhang, and Liu Xianshan

Ready!Failure Mode of Deeply Inclined Rock Mass around an Extra-large Section Tunnel

    Shuwei Zhou, Yi Zeng, Zhihao Yang, Caichu Xia and Xin Qian

Ready!Correlation of Ultrasonic Velocity Slowness with Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Schists in Malaysia

    Goh Thian Lai, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Ailie Sofyiana Serasa, Norbert Simon, Azimah Hussin and Lee Khai Ern

Ready!Dynamic Monitoring and Analysis of Pile-Anchor Support in Excavation Process

    Guangqian Du and Wenjuan Zuo

Ready!Monitoring and Analysis of Pile-Anchor Support Construction in Deep Foundation Pit

    Guangqian Du and XiaoFei Jia

Ready!Experiments on Shallow Geothermal Energy Model Piles Embedded in Soft Soil

    Aminaton Marto, Adriana Amaludin and Mohd. Hatta Bin Satar

Ready!Approximation of Undrained Lateral Capacity of Piles under Combined Horizontal Load and Moment

    Suraparb Keawsawasvong and Dr. Boonchai Ukritchon

Ready!Comparing the Performance of Information Technology in the Geotechnical Engineering Organizations with the Copula Bayesian approach

    Ning Zhao and Zhenshuang Wang

Ready!Torsional Vibration of a Rigid Disc Embedded in a Transversely Isotropic Saturated Soil

    Dazhi Wu, Lu Yu, and Zhenying Zhang

Ready!Evaluation and Application of Rock Burst Intensity of Composition Meta-model Based on Improved Evidence Theory

    Qiang Yue, Li Li, and Li Shao-hong


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