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Ready!Analysis of the Environmental Impacts Arising from Irregular Civil Construction Waste Disposal in the City of Jaboatão dos Guararapes/PE

    Daiany Silva dos Santos Schodermayr, Kalinny Patrícia Vaz Lafayette, Jonas da Silva Bezerra, Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz, Rogério Rodrigues Sousa, and Rejane de Assis Albuquerque

Ready!The Load of Control Rock Strata and the Local Rock Strata Movement Law

    Ze Zhou, Chuan-Qu Zhu, Qing-Feng Li, and Jun-ming Zhang

Ready!Reduced Scale Field Test on Tunnel Anchorage with Soft Surrounding Rock

    Xiangchao Wu, Xinrong Liu, and Dongliang Li

Ready!Simulation and Analysis of Wormhole Structure Affected by Mineralogy Heterogeneity in Carbonate Rocks

    Chong Liang, Mingyue Cui, Heng Xue, Honglan Zou, Weidong Jiang, and Pingli Liu

Ready!Prediction of Rock Burst Based on Ordered Logistic Regression

    Lian-fen Shao

Ready!Seismic Reflection Survey at Ayer Hangat Site to Investigate Shallow Subsurface Structures

    Dr. Amin E. Khalil, Mohd Nawawi, and Rami Kamel

Ready!A Sensitivity Study on Influencing Factors of Reservoir Landslide-causing Incentives in Three Gorges Reservoir Region—Based on Grey Relation Method

    Liangfu Xie, Echuan Yan, Lihong Long, and Jiangtao Cheng

Ready!Dynamical Numerical Investigation into Influence of Vibrating Load on Intersecting Tunnel Structure

    Hui Bing, Zhang Peng, and Liu Tong

Ready!Deep Roadway Surrounding Rock Deformation Evolution Law at Different Rock Stratum Dip Angles

    Wu Hai, Wang Wei-jun, Wang Jin, and Zhang Nong

Ready!A Preliminary Proposal: Executive Control of Root Piles

    Alfran Sampaio Moura, Diana Rodrigues de Lima, and Fernando Feitosa Monteiro

Ready!Application of Internet of Things in Tunnel Engineering—A Review

    Li Jie, Zhou Hui, Liu Tong, and Yang Shao-wei

Ready!Method of Blasted Muck Pile Image Enhancement based on Grayscale Transforming and Four Kinds of Denoising by Filtering

    Lihua Luan, Lianjun Guo, and Zhenyang Xu

Ready!The Bearing Capacity of Footings on Cohesionless Soils

    Stefan Van Baars

Ready!Deformation Mechanism of Surrounding Rock in Deep Soft Rock Roadways and a Coupled Support Approach

    Hong-Jun Zhang, Shu-cai Li, Hai-yan Li, and Hong-wei Li

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Surrounding Rock Stability of Gas Storage In Salt Caverns

    Chuanjun Han, Cheng Yu, and Xiang Li

Ready!Characteristics of Nb-Mineral Rock and Ore in Bayan Obo Deposit

    Li Su

Ready!Numerical Investigation of Mechanical Effect during Construction of Shallow Small-distance Tunnel under Double Unsymmetrical Pressure

    Guo Chun-xia, Qin Hai-yang, Liu Tong, and Liu Bang-zhe

Ready!Roadway Surrounding Rock Asymmetric Deformation

    Wu Hai, Wang Wei-jun, Li Shu-qing, and Zhang Nong

Ready!Numerical Investigation on Soil Deformation and Disturbance Range Induced by Pipe Jacking in Sand Soil

    Qiu Jun-ling, Lai Jin-xing, Hou Dan-dan, and Fan Hao-bo

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in a Shallow Reservoir

    Xiao Hui, Tao Hong-sheng, Qiao Hong-jun , and Mu Jing-fu

Ready!Erosion Characteristics in Flow Channels of the Particle Impact Drilling Bit

    Xing Xueyang and Xu Yiji

Ready!Potential Pollution Influence of Debris Flows Generated in Phosphorite Dumping Sites

    Yang Zhiquan, Hou Kepeng, Guo Tingting, Liang Wei, and Guo Yanhui

Ready!Numerical Analysis on the Ultimate Bearing Capacity and Parameter Selection of U-shaped Confined Concrete Short Column

    Chaoqi Zhu, Qi Wang, Yonggang Jia, Bei Jiang, Weiteng Li, Xing Shao, and Xin Wang

Ready!Parametric Investigation and Comparison of Width and Height of Deep Excavation at the Top of the Crown of the Tunnel—Case study: Tabriz Urban Railway Line Project 2

    Hasan Sharafi and Mirhadi Mirnaghizadeh

Ready!The Influence of Rainfall on Soil Slope Stability

    Yanmei Yang, Yujun Wang, and Yifeng Wu

Ready!Deformation Characteristics of Rock Fractures Under Confining Pressure Cycling Loading and Unloading Conditions

    Tang Jin-Zhou and Zhao Yan-Lin

Ready!Deformation and Internal Force Analysis of Pipe Roof Support using the Beam on Elastic Foundation Theory

    Fuqiang Gao, Kun Zhang, Aijun Hou, and Jinjun Guo

Ready!Analysis of Pathological Manifestations and Structural Recovery of the Sports Gymnasium for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

    Eufrásio Daniel de Sousa Neto, Romildo Alves Berenguer, Lydia Barreto, Angelo Just da Costa e Silva, Cecilia Maria Mota Silva Lins Eliana, and Cristina Barreto Monteiro

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Mining-Induced Seepage Fracture Development of Overlying Rocks in Repeated Disturbance Zone

    Tiejun Kuang, Zhiyuan Jin, Liqiang Ma, Mengtang Xu, and Dongsheng Zhang

Ready!The Correlation between Fractal Characteristic and Energy of Granite Fragments Based on Dynamic Load

    Xin Liu, Lianjun Guo, Zhenyang Xu, and Guo Hao


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