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Ready!Hazard Analysis and Processing of Engineering Defects of High-Speed Rail Tunnel

    Pan Wei-dong, Wu Kai-jian, and Fang Ying-guang

Ready!Scattering and Diffraction of SV Waves by a Lined Tunnel in Underwater Soil

    Ma Hongwei and Peng Jiangang

Ready!Intelligent Information Feedback Analysis Approach in Tunnel Engineering

    Li Jie, Liu Hou-quan, Liu Tong and Yang Shao-wei

Ready!Deformation Characteristics of Rock Fractures Under Confining Pressure Cycling Loading and Unloading Conditions

    Tang Jin-Zhou and Zhao Yan-Lin

Ready!Definition and Analysis of Dividing Line for Deep and Shallow Loess Tunnel

    Lei Hao, Mao Sheng, and Lai Jin-xing

Ready!Construction Process Optimization of Shallow Small-distance Tunnel under Double Unsymmetrical Pressure

    Liu Tong, Yin Bo, Zhang Peng, and Liu Bang-zhe

Ready!FEM investigation of the seismic response of a caisson-type quay wall subjected to bidirectional shaking using ABAQUS

    Danda Shi, Lianlian Cheng, Peiwen Cong, and Jianping Jiang

Ready!Mechanical Performance of Supporting Structures of an Extra-large Section Tunnel in Deeply Inclined Rock Mass

    Yi Zeng, Shuwei Zhou, Zhihao Yang, Caichu Xia, Xin Qian, and Jing Zou

Ready!Analysis on the Member 1 of Liushagang Formation Water Breakthrough Distribution in Block Huachang X of Fushan Oilfield, Beibuwan Basin

    Wenyan Feng

Ready!Vertical Heterogeneity of Fushan Oilfield Reservoir Exploitation

    Wenyan Feng

Ready!Energy Utilization in Rock Splitting SPHB Experiment

    Zhenyang Xu, Yanning Yu, Xin Liu, and Lianjun Guo

Ready!Numerical Investigation into Rheological Property of Rock-Soil Aggregate by Distinct Element Method

    Miaojun Sun, Wangming Yuan, and Zhigang Shan

Ready!Large Strain Consolidation Behavior of Double-Layered Vertical Drains Ground under Multi-stage Loading

    Jin Fan and Ming Zhang

Ready!Effects of Pile Cap Thickness and Magnitudes of Lateral Movement on Laterally Loaded Group Piles

    Gouw Tjie-Liong and Irpan Hidayat

Ready!The Surrounding Rock Instability Mechanism and Control Technology for Dynamic Pressure Floor Roadway

    Weiqing Wang, Wenbing Xie, and Jinshuai Zhao

Ready!The Visual Scheme of Tunnel Detection Data Based on Web

    Wenge Qiu and Yunjian Cheng

Ready!The Influence of Imbedded Layers on the Long-term Stability of Underground Salt-cavern Gas Storage

    Yang Yan and Li Huyong

Ready!FEM Analysis of Soft Ground Settlement for Armor-Plate Pile Wharf

    Qingyun Zeng and Jianping Pan

Ready!The Stability Analysis of Tailings Dam with the Use of Geofabriform

    Zhou Han-min, Cui Xuan, Wang Hui-dong, Ma Guo-wei, and Li Qiao-yan

Ready!Large Deformation Characteristics and Mechanisms in the Dahuashan Tunnel, Yunshi Expressway, China

    Panpan Wu, Jianping Chen, and Xia Tang

Ready!Analysis of Treatment Effects of Supporting Structure in Shizishan Karst Tunnel

    Wang Wei, Chen Jian-ping, Yu Ya-dong, and Li Lin-sen

Ready!An Engineering Model For Calculation Of Cuttings Bed Formation Or Erosion Velocity During Long Inclined Well Section Drilling

    Guo Xiaole, Long Zhihui, Qi Chengwei, and Liu Jilin

Ready!A New Anchor Beam Support System in Deep Roadways with Extra-Thick Coal Seams

    Li Bo and Guo Wei-jia

Ready!Influence of Rainfall Infiltration on the Stability of a Residual Soil Slope

    Emmanuel Kennedy da Costa Teixeira, Roberto Francisco de Azevedo, André Geraldo Cornélio Ribeiro, Izabel Christina d’Almeida Duarte de Azevedo, and Eduardo Souza Cândido

Ready!Underwater Sand Compaction Pile’s Strength Characteristics in Thick-soft Base to Sea off East Artificial Island

    Xiaojian Wang, Xi Zhang, and Xinyi Wu

Ready!Technological Parameters of Reinforced Coarse-Grained Soil by Grouting Technology

    Yang Zhiquan, Qian Shanguang, Hou Kepeng, Liang Wei, and Lu Yongfeng

Ready!Time Effect on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement Soils

    Minyu Zhang, Shenglan Li, Na Li, Lulu Lei, Chaochao Lu, Wei Wang, Feifei Tao

Ready!Numerical Investigation of the Influence of V-shaped Gully at Immersed Strata on Loess Tunnel Construction

    Lei Hao, Tang Ya-sen, and Liu Tong

Ready!Stress and Deformation of Abandoned Roadways during Coal Pillar Recovery Mining and Relevant Technical Measures

    Zhang Futao, Tu Hongsheng, and Zhang Cun


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