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Ready!Effect of Intermediate Stress Ratio on The Anisotropic Behavior of Sand

    Hadi Mohamadzadeh Romiani, Hamid Reza Razeghi, and Hamed A. Keykha

Ready!Dynamic Parameters of Silt Subjected to Train Loading in Seasonal Frozen Region

    Lingshi Ana, Xianzhang. Linga, Min Wang, Qionglin Lia, Feng Zhang, and Lina Wang

Ready!Maokou Limestone Rheological Properties under Uniaxial Compression

    Zhao Yan-Lin and Tang Jin-Zhou

Ready!Deformation Mechanism of Overburden Strata for Fully-Mechanized Caving Mining in Extra Thick Coal Seam

    Liu Fei, Ma Zhan-guo, and Gong Peng

Ready!Analysis of Rock High-Slope Stability Based on a Particle Flow Code Strength Reduction Method

    Ying Kong, Pengyu Chen, and Hongming Yu

Ready!Overburden Strata Migration Law for Fully Mechanized Caving Mining in Extra-Thick Coal Seam Shallowly Buried in Thin Bedrock

    Liu Fei, Ma Zhan-guo, and Gong Peng

Ready!Simulated Grouting Experiment in Granular Coals

    Xie Taofeng and Zhou Xiaoting

Ready!CPT-SPT Correlations Using Artificial Neural Network Approach—A Case Study in Sweden

    Abbas Abbaszadeh Shahri, Stefan Larsson, and Fredrik Johansson

Ready!Numerical Study of the Mechanical Properties of Jointed Rock Mass by Using the Equivalent Rock Mass Technique

    Yu Zhou, Jinfei Chai, Shunchuan Wu, and Yongtao Gao

Ready!Rock Fracture Mechanism and Its Evolution Law of Triaxial Compression Test based on P-T Distribution Diagram Method

    Jinfei Chai, Aibing Jin, and Shunchuan Wu

Ready!The Geologic Condition and Fracturing Technique of Tight Sand Gas Reservoir in Xujiahe Formation

    Liu Shien, Guo Hong, Wang Jinshu, Chen Yingchao, and Li Jiangfei

Ready!Seismic Refraction Tomography (SRT) Study to Characterize Potential Resource of Ie Jue’s Geothermal Field of Seulawah Agam Volcano, Aceh Besar-Indonesia

    Marwan Abubakar, Asrillah, and Teuku Ryan Fachrianta

Ready!The Effect of Vegetation on Slope Instability as Predicted by the Finite Element Method

    Ashkan Gholipoor Noroozi and Alborz Hajiannia

Ready!Recommended Theoretical Calculation Formulas of Diffusion Parameters of Newton Fluid Based on Column-Hemisphere Penetration Grouting

    Yang Zhiquan, Qian Shanguang, Hou Kepeng, Liang Wei and Lu Yongfeng

Ready!Over Strata Movement in a Shallow Coal Seam with Great Panel Width in Appalachia Coalfield

    Yang Li, Wei Wu, Huaqun Wang, and Dapeng Yang

Ready!Evolution of Temperature and Stress in Rock under Microwave Irradiation

    Qin Like, Dai Jun, and Zhen Juntian

Ready!Experimental Comparisons of the Ground Thermal Conductivity by Heating- and Cooling-Based Thermal Response Tests

    Lufei Feng, Xueli Wang, Huajun Wang, Liming Zuo, Youcai Liu, Ping Wang, Wang Ma, and Zhigang Zhang

Ready!Comprehensive Technology to Find Lining Seepage Water Passage Ways of a Highway Tunnel in Karst Areas of China

    Yuewei Wang, Yunan Li, Daoyuan Tan, Sha Liu, Wei Wei, and Jun Dong

Ready!Compaction Performance of Clay Stabilized with Cement, Silica Sand and Mica Powder

    Shahab Sobhani and Leong Sing Wong


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