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Ready!Influence of Initial Stress Ratio on Undrained Shear Behavior of Completely Decomposed Granite

    Pan Liu, Xiaowen Zhou and Shiwei Zhao

Ready!Design and Realization of a Checking and Management System of Hidden Dangers in Underground Geotechnical Engineering

    Li Xing-dong, Fang Li-fen and Li An-bang

Ready!Grain Size Effect on the Seepage Properties of Broken Coal Gangue

    Shun-cai Li, Ming-ming Wu and Yu Liu

Ready!Supporting Resistance of Backfilled Body to Facilitating the Breakage of Main-Roof for Gob-Side Entry Retaining

    Yong Chen, Shengpeng Hao, Shuai Yan, Wenfeng Li and Zizheng Zhang

Ready!Stress Variation in the Rock Mass Under Excavation in Copper Mine Tunnel

    Jianbo Yang, Jianqing Lai, Xiaoshuang Xi and Qunyi Liu

Ready!The Land Subsidence of High-Rise Buildings in Silt Soils Area Based on 3D Numerical Modeling

    Lipeng Cai

Ready!Blasting Analysis of Structural Vibration to Highway Tunnels

    Zhengsheng Li, Qingwen Li, Ming Cui and Lu Chen

Ready!Sedimentary Facies and Controlling Factors of Yingshan Formation in Gucheng area, Middle-Lower Ordovician, Tarim Basin

    Feng He, Jingyan Liu, Junlong Zhang, and Bo Yan

Ready!Prediction of Slope Displacement Based on PSO-KELM Model with Mixed Kernel

    Longfei Cheng and Shaohong Li

Ready!Velocity Profile of Fluid Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media

Ready!Vibration Behavior of Drilling Mechanism Based on FEM and Multibody Dynamics

    Jianping Li, Yuming Cui, and Xinxia Cui

Ready!Post-Grouting to Reduce Bridge Settlement in Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway

    Su ChunHui, Ma JianLin and Shi Cong

Ready!Prediction of California Bearing Ratio of a Stabilized Expansive Soil using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine

    Akshaya Kumar Sabat

Ready!An Equivalent Parameter Recognition Model Applied in Geotechnical Engineering Numerical Analysis

    Bo-lin Xiao, Zhi-qiang Yang, Qian Gao, De-xin Chen, and Duo-heng Ba

Ready!The Influence of Friction Coefficient of Particles on Numerical Simulations by the Coupled Discrete Element-Fluid Dynamics on Morphology of Density Flows

    Sérgio Antônio Brum Junior, Fábio Araújo Pereira, Sérgio Tibana, and Fernando Saboya Albuquerque Júnior

Ready!Water Physical-Mechanical Properties of Silty Mudstone of Badong Formation

    Fan Zhi-jun, Zhang Jia-ming, Jiang Guo-sheng, Zhou Xiao-yu, and Yuan Hong-suo

Ready!Evaluation of Fisher’s Test in the Comparison of Two Rock Groups of Piroxinite and Pridotite

    Khadivipanah, Peyman, and Khalili, Mohammad

Ready!Fatigue Assessment Analysis of a Jack-up Platform Pile Leg Structure

    Zuo Xin

Ready!Effects of Tunnel Depth and Relative Density of Sand on Surface Settlement Induced by Tunneling

    Aminaton Marto, Houman Sohaei, and Mohsen Hajihassani

Ready!Monotonic Shear Mechanical Characteristics of Interface Layers between Frozen Soil and Structure

    Houchao Sun and Ping Yang

Ready!Seismic Performance Evaluation of Bottom-enlarged Pile by Using Scale Model Test

    Jin Man Kim

Ready!Determining and Characterizing Bedrocks Using Geo-electrical and Geotechnical Method at Belawan-North Sumatra

    Marwan, Asrillah, Khairul Iqbal, and Gartika Setia Nugraha

Ready!Short Age Direct Shear Behavior of Seashore Soft Soil Reinforced by Cement and Nano-Titanium Dioxide

    Na Li, Wei Wang, Jun Ye, Feifei Tao, and Xuchao Chi

Ready!Analysis of the Damage Mechanism of Tongsheng Tunnel in Metamorphic Soft Rock

    Yuan Zongzheng, Liu Miao, Wang Shuangchao, and Deng Xin

Ready! Safety Evaluation of Underground Rock Mass from Microscopic View

    Jianbo Yang, Jianqing Lai, Xiaoshuang Xi, Qunyi Liu, and Hang Lin

Ready!Recycling Residues From the Pulp and Paper Industries in the Civil Construction

    Bruno Pavanelli Zanella and Isabel Cristina de Barros Trannin

Ready!Pure Crude Oil Contamination on Amaoba Lateritic Soil

    Onyelowe, Kennedy Chibuzor

Ready!Overlying Strata Movement Laws of Thick Coal Seams Backfill Mining With High-Concentration Cementing Materials

    Yang Baogui, Li Yongliang, and Yang Renshu

Ready!Analysis of a Numerical Test on the Impact Trend of Rock&Coal System

    Rongming Yang and Jianjun Dong


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