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Ready!The Stability Analysis of Mountain under Intensive Goaf

    Shao Yong, Yan Chang-hong and Xu Bao-tian

Ready!An Evaluating Method on Impact Trend of Rock & Coal System

    Rongming Yang, Changhua Chen and Jianjun Dong

Ready!The Impact of Freeze-thaw Cycle on Loess Collapsibility

    Yaling Chou

Ready!Stability Analysis of High Slope under Complicated Conditions

    Hang Chen, Mingjie Tian, Yating Peng, Xuemei Long, Rui Zhu and Zuyin Zou

Ready!The Temperature Field Analysis of Rubble Subgrade in Permafrost

    Qiao Liang, Wenquan Zhou and XiangSen Ou Yang

Ready!Coseismic Coulomb Stress Change of Japan Mw9.0 Earthquake and Triggering on Aftershocks

    Lei Dongning, Wu Jianchao, Cai Yongjian, Li Heng and Hu Qing

Ready!Displacement Monitoring and Early Warning in Undersea Metal Mining

    Gao Ke, Peng Kang, Peng Tie-fen, and Gan Lei

Ready!Best Position of Gas Extraction with High- Level Borehole in Gob

    Jianliang Gao, Lifeng Wang, Ming Yang and Liran Feng

Ready!Real-time Deformation Response During Excavation in Copper Ore District

    Jianbo Yang, Jianqing Lai, Xiaoshuang Xi and Qunyi Liu

Ready!Stability of Horizontal Coalbed Well

    Jian-guang Wei and Chuan-liang Yan

Ready!Strip Filling Surface Subsidence Rule

    Shi Yongkui, Qi Minhua, Zhang Jingyu and Hao Jian

Ready!Experimental Research on Change in the Residual Expansion Coefficients of Overburden Subject to Repeated Mining Disruption

    Zhiyuan Jin , Liqiang Ma and Fei Wang

Ready!Wellbore Stability Analysis of Inclined Wells in the AY Field

    Tianshou Ma and Ping Chen

Ready!An Evaluation Criterion Based on Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) for Seismic Wavelet Accuracy Evaluation

    Wang Rong-Rong, Dai Yong-Shou, Li Chuang, Zhang Man-Man and Zhang Peng

Ready!Dynamic Properties of the West Sea Offshore Sand investigated by Torsional Shear Test

    Dr. Jin Man Kim

Ready!Influence of the Excavation of a Foundation Pit on the Deformation of an Existing Tunnel Right Below

    Chun Guo, Zhenbin Peng and Wenxiang Peng

Ready!Assessment of Excavatability in Sedimentary Rocks Using Shallow Seismic Refraction Method

    Sayed SR Moustafa

Ready!Dynamic Characteristics and mud Pumping Mechanism of Graded Gravel Under Cyclic Loading

    Duc-Phong Pham, Qian Su, Wen-Hui Zhao, Anh-Tuan Vu

Ready!Determination of Limestone and Overburden Resistivity Values for Tropical Region Using 2-D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (2-DERI) Method

    Zul Fadhli, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M. M. Nordiana, Dr. Muhammad Syukri, I. N. Azwin, and Andy Anderson Bery

Ready!Effect of Soil Cement Replacement Ratio on Settlement Reduction

    Mark Bolton, Jay Noonan, and Erwin Oh

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Spontaneous Combustion Zone and Gas Migration Laws in Goaf of J-type Ventilation

    Jiajia Liua, Dan Wang, Kai Zhou, and Gongshun Donga

Ready!Analysis of Open Cut Method and Local Cover-excavation Method in Subway Station Construction

    Wang Dong-lin and Guo Xin

Ready!Statistical Approaches versus Weather Generator to Downscale RCM Outputs to Slope Scale for Stability Assessment: A Comparison of Performances

    Veronica Villani, Guido Rianna, Paola Mercogliano and Alessandra Lucia Zollo

Ready!An Experiment on Semi-Rigid Node and Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Socket Plate Fastener Type Scaffold which Can Be Used for Support in Geotechnical Engineering

    Wang Xiaoguang, Duan Yahui, Yin Rukun

Ready!Permanent Displacement Analysis of Soil Slope Considering Dynamic Pore Water Pressure under Severe Earthquake

    Shuai Huang and Yuejun Lv

Ready!Influence of Concrete Strength on Performance of Stabilizing Pile

    Honglue Qu, Huanguo Hu , Ruifeng Li, and Yaoxian Ma

Ready!Energy Distribution Analysis of Blasting Vibration Response Signal Under Surrounding Rock Pressure and Surrounding Rock Type

    Tao Tie-jun, En-an Chi, ZhangJian-hua, Zhao Ming-sheng, Kang Qiang


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