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Ready!Application of Remote Monitoring System in the Landfill Based on FPGA Data Acquisition Technology

    Cao Li, Chen Yi-jun, Ge Fang, Xi Ben-qiang, Peng Gui-fen, Zhao Li-ye and Liu Qing-song

Ready!Effect Analysis of Shield Machine Attitude to Adjacent Pile

    Dehua Hu and Jingchuan Duan

Ready!Several Key Parameters of Numerical Simulation of Goaf in Research

    Jiajia Liu, Dan Wang, Ruifeng Li and Kai Zhou

Ready!Prediction of Tool Forces in Rock Cutting using Discrete Element Method

    Zhang Qianqian, Han Zhennan, Zhang Mengqi and Zhang Jianguang

Ready!A Novel Method to Predict In-situ Stress Profile for Shale Formation Considering Shale Hydration

    Jianchun Guo, Tao He, Haiyan Zhu, Rushuai Cai, and Gen Li

Ready!Development and Application of Shale Rock-Similar Material with Creep Property

    Liu Qin, Chen Xuguang, Chen Yi and Gao Shutong

Ready!Deformation of the Deep Foundation Pit under the Excavation on the Island of a River

    Wei Wang, Jiasheng Bian, Rongbing Wu and Bo He

Ready!Numerical Analyses of Soil Arching Mechanism For Passive Laterally Loaded Piles at the Mesoscopic Scale

    Rui Zhang and Guosheng Jiang

Ready!Reservoir Sensitivity Damage of Clastic Rocks in Xinjiang Oilfield Kewu Oil Accumulation

    Hou Yong, Tang Jun and Tang Rui

Ready!A Practice Method for Site Classification Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment

    Yakun Hou, Wei Wang and Jingyu Su

Ready!Model-Experimental Study on Cemented Rock-Tailings Backfilling Process

    Guo Li-jie, Zhou Ke-ping and Yang Xiao-cong

Ready!Large Diameter Deep Hole Blasting in Comprehensive Hard Rock Roadway

    Wang Haibo and Zong Qi

Ready!Seismic Design of Multiple Anti-Slide Piles by Strength Reduction Dynamics Analysis Method

    Jie Lai, Yingren Zheng, Yun Liu Xiudi Li and Hongwei Liu

Ready!Impact Factors of the Distribution of Advancing Abutment Pressure at Comprehensive Mechanized Mining Face

    Zhiyuan Jin, Liqiang Ma and Qiang Sun

Ready!Behavior of Offshore Wind Turbine Bucket Foundation and Supporting Soils

    Jin Man Kim

Ready!Adsorption and Desorption Characteristics of Primary CO in Coal Bearing Strata

    Fan jiulin, Li Zenghua, Gu Fanjun, Zhang Qiang, Yang Yongliang and Yue Keming

Ready!The Investigation of Groundwater Using Geophysical Techniques in Baitussalam Sub-district, Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Marwan, Muzailin Affan and Amsir

Ready!Two-Dimensional Network Simulation of Structural Plane in Rock Mass and its Engineering Application

    Shaohua Du and Weijian Yu

Ready!Source Quantification of Major Ions in Groundwater and Hydrological Implications: Liuqiao Case Study

    Dr. Linhua Sun and Herong Gui

Ready!Empirical Correlation of Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Primary Wave Velocity of Malaysian Schists

    Dr. Goh Thian Lai, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Ailie Sofyiana Serasa, Dr. Norbert Simon, Lee Khai Ern and Dr. Azimah Hussin

Ready!Slope Stability Limit Analysis Based On Inclined Slices Technique

    Xie Rongfu and Tang Gaopeng

Ready!A Simple Design Method of Network Fracturing for Coal-bed Methane Well

    Wu Muwang, Liang Hao, and Peng Jianfeng

Ready!Theoretical Calculation of Safety Thickness of Stope Roof Considering the Effect of Structural Planes

    Shuai Hua, Yun-an Li, Yuewei Wang and Feng Hu

Ready!Modified Model MGM (1, n) with Non-Equidistance and Multivariable Based on the Background Value Constructed by Gradual Optimization

    Cai Yuehua

Ready!Relationship of EPS Sludge Mixed Lightweight Soil Deformation Modulus and its Intensity

    Yong Feng

Ready!Rheological Model of Loess and its Application to Excavation of Pit

    Yongquan Li

Ready!Evaluating the Level of Urban Water Conservation Based on Analytic Hierarchical Model

    ShunSheng Wang, Hui Liu and Pengtao Meng

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Undersea Geostress Field around Fault

    Ke Li

Ready!Characteristics of Seismic Hazard in a V-shaped Valley and Hazard Mitigation Methods

    Yanling Qiu, Lingkan Yao and Quan Yuan

Ready!Ultra-High Water Filling Design and Subsidence Analysis Based on Elastoplastic Beam Theory

    Meng Zhang, Yidong Zhang, Wei Gu and Yahui Li


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