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Ready!Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process for Evaluating Geo-Hazards in the Greater Cairo Area, Egypt

    Dr. Sayed SR Moustafa

Ready!Contrastive Analysis between Numerical Simulation and Field Testing About the Tunnel Running Through a Bridge Foundation

    Dejin Tang and Feng Miao*

Ready!Deformation of Retaining Structure on Deep Foundation through Cover Excavation Reverse Construction Method Based on Field Monitoring and Analysis

    Wu Ke, Zhang Wen, Wu Haotian, Xue Yiguo, Qiu Daohong and Su Maoxin

Ready!Stress and Reinforcement of the Hydropower House at Namtha River No.1 Hydropower Station

    Zhechao Fan and Junjie Wang

Ready!Analysis and Application of Ground Penetrating Radar Signal in Detecting Karst Fissure Water in Tunnel Construction

    Ningyu Zhao, Yuchao Xia, and Yi Liu

Ready!Fluid Coupled-DEM Modeling of Pile-Soil System under Seismic Loading

    Limin Wang, Yancheng Yang, and Fei Wang

Ready!The Surrounding Rock Deformation Characteristics with Fractional Viscoelastic Model and Its Numerical Solution

    Jia-rui Chen, Cheng Xiao, and Gang Peng

Ready!A Time-varying Mixed-phase Wavelet Extraction and Evaluation Method Based on Adaptive Segmentation

    Wang Rong-Rong, Dai Yong-Shou, Li Chuang, Zhang Man-Man, and Zhang Peng

Ready!The Application of Grey Relational Method on Well Productivity Prediction

    Zheng Xuerui

Ready!Change Regulation of Seepage Line Before and After Splitting Grouted for Dam Reinforcement Based on Model Test

    Wu Ke

Ready!Influence Factors of Shield Slurry Properties Based on the Orthogonal Test

    Lu Ping, Niu Yanan, Qiu Hongli, and Zhang Chengping

Ready!Analytical Solutions for Phreatic Line in Bank Slope Under the Combined Effect of Rainfall and Reservoir Water Level Fluctuation

    Shuai Hua, Yun-an Li, Bin-bin Zhao, Yue-wei Wang, Yong Hu, and Jie-fu Xiao

Ready!Quantification Study and Application of Hoek-Brown Criterion in Slope Engineering

    Gao Hebin

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Bridge Pile Foundation Closely Under-passing the Existing Subway Tunnel

    Wenquan Zhou, Wuming Leng, Wenjie Liu, Chunyan Zhao, and Qiao Liang

Ready!The Effect of Specimen Height on the Uniaxial Compressive Experiment of Rocks

    Li Ximeng, Liu Changyou, Guo Weibin, and Qiu Jiaojian

Ready!3D Geological Modeling Method of Fluvial Facies Considering the Information of Sedimentary Process

    Shizhen Chen, Chengyan Lin, and Wenjing Liu

Ready!Research on the Intelligent Identification Methods of In-Situ Stress Field for Complex Geological Body

    Li Maohui, Yang Hiqiang, Gao Qian, Zhai Shuhua, and Wang Youtuan

Ready!Comparative Analysis of the Protective Capacity of Pozzolanic Mineral Admixtures and Water Absorption

    K. S. Almeida, S. M. S. Chaves, D. P. Morais Neto, C. S. T. Lima, and E. C. B. Monteiro

Ready!Bamboo as Green Alternative to Steel for Reinforced Concrete Elements of a Low Cost Residential Building

    Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Dr. Rajiv Ganguly, and Ankit Singh Mehra

Ready!An Assessment of Solid Waste Management System in Chandigarh City, India

    Rishi Rana, Rajiv Ganguly and Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta

Ready!Fault Waterproof Coal Pillar Mining Technology Research and Application of Complex Coal Seam

    Jia Chuanyang, Liu Qinglong, and Chen Zeyu

Ready!The Application of Grey Relational Method on Well Productivity Prediction

    Zheng, Xuerui

Ready!Microtremor Analysis of Marsa Matrouh Industrial Area Using Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio Method

    Sayed SR Moustafa

Ready!Impact of the Panel Width and Overburden Depth on Floor Damage Depth in No. 5 Coal Seam of Taiyuan Group in Chenghe Mining Area

    Ang Li, Yang Liu and Lin Mou

Ready!Modeling of the Effect of Critical Seepage Force on the Aquifer Soil Medium of a Borehole

    Onyelowe, Kennedy C. and Okafor, Fidelis O.

Ready!Improvement of Duncan-Chang Model Considering Intermediate Principal Stress, Plane Strain Tests and Lateral Unloading for Silty Clay

    Hui Li, Hailin Yao, and Xinshan, Zhuang

Ready!Subsurface Characterization Using Seismic Refraction and Borehole Drilling for Slope Stability Study

    Soon Min Ng, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Ismail, Chee Ghuan Tan, and Rais Yusoh

Ready!Velocity Effect Over Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Signal

    Dr. Muhammad Syukri, Dr. Rosli Saad, and Zul Fadhli

Ready!Theoretical and Numerical Modelling of Laboratory Consolidation of Marine Clay with Natural Prefabricated Vertical Drain

    B. S. Asha and J. N. Mandal

Ready!3-D Seismic Response of Self-Anchored Cable-stayed Suspension Bridge under Pile-Soil-Structure Interaction

    Feng Miao* and De-jin Tang


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