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Ready!Wear Performance of Conical Pick in Rotary-drilling Cutting Process

    Daolong Yang, Jianping Li, Changlong Du , Songyong Liu, Kehong Zheng, and Hongxiang Jiang

Ready!Using Oil Palm Shell Aggregate (OPSagg) for Flexible Pavements

    Elsa Eka Putri, Adrian A, Hariadi M, and Jodin Makinda

Ready!Improving Expansive Soil by Using Combination of Rice Husk Ash and Fly Ash

    Yulvi Zaika, Agoes Soeharjono, and Ruslin Anwar

Ready!Distribution Model for the Extremely Asymmetric Types of Formation of Geo-featuresí Frequency Values

    A.K. Kurmankozhayev, and E.S. Sarybaev

Ready!Stress Path Experiment on Shallow Gassy Soil

    Li Xiong-wei, Wang Yong, Zhong Fang-jie, and Ju Shang-wei

Ready!The Cemented Filling Technology Using Special Filling Roadway in Gob

    Yang Baogui, Du Xueling, Dang Peng, and Zhang Kaifang

Ready!Activator Proportion for a New Filling Cementitious Material of Full tailings in Jinchuan Mine

    Xiao Yang, Qian Gao, Zhi-qiang Yang , and Li-peng Tian

Ready!The Impact of Karst Structures on the Urban Environment in Semi Arid Area Cheria Plateau case (Northeast of Algeria)

    Hocine Benhammadi and Hicham Chaffai

Ready!A Revision of Peck Formula Based on the Surface Subsidence Due to Metro Excavation in Changsha

    Huang Lei, Duan ShaoWei, Xie ZhongQiu, and Jiang XueLiang

Ready!Settlement Evaluation of Single Piles Subjected to Excavation Beneath Existing Buildings in Soft Soil

    Qing Zhao, Tangdai Xia, Feng Yu, and Huafeng Shan

Ready!New Insights into Potential Capacity of Olivine in Ground Improvement

    Mohammad Hamed Fasihnikoutalab, Paul Westgate, Huat B.B.K, Afshin Asadi, Richard J. Ball, Haslinda Nahazanan, and Parminder Singh

Ready!Effects of Base Isolation on Seismic Response of Concrete Rectangular Tank

    Xuansheng Cheng, Wenjun Chen, and Haiyan Zhu

Ready!Seismic Damage Analysis of Tunnel Front Slope and Shaking Table Tests on Highway Tunnel Portal

    Shuangjiang Tao, Bo Gao, and Chunlei Xin

Ready!An Experimental Study of Structural Zoning Characteristics of Expansion Soil Geology

    Hua Qian, Shifan Qiao, Qilin Guo , and Yi Wang

Ready!A Numerical Analysis Method for Active Earth Pressure Behind a Rigid Retaining Wall Considering Soil Arching Effect

    Meng Li-jun, Zhang Yan-jun, and Ma Xiang-wang

Ready!Shear Strength Characteristics of Sand Mixed with Eps Beads Using Large Direct Shear Apparatus

    Karimpour Fard, M., Dr. Jamshidi Chenari, R., and Soheili, F.

Ready!Soil Improvement by Marble Stone Slurry Wastes

    Nafi Abdel Rahman Yousef and Dr. Omar Asad Ahmad

Ready!The Influence of Rock Dynamic Characteristics on Energy Distribution of Blasting Vibration

    Zhenyang Xu, Yanning Yu, Lianjun Guo, and Daning Zhang

Ready!Water-Inrush Mechanism During Construction and Determination of Safety Distance from the Water Source in a Karst Tunnel

    Peng Jun and Li Xiangyu

Ready!The Environmental Pollution and Control of Coal Gangue Spontaneous Combustion In Mining

    Rongkun Pan, Ligang Zheng, Hailin Jia, and Gang Ma

Ready!The Progressive Important Sampling Method of Water Supply Pipeline Reliability Index Calculation under Earthquake

    Sai Huang, Wei Wang, and Yakun Hou

Ready!Stability Calculation of Unsymmetrical Loaded Foundation Pit Adjacent to Highway

    Wang Dong-lin and Wang Lei

Ready!Deformation and Long-term Stability of Bridge in Mining with Filling

    Zhou Yan, Jin Fengxiang, Ji Min, and Luan Yuanzhong

Ready!Analysis of PHC Performance Applied in Levees from Ou River Levee

    Yanming Chen, Wei Wu, and Tangdai Xia

Ready!Pre-splitting Control of Gob-side Entry Retaining with Hard Roof: A Case Study

    Baoyu Li, Nong Zhang, Jing Li, and Kang Lu

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Multiple Physical Field Coupling in Coal and Rock Containing Gas

    Tao Qin, Kaiyun Zhang, Yongli Liu, and Changji Dong

Ready!Application of Response Surface Methodology in Organic Matter Soil Stabilization

    Jianyang Lu, Riqing Xu, and Xuegang Li

Ready!Bending Strength Properties of Cement Modified with Nano-Materials

    Chaochao Lu, Shenglan Li, Lulu Lei, Wei Wang, Feifei Tao, and Li Feng

Ready!Fracturing Optimization Design of Offshore Horizontal Well With Real Field and Economic Constraints

    Zhengfu Jia, Jingxia Zhong, Muwang Wu, and Hao Liang

Ready!Influence of Mud Pollution on Formation Fracture Pressure

    Hui Xiao, Hongsheng Tao, Sha Dong, Hongjun Qiao, and Jingfu Mu


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