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Ready!Modeling of Wormholes in Carbonate Reservoirs Considering Temperature and Damage

    Pingli Liu, Heng Xue, Liqiang Zhao, Honglan Zou, Yinsheng Feng, and Peishan Wang

Ready!Effect of Rubber Powder and Lime on Slope Failure in Clay Soil

    Shakri M.S. and Kannia M.

Ready!A Damage Degree Assessment of the Underground Structures

    Sérgio Pereira Pinto Lemos, Fernando Diógenes Brito Domingues, Aristófanes Matias Gomes da Silva, Diogo Oliveira, and Eliana Cristina Barreto Monteiro

Ready!A Novel Approach for Fast Discerning Damage Degree of Water Inrush Based on Disaster-Bearing Capability of Constructor in Karst Tunnels

    Handong Chu, Guangli Xu, Zhang Yu, Pola Liu, and Jifeng Wang

Ready!Sequence Stratigraphy of Paleocene-Holocene Sedimentary Deposits in Kupe Field, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

    Nur Zulfa Abdul Kalid, Nur Amalina Hamsan, Umar Hamzah, and Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Ready!Mechanical Response of Consolidation State to Soil between Underwater Compaction Piles Strength Recovery

    Xiaojian Wang, Xi Zhang, and Xinyi Wu

Ready!Hydrocarbon Remediation By Natural Attenuation at Baruwa, Lagos Nigeria

    Uduebor, Micheal A. and Ola Samuel A.

Ready!A Parametric Study on Response of Combined Loaded Piles Due to an Excavation

    P. Sooriya Narayanan, and R. Andrew Winner

Ready!Field Study of the Effect of Grout Used on Tensile Strength and Creep Behavior of Grout Nails in Green Marl

    Gholam Moradi and Siamak Zadkarim

Ready!The Identification of Seulimeum Fault System in Iejue, Aceh Besar (Indonesia) by Using Magnetic Method

    Muhammad Taqiuddin Zakaria, Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. I. N. Azwin, and Nur Khairunnisa Aqilah Yunos

Ready!Analysis of Pile Group under Lateral Load

    Abhijit Deka

Ready!The Coulomb Stress Change of Mw7.8 Earthquake in Lamjung, Nepal, April 25th, 2015

    Dongning Lei, Chao Lian, and Yueqiang Qiao

Ready!Mapping of Hazard of Slope Movement Application of the Municipality of Bensekrane, Algeria

    Faïla Benzenine and M. A. Allal

Ready!Behavior of Grouted Single Screw Piles under Inclined Tensile Loads in Sand

    Mohamed A. Sakr, Ashraf K. Nazir, Waseim R. Azzam, and Ahmed F. Sallam

Ready!Liquefaction Zone and Differential Settlement of Cohesionless Soil Subjected to Dynamic Loading

    Abdoullah Namdar

Ready!Effective Range of the Plastic Vertical Drain under Vacuum Preloading

    Gao Hui-qiang and Mo Hai-hong

Ready!Back-Analysis of Slope Failures by Numerical Techniques

    Jaime Bojorque Iñeguez

Ready!Numerical Simulations of Random Rock Joints Subjected to Compression and Shear Loading

    Min Wang, Ping Cao, and Rui-chao Li

Ready!Iron Tailings Gravitational Settling Law and Implementation

    Xiao Yang, Bo-lin Xiao, Ren-feng Song, Pei-xin Dong, and Qian Gao

Ready!Analysis of Time Evolution of Horizontal Stress and Soil Collapse During Chemical Dissolution

    Cecilia Maria Mota Silva Lins, Analice Lima, Leonardo José do Nascimento Guimarães, Edil Mota Lins, Katia Botelho Torres Galindo, and Samuel França Amorim

Ready!Spatial Deformation Characteristic of Landslide with Reservoir Water Fluctuation

    Kun Song, Haifeng Huang, and Yiliang Liu

Ready!A Numerical Prediction Model for Hydraulic Conductivity of Sandy Aquifers Based on Randomly Generated Pore Structures

    Bin Yang, Lufei Feng, Sen Wang, Yuhong Wang, and Huajun Wang

Ready!Reverse Logistics in the Construction Sector: A Literature Review

    Annelise Nairne Schamne, and André Nagalli

Ready!Distribution and Origin of Anomalously High Porosity Zones in Fushan Depression of Beibuwan Basin in China

    Wenyan Feng

Ready!The Processes of Three Natural Decay Series in Underground Strata and Their Common Characteristics

    Wei Zhang, Dongsheng Zhang, Lixin Wu, and Xufeng Wang

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Soil-Cement

    Chen Feng and Jiang Guoping

Ready!Simulation Model of PPP Project for Geological Disaster Prevention Based on NETLOGO

    Yanwei Wang and Yi Huang

Ready!Can I Build my House on an Old and Abandoned Open Solid Waste Dump Site?

    Ibrahim, M. O., Abdul, U. B., and Otaru, K. U.

Ready!The Sensitivity and Relation Grade of Mining Subsidence Factors Based on Grey-neural Network Model

    Yanbo Yin, Feng Gao, Keping Zhou, and Aibing Li

Ready!Relative Effectiveness of Trees and Shrubs on Slope Stability

    Abhishek Gupta


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