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Ready!Mechanical Analysis on Displacement and Destruction of Stopping Roof in Open Stope Mining

    Jianjun Hu, Hong Liu, and Jin-an Wang

Ready!Tedding Performance of Three Special Soils in Hot and Moist Climate

    Zhang Rui, Wang Huan, and Xu Yiming

Ready!Effect of the MSW Leachate in the Traction Strength of the Soft Plastic

    Fernanda Feltrim, Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo, Juliana Lundgren Rose, Alexandre Mokdici dos Reis, and Wagner Teixeira

Ready!Theoretical Solution of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Circular Broken Rock-mass Foundation According to Limit Equilibrium Analysis

    Xing Xuesheng, Fu Helin, Wang Jing, and Shi Yue

Ready!Performance of Piles at Pit Bottom during Excavation of Metro Station

    Wang, Li and Zheng, Gang

Ready!Stress-Hydraulic Pressure Coupling Experimental Investigation on Maokou Limestone

    Min Wang, Ping Cao, Wen Wan Yan-Lin Zhao and Rui-chao Li

Ready!Damage Mechanics Model of Rock and Damage Energy Dissipation Rate in Consideration of the Crack Closure Effect

    Tao Wen, Yourong Liu, Xianlong Yi, and Chenggang Yang

Ready!Parameters Optimization of Multi-Branch Well for Low Permeability Gas Reservoir

    Jiang Yuzhi, Huang Lingyan, Tang Hai, and Lv Dongliang

Ready!Long-Term Strengthening Effect of Cemented Tailings Considering the Loading Rates

    Yage Li, Longzhe Jin, and Luyan Zhang

Ready!Mechanical Parameters of Cemented Paste Backfilling and Its Failure Modes Under Different Loading Rates

    Yage Li, Longzhe Jin, and Luyan Zhang

Ready!A Sensitivity Study on Influencing Factors of Reservoir Landslide Triggers in Three Gorges Reservoir Region—Based on Grey Relation Method

    Ai-min Dong, and Liangfu Xie

Ready!Long-term Settlement Prediction of Waste Soil using Rheological Model Coupled with Monte Carlo Simulation

    Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi, Yap Choon Wai, and Husaini Omar

Ready!Influence Laws of Approaching Excavation on High-Speed Rail Tunnel Deformation

    Yi He and Xuejun Chen

Ready!Time-dependent Behavior Characteristics of Power-law Cement Grouts Applied in Geotechnical Engineering

    Yang Zhiquan, Qian Shanguang, and Hou Kepeng

Ready!A Three-Dimensional Strain Rosette for Civil Engineering

    Xia Jin-hong, Li Wei, and Chen Zhi-xiang

Ready!Evolution of Deformation Fields of Rock Failure by Digital Speckle Correlation Method

    Tao Qin, Haidong Zhang, Junwen Zhang, and Gang Liu

Ready!Seismic Attributes and Their Application in Faults Interpretation of Kupe Field, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

    Nur Zulfa Abdul Kalid, Umar Hamzah, and Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Ready!Foundation Selection for a Multi-Story Masonry Structure in the Yellow River Delta area

    Hong-Sheng Yu, Zhao-Jun Ren, Hui-Qin Yang, Xiu-Yan Zhang, You-Ping Ding, and Xia Zhao

Ready!Oversize Hall Type Karst Scheme Comparison in Tunnel

    Xiong Yi and Fu Helin

Ready!The Effect and Application of Spatial Effect on the Asymmetrical Deep Excavation

    Dong-ling Fan and Lu Huang

Ready!Multivariable Optimization Model MGRM (1, n) Based on Reciprocal Accumulated Generation and Its Application

    Youxin Luo

Ready!Monitoring Geo-Information System Geomechanical Risks Operation of Underground Facilities Using Remote Sensing

    Muhametgaliev, A.F. and Razzakova, M.G.

Ready!Vertical Stress Field and Rock Stability around the Entry under Close Residual Coal Pillar

    Kang Ji-zhong, Shen Wen-long, Bai Jian-biao and Chen Bin

Ready!Effects of Stress and Deformation on Surrounding Rock of a Well During Groundwater Extraction

    Fan Kaixiang and Liu Jianjun

Ready!Relation between Permittivity and Filtration Opening Tests of Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Clever Aparecido Valentin and Jefferson Lins da Silva

Ready!Strata Behavior Characteristics of Island Mining Face of Typical Seam in Western China

    Changxiang Wang

Ready!Discriminator of Mining Blasts and Microseismic Events Based on Multi-Scale Discrete Wavelet Transform

    Nailian Hu, Furui Du, Guoqing Li and Jinqiang Wang

Ready!Bedding Slope Stability and Progressive Failure Analysis

    Ji Li and Ming Liu

Ready!Effects of Stress and Deformation on Surrounding Rock of the Well During Groundwater Extraction

    Fan Kaixiang and Liu Jianjun

Ready!On Modeling Geotextiles by Means of Elementary Cellular Automata

    Luan Carlos de S. M. Ozelim, Elizabeth Hernández Zubeldia, André Luís Brasil Cavalcante and Ennio Marques Palmeira


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