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Ready! 2D Geo-Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil

    Muhammad Azrief Azahar, Adi Suryadi, Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Wan Zuhairi Wan Yaacob and Ahmad Nazri Saidin

Ready! Analysis and Application of Resistivity Measurement of Anisotropic Core

    Gongming Zheng, Chengguang Zhang and Jun Tang

Ready!Application of Pre-splitting Blasting in Final Highwall Governance

    Jianguo Wang, Longfa Luan and Haohao Wang

Ready!Influence of Highway Construction on Soil Environment within Highway Region

    Liu Ke-Fei and Jiang Kang

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Polyester Fiber and SBR Latex Compound-Modified Mortar for Tunnel Grouting

    Deng xin, Zhu xinping, Chen hanlin, Wang dingpeng and Yin wei

Ready!Simulation of the Effective Distance in Horizontal Direction From Vertical Well in Landfill

    Yu Tian, Jiayue Shi, Jing Wang and Linfeng Liang

Ready!Water Content Calculation and Stability Analysis of Slope under Persistent Low-intensity Rainfall Infiltration

    Lv Zhen-li

Ready!Stability Analysis of Slope Based on Hierarchical Analysis of Fuzzy Entropy

    Zuyin Zou, Hang Chen, Yulong Chen and Xuemei Long

Ready!Roof Migration Principle and Breaking Structure in Steeply Dipping WorkingFace

    Jiang Wei

Ready!Experimental Simulation of the Mine Pressure in Chuancao Gedan Coal Mine

    Zhu Bin and Li Ge

Ready!Primary Support of Tunnels with a Super Deep Overburden and Big Section in Soft Rocks

    Luo Gang, Wu Jian and Chen Liang

Ready!Definition of Control Parameters for Monitoring the Capivari-Cachoeira HPP Dam

    E. L. Heuko, Alessander Morales Kormann and Roberta Bomfim Boszczowski

Ready!Fuzzy Orthogonal Analysis of New Cement Soil In Laboratory

    Qiang Wang, Youjie Gui, Baoju Gong and Lei Wang

Ready!Reconstruction of the 3D Model and Numerical Simulations of Fluid Flow Tests in a Rock Fracture

    Mubai Duan and Ning Sun

Ready!Reclamation of Bauxite Residue as a Grouting Material for Filling Mining Worked-Out Area

    Yingran Liu, Hongming Yu, Fuyou Liu, Yueying Sun, and Tao Zhang

Ready!Nonlinear Static Analysis of Shuibuya Dam in China-World’s Highest CFRD

    Ye Zhu and Lu Lu

Ready!Parametric Analysis of Seismic Behavior of Two-Dimensional Triangular Shaped Hills in Time Domain

    Hassan Khosravi

Ready!Correlation of Dynamic and Static Elastic Parameters of Rock

    Wang Fei, Bian Huiyuan, Yu Jun and Zhang Yonghao

Ready!Structural Stability of Fully-Mechanized Caving of Thin Bedrock under the First Pressure

    Du Feng and Zheng Jinle

Ready!Performance of Reinforced Sandy Soil under Uniform Shaking

    Waseim R. Azzam and Ahmed A. Farouk

Ready!Primary Support of Tunnels with a Super Deep Overburden and Big Section in Soft Rocks

    Luo Gang, Wu Jian and Chen Liang

Ready!Static Analysis of Slopes by Considering the Effect of Pile-Soil Interaction

    Jie Lai, Yun Liu and Yingren Zheng

Ready!Dynamic Analysis of Composite Foundation by Considering the Effect of Sand Liquefaction

    Jie Lai, Yun Liu and Ying-ren Zheng

Ready!Construction Risk of Foundation Pit of Subway Station Based on Rough Set Theory and Catastrophe Progression Method

    He Jian, Pan HaiZe, Chen MengJie and Miao Wei

Ready!Strength of Transparent Soil Compositions with Slag and Construction Waste

    Marelize Venter and Dr. Amin Chegenizadeh

Ready!2D Resistivity Cross Section Interpretation of Shallow Hydrocarbon Reservoir in East Aceh, Indonesia

    Nurul Aflah, Kikis Muchlis, Syafrizal and Sabrian Tri Anda

Ready!Vertical Shaft Dynamic Response to Moving Load of High-Speed Rail Train

    An Yonglin, Hu Wenxuan, Cai Haibing and Ren Zhongjun

Ready!Effect of Kelud Volcanic Ash Utilization on The Physical Properties as Stabilizer Material for Soil Stabilization

    Devi Oktaviana Latif, Ahmad Rifa’i and Kabul Basah Suryolelono

Ready!Stability Analysis of Rock Wall between Tunnel Face and Karst Cavity with High Pressurized Water

    Jiaqi Guo, Jianxun Chen, and Qin Liu

Ready!A Model Test Study of Double-row Piles in Deep Foundation Pit Excavation

    Yijun Zhou, Aijun Yao, Xuan Zheng, and Haobo Li


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