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Ready!Estimation Method for Shear Strength Parameters of Fault Rock Based on Geological Strength Index

    Yu-chuan Yang, Xing-guo Yang and Dr. Hui-ge Xing

Ready!Analysis of Goaf Instability Based on Fuzzy-Gray-Correlation Theory

    Zhang Zhaocai, Cai Meifeng and Yan Zhenxiong

Ready!Lateral Buckling Analysis of Submarine Pipeline with one arch Initial Imperfection

    Linping Guo, Run Liu, Aiwu Yang, and Jinfang Hou

Ready!The Coefficient of Earth Pressure at Rest

    Dr. Edgar Giovanny Diaz-Segura

Ready!Dynamic Response Analysis of Rock Mass Around a Circular Tunnel Under Excavating Condition

    Xian Li and Zemin Xu

Ready!Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soil and Murrum Using Quarry Dust

    Shyam Prakash Koganti and Dr. Hanumantha Rao Chappidi

Ready!Performance of Small Scale Hexagonal Portable Soil-Filled Barrier Subjected to Blast Load

    Jestin Jelani, Faisal Ali, Mohd Zaid Othman, Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi and Hapsa Husen

Ready!Evaluation Method for Miscible Zone of CO2 Flooding

    Liao Changlin, Mu Longxin, Wu Xianghong, Wang Yuxiong and Feng Min

Ready!Floor Failure Depth of the Roadway in Soft Rocks of Deep Coalmine: A Case Study

    Nian-chao Zhang, Nong Zhang, Hua-yang Wang, Bai-long Ma, Yuan-tian Sun and Joan Esterle

Ready!Floor Water Inrush Risk Evaluation for Mining above Confined Aquifer in No. 5 Coal Seam of Taiyuan Group at Dongjiahe Coal Mine

    Ang Li and Kaifang Li

Ready!Stability Analysis of Toppling Failure of the Anti-inclined Rock Slopes

    Li Jun, Hu Bin, Yao Wen-Min, Li Hua-Zhou and Li Li-chen

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Oil Recovery Enhancement by Nano/Micron-Sized Polymer Particles Fluid in Low Permeability Reservoir

    Yunqian Long, Yaning Wang and Weiyao Zhu

Ready!Effect of Failure Time on the Dynamic Impact during Progressive Collapse

    Bingbing Tu

Ready!An Architecture to Classify Desertification Areas using Hyperspectral Images and the Optimum Path Forest Algorithm

    Márcia R. O. B. C. Macedo, Valéria C. Times, George D. C. Cavalcanti and Emilia Rahnemay Kohlman Rabbani

Ready!GGBFS Effect on the Relationship between Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Elastic Modulus of Backfill

    Wenchen Li, Yunbing Hou and Shuai Han

Ready!Asymmetric Reinforcement Field Test of Large Section Roadway Driving Along Next Goaf in Longwall Top-coal Mining

    Fuxing Xie, Xing Mei, Fulian He, and Yongqiang Zhao

Ready!Relationship between Water Content and K-G Model Parameters of Unsaturated Clay

    Chen Lei, Zhang Anbin, Zhang peng, and Bi Kun

Ready!Analyzing Water Resource Protection Techniques When Mining Shallow Coal Seam

    Shaoxuan Hu, Zhiyuan Jin, Kaizhi Zhang, Mengtang Xu, Xingjun Yi, Wei Liu, and Yihe Yu

Ready!Calculation of Weighting Interval and Real-Time Working Resistance Based on Beam Elastic Foundation Method

    Chen Lei, Yang Jinghu, Song Gaofeng and Zhang Kaifang

Ready!Monitoring and Prediction and Simulation Study of Deformation in Deep Excavation of Metro Station under Complex Environmental Conditions

    Ma Chong, Hu Bin and Zhan Hongbing

Ready!Durability of Ornamental Gneisses from Pádua-RJ as Covering Stone

    José Luiz Ernandes Dias Filho, Gustavo de Castro Xavier, Paulo Cesar de Almeida Maia and Vitor Guimarães pereira Santos

Ready!Comparison of Three Capillary Fractal Models for Reservoir Evaluation

    Lin Jia, Changwei Liu and Guocheng Liu

Ready!Shear Characteristic of Joints in Muddy Limestone of Badong Formation in Three Gorges Area Based on Particle Flow Method

    Yaofei Jiang, Qiong Wu, Chaoyuan Liu and Yanjun Xu

Ready!Influence of High Geo-stress on Dynamic Response Analysis of Mountain Tunnels

    Shuli Fan, Jianyun Chen and Qingwen Jia

Ready!Model Test of Deformation and Failure Mechanism of Shield Tunnel crossing Ground Fissure with Small Angle

    Rui Wang, Zhiping Hu, Xiang Ren, Xiangbo Xia and Yue Chen

Ready!A Dynamic Winkler Model to Analyze Offshore Monopile in Clayey Foundation Under Cyclic Load

    Wang Ming-yuan, Liao Wei-ming, Zhang Jian-jing, Wu Jin-biao and Tang Ya-lei

Ready!Numerical Schemes to Solve Advective Contaminant Transport Problems with Linear Sorption and First Order Decay

    Dr. André Luís Brasil Cavalcante and Dr. Jorge Gabriel Zornberg

Ready!Electro-Osmosis Chemical Grouting of Mucky Clayey Soil

    Lei Zhang, Ningwei Wang, Liping Jing, Chen Fang and Rui Dong

Ready!Solidification of Fluviatile-Lacustrine Facies Silt with Ionic Soil Stabilizer

    Xue-ting Wu, Wei Xiang, and Mei-xia Zhang

Ready!Influence of Unsaturated Earth Berm on Retaining Structure

    Xia Jin-hong, Li Shun-qun and Chen Zhi-xiang


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