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Ready!Sensitivity Analysis of Urban Tunnel Behavior into Geotechnical Inherent Parameters and Tunnel Geometric Parameters (Case Study: Isfahan Subway Tunnel Line 1)

    Farshad Ghalamzan, Fariba Kargaranebafghi, R. Ajalloeain, and M. Mohebi

Ready!Rock Physics Analysis in Determining Reservoir Properties between Western Platform and Southern Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

    Joseph Gnapragasan and Umar Hamzah

Ready!Improving Disturbance State Constitutive Model by Incorporating Plastic Volumetric Strain into Disturbance Function

    Yunliang Cui, XinquanWang and Pengfei Xiang

Ready!Microstructure Characteristics of Backfill Paste Under Different Loading Terms

    Luo Xiao, Zhang Junwen, and Fang Jian

Ready!A Timoshenko Beam on Elastic Foundation Model for Calculating Bending Moments in Group of Reinforced Concrete Cylindrical Silos

    Fernando Artur Nogueira Silva and Bernardo Horowitz

Ready!Measurement of Diversification Degree in Large Listed Coal Enterprises in China – A Case Study of Shenhua Group

    Tao Cui, Chong-mao Li*, Rui Nie, Xin-yu Yan, , and Xiang-yan Qian

Ready!Establishment of the Industry Synergy Mode for Large Coal Enterprises in China

    Chong-mao Li, Tao Cui, Rui Nie, Xin-yu Yan, and Xiang-yan Qian

Ready!Panel Roadway Floor Heave Mechanism and Control Technology

    Liu Chao-ke, and Ren Jian-xi

Ready!Specimen Diameter Influence on Effective Shear Strength Parameters in Triaxial Tests

    Fernando Feitosa Monteiro, Leila Maria Coelho de Carvalho, Alfran Sampaio Moura, Marcos Fábio Porto de Aguiar, Icaro Rodrigues Marques, and Yago Machado Pereira de Matos

Ready!Stability Analysis of a Soil Slope Based on D-P Criterion

    Yun Liu, Jie Lai, and Gao Feng

Ready!Seismic Performance of Reinforced Retaining Wall: a Dynamic Centrifuge Test

    Yun Liu, Jie Lai, and Gao Feng

Ready!Application of Self-balanced Method to Detect Bearing Capacity of Large Diameter Rock-socketed Piles at Inland High-piled Wharf

    Wu Tong qing, Lin Jun zhi, Zhou Liang, and Fan Xin ran

Ready!Rheological Test and Model Analysis of Guangzhou Luogang Soft Soil

    Jie Yuan, Zhongping Chen, Zhuhui Liu, and Xun Wu

Ready!Sierpinski Fractal Characteristics of Consolidation of Soft Soil

    Hui Zhou and Weifeng Yan

Ready!Prediction of Bearing Capacity from SPT Values Using Genetic Algorithm

    Athira C.R., and Dr. N. Sankar

Ready!Induced Surface Settlement of Stochastic Medium Theory Based on Optimization of Subway Tunnel Construction

    Jie Yuan, Zhuhui Liu, Xun Wu, and Yadong Li

Ready!Calculation Formula and Process Optimization Research of Random Medium Method to Predict the Surface Subsidence and Deformation

    Jie Yuan, Zhuhui Liu, Xun Wu,, and Yadong Li

Ready!Analysis of Influences Caused by Cantilever Pile-Supported Pit Excavation towards Adjacent Buried Pipe Lines

    Xue Dinglong, and Yuan Ji

Ready!Dynamic Response of Railway Subgrade by Infinite Element Method

    Jianxin Liu, Pengmao Liu, Xiaozhong Tong, and Chuanghua Cao

Ready!Discussion on Pathological Manifestations in Reinforced Concrete Buildings and Their Relations With the Construction Process

    Romildo Alves Berenguer, João Luiz de Melo Ramos, Fabio Lourenço Carneiro, Eliana Cristina Barreto Monteiro, Fernando Artur Nogueira Silva, and Romilde Almeida de Oliveira

Ready!Displacement Calculation of Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall under Earthquake

    Liang Jia, Shi-kai He, and Jian Guo

Ready!A Preliminary Study of the Earth Pressure Exerted on Pipelines Installed By the Open-Cut Method and Trenchless Technology

    Mingming Zheng, Nilo Tsung, Ilseok Eddie Oh, and Guosheng Jiang

Ready!The Microstructure Characteristics of Sliding-Zone Soil After Landslide Failure

    Dr. Kong Yuanyuan, Qing Wang, Chaoyue Li, and Wei Peng

Ready!Analysis of Heavy Metal Distribution Along Road Edges

    Anjali Viswanath A C, and Dr. George K Varghese

Ready!Influence of Structure in Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations in Tropical Soils

    Cristhian C. Mendoza, Juan Carlos Ruge, and B. Caicedo

Ready!Calculation of Axial Bearing Capacity of Composite Pile with Core of Concrete Filled Steel Tube

    Yang Lijun and Jiang Deming

Ready!Probabilistic Slope Stability Evaluation for the New Railway Embankment in Ethiopia

    Amera Eleyas Assefa, Dr. Li Jian Lin, Dr. Costas I. Sachpazis, Dr. Deng Hua Feng, Sun Xu Shu, and Dr. Anthimos S. Anastasiadis

Ready!Increasing the Productivity of Salt through HDPE Geomembrane—Indonesian Case History in Salt Evaporation Pond

    Andryan Suhendra

Ready!Magnetosphere Anomaly, Hexagonal Crystals Resonance And Created Consequences For Triggering Earthquakes

    Morteza Sheshpari


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