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Ready!Dissipation Law of Pore Water in the Prepress Process of Sandy Well Based on FLAC3d

    Xin-bao Gu, Dong Wang, and Yi-heng Wang

Ready!Landscape Construction and Ecological Restoration of Abandoned Mine

    Wei Peng and Su-juan Dai

Ready!GPS Monitoring Landslide Displacement Prediction Using Nonlinear Analysis and Back-Propagation Neural Network

    Qiang Yue and Jie Yuan

Ready!Destabilization Probability of Certain Landslide Based on Polymorphic Distribution of Monte-Carlo Parameters

    Xin-bao Gu, Dong Wang, and Yi-heng Wang

Ready!Numerical Modeling of Geotextile Reinforcement of Soft Subgrade Ballasted Railway under High Speed Train

    Melaku Sisay Abebe and Hong Sheng Qiu

Ready!Finite Element Dynamic Analysis of Subgrade Embankment Ballasted Railway under High Speed Train

    Melaku Sisay Abebe and Hong Sheng Qiu

Ready!2D and 3D Roughness Coefficient of Marble Joint Surface

    Chenlin Wang and Baohua Guo

Ready!Foundation Soil Stability of Immersed Tunnel Subjected to High Speed Train

    Sun Xiaojing and Liu Weining

Ready!Stress and Fracture Evolution Based on Abutment Change in Thick Coal Seam—A Case Study in China Colliery

    Chunlei Zhang and Yong Zhang

Ready!Safety Length Simulation of Natural Gas Pipeline Subjected to Transverse Landslide

    Guizhi Li, Peng Zhang, Zhixiang Li, Zunhai Ke and Gengxin Wu

Ready!Breaking Cobalt-Rich Crust Based on Cellular Automata Model

    Hu Jianhua, Liu Shaojun, Zhang Ruiqiang, and Hu Qiong

Ready!Nonlinear Analysis of a Reverse Fault

    Qiong Wang and Gang Chen

Ready!Mechanical Behavior of Corps Roadways Reinforced by Geosynthetics

    Talhaoui Zakia and Allal Mohamed Amine

Ready!Dynamic Response Characteristics of Layer Structure Slope Based On Transfer Function Analysis

    Guo Li, Rui Fang, YaJun Li, and Nengpan Ju

Ready!Risk Analysis in the Execution of Foundation in Civil Construction

    Fernanda Aparecida Henneberg, Ariel Orlei Michaloski, Rodrigo Eduardo Catai, André Nagalli and Vsévolod Mymrine

Ready!Effect of Slope Shape on Side Slope Stability under Seismic Action

    Hang Chen, Xuemei Long, Xi Huang, Zuyin Zou, and Qixiang Yan

Ready!Application of Bolt–Mesh–Cable Coupling Support with High Convex Strip in Deep Roadways

    Li Zhi-ping, Xu Jian-cong and Du Jia-qing

Ready!The Establishment of Evaluation System for Rainwater-Friendly Community Construction Project Based on GAHP

    Yan Li, Wenyan Cheng and Yichuan Zhang

Ready!Preliminary Peat Surveys in Ecoregion Delineation of North Borneo: Engineering Perspective

    Adnan Zainorabidin and Habib Musa Mohamad

Ready!Analysis of Stress Distribution around a Wellbore Drilled in Tight Sandstone Formations during Gas Drilling

    Xu Yang, Yingfeng Meng, Gao Li, Hanfeng Tang, and Liang Wang

Ready!A Damage Constitutive Model for a Rock Considering the Microcrack Deformation and Propagation

    Zhang Hui and Liu Hongyan

Ready!Mechanisms and Application of Roadside Soft Medium Connecting the Roof in Gob-side Entry Retaining

    Jianxiong Yang, Xiangyu Wang, and Yu Bai

Ready!Discussion on the Analysis, Prevention and Mitigation Measures of Slope Instability Problems: A case of Ethiopian Railways

    Eleyas Assefa, Dr. Li Jian Lin, Dr. Costas I. Sachpazis, Dr. Deng Hua Feng, Dr. Sun Xu Shu, and Dr. Anthimos S. Anastasiadis

Ready!Slope Excavation and Parameter Sensitivity Analysis Based on Grey Correlation Method

    Zhang Xu and Tan Zhuoying

Ready!Solid Waste Management in Brazil: an Analysis of Public Policies Under European and USA Laws

    Danuza Gusmão Gomes de Andrade Lima, Alessandra Lee Barbosa Firmo, Luciana Lopes Lucena, Maria Odete Holanda Mariano, José Fernando Thomé Jucá and José Dantas Lima

Ready!The Effect of Cut Height on Ground Vibration and Collapse Area In Blasting Demolition of Cooling Tower

    Tie-jun Tao, Lian-sheng Liu, En-an Chi and Ming-sheng Zhao

Ready!Inspection of the Pathological Manifestations on Janga Bridge

    Romildo Alves Berenguer, Paulo Helene, Eliana Cristina Barreto Monteiro, Cecilia Silva Lins and Analice Lima

Ready!An Implementation Method of Shear Plane Fracture of Multi-Crack Rock Under Compression-Shear Loading

    Zhi Wang and Jianhua Hou, Chaoya Wang, Fei Yang

Ready!Elastoplastic Analysis on Hole Expansion Issue of Pile Based on Improvement Unified Strength Criterion with Hyperbolic Envelope

    Weiping Liu and Xiaoyan Luo

Ready!Shearing Rate Effect on Residual Strength of Slip Soils and Its Impact on Deformation Characteristics of Landslides

    Lunan Wang, Echuan Yan, Guang Yang, Xinwei Li, and Yong Liu


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