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Ready!Discriminant Analysis of Excavation Damage Zone at Underground Powerhouse with High In-situ Ground Stresses during Construction

    DinhPhuc Hoang, GuangLi Xu, ZhiPeng Li, and JiaXing Dong

Ready!Evaluation of the Friction Angle of Soil-Wall in Contact with Different Materials and Surface Roughness

    Silvio Romero de Melo Ferreira, Stela Fucale, Joaquim Teodoro Romão de Oliveira, Wallace Borges de Sá, and Sidney Fernandes de Andrade Moura

Ready!Geotechnical Analysis of Deep Foundation Pit Supporting Technology

    Yongyong Zhu

Ready!Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Tunnel Inspection

    Yun-Jian Cheng, Wenge Qiu, and Jin Lei

Ready!Surrounding Rock Engineering Characteristics and Deformation Control of Mica Schist Tunnel

    Deng Xin, Zhu Jianlong, Li Zenghui, Yang Tao and Zhu Xinping

Ready!Numerical Simulations of Stability of a Gradually Raised Upstream Tailings Dam in Northern Sweden

    Lovisa Hassellund, Roger Knutsson, Hans Mattsson, and Sven Knutsson

Ready!Impact of Aquifer Drainage on Shaft Lining in Underground Mining of Eastern China

    Zeyang Zhang, Xiaowei Tang, and Qing Yu

Ready!Laboratory Simulation Test of Unsaturated Soil Permeability

    Chen Wan-peng, and Li Xiong-wei

Ready!The Seepage Risk Assessment of Shield Tunnel on the Basis of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy Theory

    Pan HaiZe, Miao Wei, and He Jian

Ready!Effect of Coal Room-Pillar Deformation On the Overlying Strata Instability: A Case Study During Coal Panel Extraction

    Zhupeng Jin, Junwen Zhang, and Yulin Li

Ready!Impact of Excavation Sequence from Inside on Surrounding Rock Stability at the Portal of a Shallow and Unsymmetrically Loaded Tunnel

    Li Jun-mei and Yang Chao

Ready!Impact of Fracture Geometric Parameters on the Dynamic Hysteretic Curve of Rock-Like Materials Under Seismic Loading

    Zhiyong Liu, Mingli Xiao, Hongqiang Xie, Jiangda He, and Jianfeng Liu

Ready!Shear Rheological Features of Anchorage Interface for Wholly Grouted Anchor

    Wenhua Gao, Zhimin Zhang, and Zongtang Zhang

Ready!Analysis of Vibration Characteristics of New Subway Tunnel Undercrossing the Existing Highway under Blasting Construction

    Dehua Hu and Jingchuan Duan

Ready!New Process of Recovering Copper from Tailings with High Combination Rate and High Calcium Salt

    Dan Liu, Jinlin Li, Shuming Wen, Yijie Wang, and Yongjun Xian

Ready!Dynamic Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Buried Pipelines in Slopes

    Reza Jamshidi Chenari, and Azadeh Azadegan

Ready!Effect of Seismic Wave Input Interface on Ground Motion Parameters of Deep Site

    Qing Hu, Gang Yang, Dongning Lei, and Jiang Huang

Ready!Determining the Stress Intensity Factor of the Wellbore with Perforation in Infinite Plate Using Weight Functions

    Zhang Zhimin and Gao Wenhua

Ready!Drilling Fluids for High Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs Protection

    Xu Dingda, Zhao Lin, and Ma Dong

Ready!A Modified Probabilistic Forecast Model of Port Throughput Based on Accessibility

    Xuejun Liu and Yihan Chen

Ready!Plugging Mechanism and Blockage Removal Agent for Polymer Injection Wells in Bohai Oilfield

    Jian Zhang, Feng Li, Changlong Liu, Wei Zhou, and Pingli Liu

Ready!Causes of Cracks in Sealing Masonry: Case Study

    Henrique Rodrigues de Almeida and Alberto Casado Lordsleem Júnior

Ready!The Relationship Between Resistivity Value and Mackintosh Probe (M-value) for Soft Soil at Sungai Batu, Kedah (Malaysia)

    Tarmizi, Dr. Rosli Saad and Dr. M. Mokhtar Saidin

Ready!Recent Application in Brazil of Induction-Logging Testing to Determine The Depth of a Foundation Element

    Tiago de Jesus Souza, Paulo Scarano Hemsi, Otávio Coaracy Brasil, and Alex Fortunato Ribeiro

Ready!Forward Simulation and Engineering Application of Borehole Ground Penetrating Radar for Grouting Effect Detection

    Yao Li, Bin Liu, Shucai Li, Qingsong Zhang, Xiao Zhang, and Lei Yang

Ready!Comparison S-wave Velocity Estimated from Soft-Porosity and Lee Models

    Li Dongqing, Wei Jianxin, and Di Bangrang

Ready!The Effect of Diagenesis and Sedimentary Faceis Type on Reservoir Properties in Fahliyan Formation in One Iranian Oil Field

    Fang Xiang, Yao Guangqing, Vali Mehdipour and Wang Xiao

Ready!Load-Bearing Characteristics of Cast-in-situ Bored Piles with Sediment of Red Bed Mudstone: Considering the Effect of Concrete

    Zhang Yuhao, He Songsheng, Ju Xin, and Huang Chao

Ready!Case Study on Environmental Geotechnology Problems in Development and Planning of Small and Medium-sized City

    Xinmo Zhou, Hanyu Miao, Wei Wang, Minyan Guo, Na Li, Feifei Tao, and Huaqiang Tao

Ready!Stress and Fracture Evolution Based on Abutment Change in Thick Coal Seam—A Case Study in China Colliery

    Chunlei Zhang and Yong Zhang


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