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Ready!GIS-based Landslide Susceptibility Analysis Using Support Vector Machine Model at a Regional Scale

    Yanli Wu, Hanying Bai, Qiming Guo, and Wenping Li

Ready!Effect of Excavation on the Lateral Load Capacity of Pile Group

    Hamed Bahrami and Soheil Ghareh

Ready!Non-linear Inversion for Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data in Layered Electrically Conductive Media

    Hairu Zhang, Guofu Wang, and Faquan Zhang

Ready!A Review on Selection of Tunneling Method and Parameters Effecting Ground Settlements

    Arshad and R. A. Abdullah

Ready!Hydrogeology of Xieqiao Coal Mining District

    Hui Xu and Wankui Bu

Ready!Water Quality as Support Framework of the Goiana River Basin, Pernambuco, Brazil

    Maria Conceição Araújo Alves da Silva, Simone Rosa da Silva, Fernando Gomes Monteiro Neto and Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz

Ready!Observational Settlement Prediction of Composite Foundation in East Artificial Island by Two Curve Fitting Methods

    Xiaojian Wang, Xi Zhang, and Xinyi Wu

Ready!Stability Analysis of Front Slopes at the Tunnel Entrance Based on Principle of Minimum Potential Energy

    Xiangcan Wang, Kai Xing, Hao Yang, Qifang Zhan, and Binran Zhang

Ready!Causes of Cracks in Sealing Masonry: Case Study

    Henrique Rodrigues de Almeida and Alberto Casado Lordsleem Júnior

Ready!Slope Stability Evaluation and Rock Mechanics Parameter Based on GSI

    Qin Feng-yan, Yang Fu-lian, Wu Kun-ming, Ge Hai-yu, and Zheng zhi

Ready!Simplified Approach for Estimating the Entire Load Profile of Fully Grouted Anchor Bolt by Strain Measurement Near Loaded End

    Subin Desar, Dr. Li Jian Lin, Dr. Deng Hua Feng, and Dr. Sun Xu Shu

Ready!Performance Evaluation and Field Application of New Water-Based Drilling Fluid System in Protecting Shale Gas Reservoir

    Dr. Hao Jie

Ready!Effect of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement on Mortar Mechanical Properties

    Romildo Alves Berenguer, Fernando Artur Nogueira Silva, Eliana Cristina Barreto Monteiro, Cecilia Silva Lins, and Analice Lima

Ready!Surrounding Rock Engineering Characteristics and Deformation Controlling of Mica Schist Road Tunnel

    Deng Xin, Zhu Jianlong, Li Zenghui, Yang Tao, and Zhu Xinping

Ready!Tunnel Surrounding Rockmass Classification Based on Uncertainty Measurement Theory and AHP

    Chao Zhao, Guihua Wang, Yuan Zhu, and Hongming Yu

Ready!Investigation on Geotechnical Properties of Artificially Synthetic Transparent Soil Family

    Shi-xin Ye, Chang-chang Qi, Jun Xu, Xin Zhang, and Jia-wen Bao

Ready!Inverse Calculation for Thermal Conductivity of Soil Particles Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

    Ping Jiang, Jingping Xiao, Xilei Lu, Hao Zeng, Fang Zhang, and Wei Wang

Ready!Characteristics of Deep-seated Toppling Deformation in Anti-dip Slope Using Multi-Surveying Methods

    Xie Liangfu and Mao Wei

Ready!Three-Dimensional Limit Analysis of Partially Submerged Slopes With Pore Pressure

    Han Chang-yu

Ready!CBR Value Estimation Using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer—A Case Study of Brazil’s Midwest Federal Highway

    Fernando Feitosa Monteiro, Francisco Heber Lacerda de Oliveira, Otto Zitllau, and Marcos Fábio Porto de Aguiar Leila Maria Coelho de Carvalho

Ready!Pervious Concrete Pavement System at Polytechnic School of University of Pernambuco, Brazil: Product Design Conception

    Rafaella Gatis Galvão, Nara Almeida, Yêda Vieira Póvoas, Priscilla Elisa de Azevedo Basto

Ready!Influence of Variation of Groundwater Level on Unsaturated Clay Subgrade

    Hu Mengling, Yao Hailin, Ren Jianxi, and Wang Dongdong

Ready!Induction-Logging Testing to Determine The Depth of a Foundation Element

    Tiago de Jesus Souza, Paulo Scarano Hemsi, Otávio Coaracy Brasil and Alex Fortunato Ribeiro

Ready!Predicting Mercury Intrusion-Derived Pore Structural Elements of Limestone From Routinely Measured Petrophysical Properties

    Dr. Basem K. Moh’d

Ready!Surrounding Rock Stress of Concurrent and Stagger Running Tunnel with Extremely Small-Distance

    Zhi-gang Sun and Xiao-guang Jin

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Erosion Failure for Ecological Protection Slope under Rainfall Condition

    Huihui Chen and Cheng Jia

Ready!A New Hole Cleaning Method by Using Hydraulic Jet for Plugged Drainage Boreholes in Soft Coal Seams

    Youchang Lyu, Jianxin Kou, and Zhe Zhou

Ready!Shear Strength of Railway Ballast

    Zhang Jin-Cai and Tong Chen-Xi

Ready!Evolution of Ground Settlement and Support System Behavior During Benching Excavation of a Tunnel with Super Large Cross Section: A Field Monitoring Case Study

    Youzhi Shi


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