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Ready!Surface Deformation Mechanism Analysis of Village-under Repeated Mining of 12200 Stope in Huancheng Mine

    Liyuan Weng, Yuanzhong Luan, Shuai Liu, and Hengxuan Luan

Ready!Effect of Polymer Static Adsorption during Polymer Flooding in Bohai Oilfield

    Pingli Liu, Feng Li, Changlong Liu and Xitang Lan

Ready!Regression Analysis and Inversion Analysis of Surrounding Rock Parameters Based on the Monitoring Data of Song Pan Tunnel

    Pan Wei-dong, Chen Cong, Sheng Xiao-long, and Wu Kai-jian

Ready!Influence of Moisture Content and Stress Cyclic Loading Amplitude on the Dynamic Characteristics of Sandstone

    Yu Hu, Huafeng Deng, Wei Wang, Zhe Wang, Xiaojing Zhang, and Eleyas Assefa

Ready!Technological Characterization and Chemical Stabilization of Residues From Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles Excavation For Use in Pavement Projects

    C. S. T. Lima, A. D. Gusmão, E. C. G. Santos, and E. M. Silva

Ready!Effectiveness of Geogrid Reinforcement in Splicing Region in Embankment Widening

    Qiang Maa, Wen-wen Xinga, Li-hua Lia, Heng-lin Xiao

Ready!Exploration of Method for Slope Stabilization Influence by Unsaturated Soil

    M. F. Ishak and M. F. Zolkepli

Ready!Effect of Ionic Liquids on the Pyrolysis of Coal

    Chuanbo Cui et al.

Ready!Compressive Behavior of Bagansiapiapi-Riau Peat in Indonesia

    Aazokhi Waruwu, Hary Christady Hardiyatmo, and Ahmad Rifa’i

Ready!Analysis of Influencing Factors of Supporting Effect for Pile-Anchor in Soft Soil Foundation

    Shao Yong, Zhu Jin-Jun, and Liu Xiao-Li

Ready!Mechanism of Load Transmission and Interaction between Rock and Pile Under Nonlinear Incidence

    Zhang Xu, Tan Zhuoying and Gao Bingyong

Ready!Change Law of Schist Anisotropy Influenced by Multi-Factor and its Effect on Deformation of Tunnel’s Surrounding Rock

    Yin Xiaomeng, Yan E-chuan, and Wu Heng

Ready!Determination of the Unknown Length of a Pile Partially Embedded in Rock using Induction Logging Testing in Brazil

    Tiago de Jesus Souza, Paulo Scarano Hemsi, Otávio Coaracy Brasil Gandolfo, and Alex Fortunato Ribeiro

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Ice-Rich Frozen Soil Simulated by Glass Beads Subjected to Cyclic Loading

    Lingshi An, Xianzhang Ling, Yongchang Geng, Qionglin Li, and Feng Zhang

Ready!Mechanism Analysis of Pile Bottom Sediment Formation Caused by Bored Piles Impact Effect

    He Songsheng

Ready!Stability Reliability Analysis of Precipitation-Induced Landslide Based On Monte Carlo Method—Example: Xiaozai Landslide in China

    Yin Xiaomeng, Yan E-chuan, Gao Xu, and Li Xinwei

Ready!Spatial Deformation Characteristics and Mechanism of Tang-Jiao Landslide

    Yin Xiaomeng, Yan E-chuan, and Gao Xu

Ready!Interaction Between Non-homogeneous Anisotropic Porous Seabed and Tunnel Under the Action of Waves

    Zhiyong Ouyang, Jie Cui, Yadong Li, and Dandan Yuan

Ready!Parameter Identification of Creep Model of Rock Based on Modified PSO-LM Algorithm

    Song Yong-jun, Ren Jian-xi, Zhang Kun, Liu Chao-ke, and Chen Xing-zhou

Ready!Key Problems of Fully-Mechanized Continuous Advancing in “Three-Soft” Bifurcation-Combination Coal Seams

    Yong Yuan, Ying-peng Fu, Hong-min Wei, and Zhong-shun Chen

Ready!Stability Analysis of Tiered Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Wall with Pre-stressed Anchor Pile

    Peng Lv, Hai-long Wang, Guang-qing Yang, Wei-chao Liu, and He Wang

Ready!Moisture-Density Relationship of Selected Clay Soils in Ekiti State, Nigeria

    Adekanmi Jonathan Segun, and Adebayo Victor Babafemi

Ready!Coulomb Stress Triggering of the Japan Kyushu M7.0 Earthquake on 15 April 2016

    Wu Jianchao, Qiao Yueqiang, and Lei Dongning

Ready!The Application of Unascertained Measurement Theory in Soil Erosion Severity Evaluation

    Junchao Ma, Chao Zhao, Wenqi Han, and Hongming Yu

Ready!Development Status of Hydraulic Hammers and Development Trends of Hydraulic hammers Used in Oil and Gas Well Drilling

    Xueqin Huang, Gui Hui, Qingkun Meng, and Xiaofeng Zheng

Ready!Non-Destructive Detection of Underground Cavities Using Thermal Images

    Nam-jun Cho, Wonjun Cha, and Hyun-Ki Kim

Ready!Coal-Rock Interface Recognition Method Based on Dimensionless Parameters and Support Vector Machine

    Wei Hua, Xinying Zhao, Chenxu Luo, Guanghui Xue, and Miao Wu

Ready!Monitoring Analysis on Pile-Anchor Retaining System of Foundation Pit to Spatial Effect

    Wang Haoran, Wang Shijie, Liu Zhiqiang, and Yang Zhenjia

Ready!On the Relationship Between Compressive Strength and Point Load of Red Mudstone

    Jian Mei


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