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Ready!Anisotropic Properties of Wudang group Schist under the Action of Water and Confining Pressure

    Yin Xiaomeng, Yan E-chuan, Lei Yuju, and Zhang Lianghua

Ready!Behavior of Prestressed Reinforced Rough Bed Overlying Soft Soil

    P. Prasath, Dr. S. Sureshbabu, Dr. K. E. Prakash, and S. Gobinath

Ready!The Influence of Bedding Angle on the Tensile Strength and Failure Mode of Bedded Sandstone

    Zhang Xiao-jing, Deng Hua-feng, Zhang Heng-bin, Wang Chenxie-jie, Fang Jing-cheng, Xiao Yao, and Hu Yu

Ready!Numerical Simulation for Dynamic Response Characteristics of Tunnel near Fault

    Feifei Wang, Xueliang Jiang, and Jiayong Niu

Ready!An Experimental and Analytical Study of Slope Stability by Soil Nailing

    S. Rawat and Dr. A. K. Gupta

Ready!Load-Unload Response Characteristics and Prediction of Reservoir Landslides

    Lunan Wang, Echuan Yan, Yanchao Wang, Shaoping Huang, and Yong Liu

Ready!A Shaking Table Test Study About the Influence of Water Tunnel With Different Stiffness on the Soil Liquefaction Effect

    Zhiyong Ouyang, Jie Cui, Yadong Li, and Dandan Yuan

Ready!Exploration of Methods for Slope Stability Analysis Influenced by Unsaturated Soil

    M. F. Ishak and Dr. M. F. Zolkepli

Ready!Impact Analysis on Existing High-speed Railway Tunnel by the Construction of New Tunnel-Overpass

    Pan Wei-dong, Chen Jian-gang and Ou Wen-jun

Ready!Control Technology of Large Section Shallow Tunnel Passing Alongside Bridge Piles

    Pan Wei-dong, Xie You-yue, Sheng Xiao-long, and Chen Cong

Ready!Correlation Between California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Angle of Repose of Granular Soil

    Hamzah M. Al-Hashemi and Ahmed H. Bukhary

Ready!A Fluid Rheology Model for Soft Soil

    Renguo Gu, Yu Zou, Yingguang Fang, Zhengfeng Ou, and Yuguang Hu

Ready!Dynamic Developing Process of Remaining Reserves in High Water-Cut Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir

    Xu Xuan, Hu Yong, Li Jinbu, Wang Jiping, Tian Shanshan and Xu Tian

Ready!The Subsidence Rule of Different Buildings Along the Shield Tunnel

Ready!Plans Comparing between Combined and Separate Tunnel Construction Schemes

    Jiang Jing

Ready!Erosion Phenomenon in Soil Caused by Installation of Suction Anchor

    Guangming Cheng, Lanrong Ma, Menglan Duan, Bin Dai, and Yang Wang

Ready!On Gyratory Compaction of a Clayey Soil

    Gustavo Henrique Santana Dantas, Ana Paula Furlan, Glauco Tulio, Pessa Fabbri, and David Alex Arancibia Suárez

Ready!Numerical Simulation on Water Inrush from floor during Mining above Confined Aquifer in Jiulishan Coal Mine

    Tan Cheng, Baohua Guo, Long Wang, and Xiaoyu Yang

Ready!The Effects of Rock Structure Planes on the Propagation of Blasting Seismic Wave—A Case Study

    Zhou Jian-min, Wang Xu-guang, Zhao Ming-sheng, Tao Tie-jun, and Wang Yang

Ready!Stagger Arrangement Mining Method in Close Residual Coal Seams

    Ping Song

Ready!Effect of Second Loading on the Instrumented Continuous Flight Auger Pile on Porous and Unsaturated Soil

    Dr. Paulo José Rocha de Albuquerque and David de Carvalho

Ready!Prediction and Control of Surface Subsidence in the Luohe Iron Mine, China

    Zhenbin Rao, Sijing Cai, and Gang Huang

Ready!Optimizing Classification of Landform Element Using Feature Space: A Case Study in a Loess Area

    Ge Yan, Shouyun Liang, Gansu, China, Yutian Ke, Shijiang Liu, Hongliang Zhao, and Zhikun Yang

Ready!The Effect of Interlayers on the Productivity of Fractured Horizontal Wells

    Lingyan Huang, Hai Tang, and Dongliang Lv

Ready!Fast-Generation of Landfill Gas by Using Micro-Reagent in Anaerobic Bioreactors of Municipal Solid Waste

    Dr. Yu Tian, Wenwei Zhang, Linfeng Liang, and Yi Dong

Ready!Microscopic Displacement Mechanism of Foam In Porous Media: An Experimental Study

    Renyi Cao, Changchao Chen, and Min Yang

Ready!Dynamic Stability Analysis on Rock Slope Supported by Double-Row Piles Based on Hoek-Brown Criterion

    Liu Yun and Lai Jie

Ready!Experimental Study on Reinforced Soil Slope Based on Failure Mechanism

    Liu Yun and Lai Jie

Ready!Deriving Some Physical, Chemical and Industrial Properties of Azraq Diatomaceous Clay From its Routine Chemical Analysis by Using Multiple Regression Technique

    Basem K. Moh’d


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