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Ready!Dynamic Developing Process of Remaining Reserves in High Water-Cut Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir

    Xu Xuan, Hu Yong, Li Jinbu, Wang Jiping, Tian Shanshan, and Xu Tian

Ready!Interaction Mechanism between Support and Surrounding Rock in Fully Mechanized Coal Face with Large Mining Height

    Yong Yuan, Shi Hao Tu, Hong Min Wei, and Xiao Gang Zhang

Ready!Observational Settlement Prediction of Composite Foundation in East Artificial Island by Two Curve Fitting Methods

    Xiaojian Wang, Xi Zhang, and Xinyi Wu

Ready!Soil Erosion Severity Evaluation Based on the Grey Correlation Analysis and Extension Theory

    Junchao Ma, Chao Zhao, Wenqi Han, and , Hongming Yu

Ready!Improvement and Application of Unsteady Mine Ventilation Network Analysis Program”

    Zeqi Wu and Aitao Zhou, Shan Li, Lingpeng Fan, Yantao Huang, Xinyu Chang

Ready!Surface Subsidence Numerical Simulation of the West Anshan Iron Mine Based on the Post Peak Strain Softening Constitutive Model

    Lan Qiao, Yi Hai Zhang, and Qing Wen Li

Ready!On the Effect of Trench Size on the Strain Behavior of Buried Steel Pipeline at Strike-Slip Fault Crossings

    Xiaoben Liu, Hong Zhang, Meng Li, Wei Zheng, and Kai Wu

Ready!Positive Rate Effect on Residual Strength of Slip Soils

    Lunan Wang, Echuan Yan, Xiaoming Huang, Xiaonv Wang, and Yong Liu

Ready!The Interaction Mechanism of Small Clear Distance Tunnel Shield Construction in Soft Soil Layer

    Li Yu, Xiao-Yan Niu and He Jibin

Ready!Hydrodynamic Pressure of the Interface Bond Damage between the CRTSIII Slab Track and Self-Compacting Concrete

    Wei Wei, Xie Hong, Huang Zhi-he, and Song Shan-yi

Ready!In situ Pavement Layer Properties Using Artificial Neural Network

    Glauco Tulio Pessa Fabbri and Ana Paula Furlan

Ready!Dynamic Safety Factor's Influencing Factors of Bedding Rock Slope

    Yan Bing

Ready!Failure Mechanism and Control Technology of Large Chamber in Deep Mining

    Guangli Zhu, Shuli Wang, Bo Li, and Guibin Zhang

Ready!Prediction Model of Dynamic Subsidence Caused by Underground Coal Mining

    Xugang Lian

Ready!Evolution Characteristics of Rock Burst Danger of Deep Buried Roadway in Dynamic Load Environment

    Shi-tan Gu, Zhi-min Xiao, Wen-shuai Li and Wei Zhang

Ready!Empirical Cone Factor for Estimation of Undrained Shear Strength

    Dr. George R. Otoko, Isoteim Fubara-Manuel, Mike Igwagu, and Clement Edoh

Ready!Field Test and Numerical Analysis of Offshore Laterally Loaded Pile in Multilayered Soils

    Wang Ming-yuan, Liao Wei-ming, Zhang Jian-jing, Wu Jin-biao and Tang Ya-lei

Ready!The Methods of Determining Tunnel Secondary Support Time

    Guo Longfei

Ready!Analysis on Provenances for the Upper Palaeozoic Shan 1 and He 8 Members in the Southwestern Part of the Ordos Basin: Evidences from Rare Earth Elements and Timings of Zircon Rocks

    Rong Dai, Zhiyuan Pan, Qiqi Lv and Yuhui Peng

Ready!Microscopic Displacement Mechanism of Foam in Porous Media: An Experimental Study

    Renyi Cao, Changchao Chen, and Min Yang

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Modulus Test for Asphalt Mixture

    Huang Werke, Zhang Xiaoning, and Cai Shaofan

Ready!Investigating the Effect of Acid Gas on Drilling Mud Rheological Property in SP11 Block

    Bao Xing and Li Shao-hua

Ready!Rock Mechanics Characteristics of Layered Formation in Western Sichuan Basin

    Jian-Chun Guo, Bo Luo, Hai-Yan Zhu, Cong Lu, and You-Jing Duan

Ready!Forward Modeling of Advanced Detection with Multi-Electrode Sources Array Resistivity Method in Tunnel and its Application

    Chuanwu Wang, Lichao Nie, Shucai Li, Bin Liu, Qian Guo, Jie Song, and Yuxiao Ren

Ready!Predicting the Mechanical Parameters of Holocene Alluvial Layers in the Yangtze River Delta Using BP Neural Network Based on Cone Penetration Test

    Xie Liangfu and Cheng Jiangtao

Ready!Physical and Mechanical Properties of Expansive Soil Reinforced by TG-3 Ionic Soil Stabilizer

    Fenghua Wang and Xiang Wei

Ready!Source Analysis of Bittern Ions Contained in Underground Mine Gushing Water

    Kun Wang, Peng Yang, and Xiaoliang Cheng

Ready!Use of Flyash and Lime for Stabilization of Soft Soil

    Varun Buwa and Dr. A.S. Wayal

Ready!Characteristics of Rock Burst under Strong Impact and Weak Structure and Its Prevention Technology

    L.Y. Pan, H. Wei, L.Q. Chen, and D.Y. Duan

Ready!Mechanical Properties of EPS-Treated Xigeda Soil

    Yin Xiao, Liu You-neng, Jiang Lian, and Liu En-long


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