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Ready!Main Controlling Factors of Surface Deformation in Mining with Filling Based on Orthogonal Design

    Zhou Yan, Jin Fengxiang, Ji Min,, and Li Ting

Ready!Geotechnical Survey Application Basis on Kriging Method

    Yongyong Zhu

Ready!Rock Burst Occurrence Law and Its Control in the High Tectonic Stress Region with Fully-Mechanized Top Coal Caving Method for Super-Thick Coal Seam

    Lianhe Wang, Guanghui Wu, and Zhengyi Wang

Ready!Dynamic Properties of Subgrade of Ballastless Track of High-Speed Railway

    Zeng Zhi-ping, Luo Jun, Meng Xiao-bai, Song Shan-yi, and Lin Zhi-hua

Ready!Anti-seismic Property with Restricted Displacement Piers

    Dr. Tang Jing

Ready!The Ascending Mining Technology of Closed Multiple-Seams With a Large Mining Depth

    Wenbiao Sun

Ready!Classification and Evaluation of Pore-Type Bioclastic Limestone Reservoir Based on Fractal Theory

    Sun Xiaowei, Guo Rui, Tian Zhongyuan, Deng Ya, Han Haiying, Yi Yingjie, Xu Zhenyong and Chen Liang

Ready!Adopting the In-Situ Test and Numerical Simulation to the Design of Underwater Rock Plug Blasting

    Tian Shenglong, Qiao Lan, and Li Qingwen

Ready!Estimation of Length and Width of Subsurface Fractures based on Resonant Frequencies

    Lijun Zhou, Shan Ouyang, and Guisheng Liao

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Damage Characteristics of Underground Cavern Smooth Blasting Excavation Based on the Improved KUS Model

    Qian Dong, Xinping Li, and Yi Luo

Ready!Geomechanical Behavior of Soil Mixtures with Tire Residues and Construction and Demolition Waste

    Manuela C. Macedo, Stela Fucale, and Silvio Romero de Melo Ferreira

Ready!A New Method to Calculate Tortuosity

    Peng Cao, Aiyin Sun, and Hengshen Yao

Ready!Spatial Analysis of the Groundwater Quality Based on Seven Physical Parameter—A case study in Meuraxa District, Aceh, Indonesia

    Muzailin Affan, Marwan, and Fathul Razak

Ready!In situ Pavement Layer Properties Using Artificial Neural Networks

    Glauco Tulio Pessa Fabbri and Ana Paula Furlan

Ready!Landslide Susceptibility Analysis using Geographic Information System

    Muzailin Affan, Marwan, and Ikram Khairun

Ready!Detection of the Boulder and Its Disposal Technology in Shield Tunnel Area of Metro Construction

    Shi Youzhi, Lin Shuzhi and Hui Xiangyu

Ready!Detection of the Boulder and Its Disposal

    Wang Yingying, Zhao Chengwei, and Chen Guangfu:

Ready!Surface Subsidence Control during Strip Mining Processes

    Xianqing Peng, Wei Gu, and Chang Wang

Ready!Overview on Analysis Methods of Expressway Slope Stability

    Song Jianxue and Liu Xinrong

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Particle-Phase Distribution Based on Tailings Slurry Filling of Silo

    Weicheng Ren and Dengpan Qiao

Ready!Analysis of the Mechanical Behavior on Reconstituted Kaolinitic Samples with an Epoxy Core

    Daniela Toro Rojas, Juan Carlos Ruge, and Renato P. da Cunha

Ready!Supporting Stress Field with Different Cable Length in Deep Roadway with Thick Top-Coal—A Case Study at Tangkou Coal Mine

    Wang Zhen, Zhang Shuai, Fan Gangwei and Zhang Jun

Ready!Synergistic Bearing Mechanism and Pre-tightening Force Analyzing of Pre-stressed Bolt (Cable) in Coal Mine

    Xigui Zheng, Yu Guo, Kang Lu, Shijie Mao, and Xing Cheng

Ready!The Influence of Shallow Circular Tunnel Excavation Affected by the Adjacent Existing Pile Foundation Load

    An JianYong

Ready!Experimental Research on Electro-Osmotic Consolidation in Silty Clay

    Chen Yuanzhao and Li Zhenxia

Ready!Comprehensive Evaluation of Gravel Soil Fill Foundation Reinforced by Intermediate Energy Dynamic Compaction

    Jin Meihai and Guo Jianqiang

Ready!Drilling Fluid Invasion Damage in a Tight Reservoir of the Xihu Sag, East China Sea

    Haishan Zhang, Bin Cai, Yongbing Liu, and Xiangchao Shi

Ready!Reconstruction Technology of Underground Engineering Based on Dismantled Area in Soft Clays in Ningbo, China

    Hongju Xiao and Yuyong Sun


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