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Ready! Bagasse Ash (BA) and Additive Materials Treated Expansive Soil

    Yulvi Zaika and Agoes Soeharjono

Ready!Vacuum Consolidation of Wheat Straw Roller Group and Prediction based on Grey System Model

    Chao Liu and Xiao-juan Yu

Ready!Impact of Using Recycled Tire Fibers on the Mechanical Properties of Clayey and Sandy Soils

    Mehdi Fallah Tafti and Mohammad Zare Emadi

Ready!Reaction Mechanism of Chemical Stabilization in Expansive Soil

    Ravindra D. Nalawade and Dr. Pradip D. Jadhao

Ready!Detection of the Boulder and Its Disposal Technology in Shield Tunnel Area of Metro Construction

    Shi Youzhi, Lin Shuzhi and Hui Xiangyu

Ready!Finite Element Analysis of the Seismic Behavior of a High-Piled Wharf under Bidirectional Shaking

    Danda Shi, Lianlian Cheng, and Jianping Jiang

Ready!Delivery Law of Gas and Treatment Technology in Hujiahe Mine First Coalface

    Wu Guang-hui, Chai Jing, Hao Lei, Xu Yong-gang, and Wang Hu

Ready!Surrounding Rock Control Technology of Roadway in Three-Soft Coal Seam

    Lu Qianming and Han Hongqiang

Ready!Controlling and Realizing of Generalized Stress Paths in HCA Test

    Dong Tong and Zhe Mei

Ready!A Case of Failure of Tanks Composite Foundation and the Measures for Its Treatment

    Ma Qing-hua, Zhu Jin-jun, and Shao Yong

Ready!Engineering Practice Analysis of The Hydraulic Excavation for a Marine Soft Soil Foundation

    Jiang Wei, Zhou Xin-mo, Liu Xiao-li, and Shao Yong

Ready!Damage Constitutive Model after Confined Compression Consolidation of Tailings-Cemented Backfill

    Zhikai Wang and Peng Yang

Ready!Discussion on a New Technique for Controlling the Seepage Damage to an Ancient Tomb

    Qing-wen Ma and Man-man Zhu

Ready!Analytical Solution for Tunneling Nearby Existing Ground Loads

    Ya-yong Li and Xiao-guang Jin

Ready!Hypoplastic Modelling on Drained Response of Silty Sand

    Sooriya Narayanan Perumal, Mohammed Faris and Hemapriya

Ready!Semi-Rigid Net Shell Technology Support by Anchor and Shotcrete in Soft Rock Roadways

    Yao Wei-jing and Pang Jian-yong

Ready!International Development Evaluation of the Belt and Road Inland Node Cities Based on Attribute Data Analysis

    Yanli Tang, Bohong Zheng, and Chao Jiang

Ready!Influence Factors on Slope Pile Foundation Bearing Characteristics in Construction Period

    Zhang Xiao-Long, Wang Duo-Yin, Liu Ming-Wei, Wang Duo-Yin, and Liu Ming-Wei

Ready!The Principle and Application of Pre-Stressed Anchor Cable

    Chao Yuan, Wei-Jun Wang, Wei-jian Yu, and Peng Wen-qing

Ready!Scheme Optimization of Anti-Seepage Curtain of the Tombs in Soil Environment

    Ma Qing-wen and Zhu Hai-yu

Ready!Dynamic Response Characteristics of Combination Supporting Structures on Bedding Rock Slope by Shaking Table Experiment and Numerical Analysis

    Yang Guolin, Shen Quan, and Qiu Mingming

Ready!Laboratory Study of New Diverting Agent in Penglai 19-3 Oilfield

    Xu Bin, Liu Pingli, and Zhao Liqiang

Ready!Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Saturated Sand Reinforced with Horizontal-vertical Inclusions under Cyclic Loading

    Chengchun Qiu, Donghui Cao, Zhaoyu Wang, and Guizhong Xu

Ready!Comparison of Different Probabilistic Methods for Analyzing Stability of Underground Rock Excavations

    Musa Adebayo Idris, Dr. Erling Nordlund, and Dr. David Saiang

Ready!Artificial Ground Motion for the Cities of Semarang and Solo Indonesia Generated Based on Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis and Spectral Matching

    Lalu Makrup and Yunalia Muntafi

Ready!Load HHT 3D and Marginal Analysis of Pick Cutting Coal Seams with Interface

    Chenxu Luo, Shuangxi Jing, Xinhua Li, Jinle Yuan, and Changlong Du

Ready!Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process Method for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using GIS

    Jianguo Gao and Qiqing Wang

Ready!Design Accelerograms by Time and Frequency Domain Matching Based on Seismic Hazard in Sorowako Field of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia

    Lalu Makrup, Bambang Sunardi, and Yunalia Muntaf

Ready!Analysis of Shear Failure Mode for Clay-Concrete Interface

    Lu Si-ping, Li Hui and Shi Xiong

Ready!The Sedimentary Simulation Experiment of Retro-Gradation and Prograde Type Shallow Braided River Delta

    Qiqi Lv, Shunshe Luo, Yuqiao Liu, Yudong Li, Weiling He, and Ji Xiang


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