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Ready!A Safety Evaluation Model for Salt Caverns During Cavity Construction Period

    Zheng Binbin, Liu Weisha, Zhang Dongming, and Chen Jie

Ready!Simulation of Irregular Wave Impact on Beam-plate Structures

    Feng Jin

Ready!An Experimental Study on the Explosion Disposal of the Boulder in the Metro Engineering Stratum

    Shi Youzhi, Hua Jianbing, Lin Shuzhi, and Ge Xiurun

Ready!Automatic Monitoring System for Existing Metro Structural Deformation Induced by Adjacent Tunnel Construction

    Zhang Xu and Zhang Chengping

Ready!Deformation and Stability Problems in Large, Deep, Near-River Excavations——A Case Study

    Fei Zhang, Aibing Ge, Fei Li, and Guangjun Shen

Ready!An Extra High Slope Stability with Complex Geological Conditions Using Numerical Simulation

    Yanhui Guo, Caikun Gao, Zhiyong Zhao, and Libing Zhang

Ready!Tensile-Shear Coupling Strength Model for Saturated Clay

    Xiaoang Kong, Chenggang Zhao, and Guoqing Cai

Ready!Influence of PDC Bit Drilling Kinematic on Drilling Performance under Gas Drainage

    Xiao-ming Han and Shi-feng Wang

Ready!Analysis of the Influence of Tunnel Depth on Slope Stability

    Wu Xiaoping, Wang Wenzhou, Fei Guanghai, Lei Jian, Wen Peidi,Gao Chengcheng, and Yang Xianzhang

Ready!Behavior of Concrete in Relation to Physical and Chemical Sulfate Attacks in Foundation Elements

    Fuad Carlos Zarzar Júnior and Romilde Almeida de Oliveira

Ready!Influence of Water Content on Strength and Deformation Properties of Graded Crushed Stone under Both Static and Dynamic Stress Conditions

    Bao Liu, Qian Su, and Duc-Phong Pham

Ready!Detection and Evaluation of Crack Development Near the Fault Zone under the Influence of Coal Mining

    Wenquan Zhang, Bo Li, and Jiudang Yuan

Ready!The Zhengyangmen Turret Dynamic-Response Induced by Beijing Metro Line 2 Vibration

    Song Qi, Chen Wenhua, Guo Jiaqi, and Shao Xiang

Ready!Absorption Attenuation Estimation and Compensation Based on Matching Pursuit

    Zhang Hui and Pan Dong-ming

Ready!Alkali-Aggregate Reaction - Brazil Experience

    Fernando Artur Nogueira Silva, Maria da Graça de Vasconcelos Xavier Ferreira, Romildo Alves Berenguer, Tácylla Ceci Melo Freitas de Barros, and João Ricardo Pereira da Silva

Ready!Sedimentation of Shallow Gentle Slopes—A Numerical Simulation

    Song Yakai, Yin Taiju, and Wang Dongdong

Ready!Inluence Factors Analysis and Application of Ultimate Strain of Geomaterials

    Sheng Li, Jianping Xin, Yingren Zheng, and Xiudi Li

Ready!The Least Square Inversion and Quantitative Interpretation of FPS under the Condition of Complex Models

    Hongli Li, DongMing Pan, and Bo Xiao

Ready!The Influence of Operation Pressure and Cavity Shape on Stability for Salt-Cavern Gas Storage

    Wang Yao, Liu Jianjun, and Liu Shaoxuan

Ready!Deformation Mechanism of Water-rich Soft Rock Tunnel

    Su-min Zhang and Yong-quan Zhu

Ready!Application of Geostatistical Inversion Technology to Thin Interbedded Reservoir Prediction

    Yi Zhang and Yanshu Yin

Ready!Evaluation on the Seismogenic Capacity of Danjiang Fault in Danjiangkou Core Headwater Area

    Kong Yu-yang, Lian Chao, and Chen Xin-qiang

Ready!Soil Water Characteristic Curves (SWCCs) of Mining Sand

    Mastura Azmi, Siti Aimi Mohd Yusoff, Muhd Harris Ramli, and Muhammad Azril Hezmi

Ready!Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of CO2 Huff-n-Puff Process in Tight Oil Reservoirs

    Xiao Qianhua, Lin Lijun, Yan Wende, and Yang Zhengming

Ready!Prediction of the Height of Water Flowing Fractured Zone of Fully Mechanized Top-coal Caving in a Coal Mine of Guizhou Province

    Lin Gao, Dezhong Kong, Xiaomeng Li, Yong Liu, Guiyi Wu, and Xiangtao Kang

Ready!Effects of Fine Content, Binder Type and Porosity on Mechanical Properties of Cemented Paste Backfill with Co-deposition of Tailings Sand and Smelter Slag

    Qi Jia, Qixing Yang, Lijie Guo, Sven Knutsson, Peng Xue, Guiqun Liu and Liang Jiang

Ready!Relationship Between Characteristics of Geostress for Deep Mining District and Mining-Induced Seismicity

    Kang Zhao, Shuijie Gu, Keping Zhou, Hongyu Zhao, Yajing Yan, Qiang Li, and Shengtang Zhu

Ready!Sedimentation of Shallow Gentle Slope Based on Numerical Simulation

    Song Yakai, Yin Taiju, and Wang Dongdong

Ready!Construction Technology of Steel-Pipe Pile for the Reinforcement in Deep and Soft Silt Layer Foundation

    Peiyuan Lin, Sai Cheng, and Jian Pan

Ready!Propagation Criterion of Hydraulic Fractures at Tip of Natural Fractures in Shale Reservoir

    Zhihong Zhao, Han Zhang, Jianchun Guo, Yong Xiao, and Xin Zhao


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