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Ready!Stability Analysis of Slope Protection for a Retaining Wall Structure at Lemah Ireng-2 Bridge, Semarang–Solo Toll Road, Indonesia

    Dr. Edy Purwanto

Ready!Floor Heave Support Measures of Dongyi Auxiliary Transportation Main Roadway of Liujia Coal Mine, China

    Yunbing Hou, Shuai Han, and Shangsen He, and Xing Zhang

Ready!Detection and Analysis of Harmful Gas Emission in Hongyanxi Tunnel

    Yan Baoshan, Chen Huawei, and Fu Helin

Ready!Geological Structure and Mineralization Mechanism of Shale Gas in the Red Rock Creek Tunnel

    Gong Jiabin, Tan Xiaofu, Fu Helin, and Chen Huawei

Ready!Effect of Salinity on Flow Abilities of Clay Minerals

    Sheng-ping Wang, Gui-Zhong Xu, Nan-jiang Wang, and Yun-liang Sun

Ready!Numerical Analysis of One-Dimensional Infiltration in Unsaturated Soil

    Xue Wang, Xiao-hui Tan, Yan Xie, Peng Li, and Fusheng Zha

Ready!Mode Classification and Disaster-Causing Mechanism of Water Inrush in Karst Tunnels

    Handong Chu, Guangli Xu, Zhang Yu, Pola Liu, and Jifeng Wang

Ready!Evaluation of Comprehensive Level of Transportation Modes in Passenger Corridor Based on P-S-R Model

    Qiuping Wang and Hao Sun

Ready!Prediction of Water-inrush from Roof Separation: A Case Study in Dafosi Coal Mine, Shaanxi Province, China

    Enke Hou, Yanjing Zhang, Wei Chen, Yanjing Zhang, and Wei Chen

Ready!Applicability of Needle Penetration Test on Soft Rocks

    Zhigang Li, Guangli Xu, Xin Zhao, Yongpeng Fu, and Chang Su

Ready!A Numerical Study on the Efficient Factors on Settlement of Piled Raft Foundations

    Adel Asakereh, Hassan Jamali, and Reza Rezazadeh

Ready!The Evolution Characteristics of Sandy Beach under the Action of Solitary and Regular Wave

    Qian Yu, Bing Shi, and Yakun Guo

Ready!Numerical Simulation Study of the Slump Fan Based on Discrete Particle Flow Code

    Tang Yong, Liu Zhongbao, Lv Qiqi, and Tang Wenjun

Ready!An Experimental Study on Structural Characteristic of Unsaturated Loess with Controlling Suction

    Xiaohua Qin and Dongsheng Liu

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Slack Flow in Vertical Pipe Sections for Gangue Paste-like Slurry Conveying

    Lin Tianye and Huang Yucheng

Ready!Evaluation on Risk Grade of Goaf Based on Matter-Element Extension Model and Combination Weighting Method

    Chao Zhao, Yuan Zhu, Guihua Wang, and Hongming Yu

Ready!Effects of Implementation of Sewage Treatment Stations on the Quality of Water in Ipojuca River, Pernambuco, Brazil

    Marconi de Azevedo Soares and Simone Rosa da Silva

Ready!On the Effective Length of Single Super-Long Pile

    Wei Wu and Yanming Chen

Ready!Basic Characteristics and Proneness Evaluation About Debris Flow in Zhangmu Gully of Tibet

    Dr. Liu Daxiang, Tong Biao, Yang Yueshu, Yao Xiaoyue, Ding Yu, and Xia Zhenyao

Ready!The Mining Pressure Behavior of a Large-Cutting-Height Panel with Large Mining Depth

    Dong Wang

Ready!Prediction Method of Water Flowing Fractured Zone Height in Tengnan Mining Area

    Liyuan Weng, Yuanzhong Luan, Hengxuan Luan, and Chunqiang Zhu

Ready!Hydraulic Heave Stability and Deformation of Braced Excavation Affected by Confined Water in Soft Soil

    Fei Zhang, Chang'an Sun, and Fei Li

Ready!Width Determination of Protection Coal Pillar of Gob-Side Entry Driving in Coal Mine

    Lu Qian Ming, Zhang Shuai and Guo Jun Jie

Ready!The Superimposed Effect Analysis on the Blasting Seismic Wave Pass Through Rock Structure Planes

    Zhou Jian-min, Wang Xu-guang, Gong Min, Zhao Ming-sheng, and Tao Tie-jun

Ready!Effect of Skin Resistance and Enlarged Base on Pull out Capacity of Modeled Piles

    Ankush Chaudhary, Pankaj Goswami, and Dr. A.K. Sahu

Ready!Evaluation of Mine Ventilation System Working Condition Based on Catastrophe Progression Method

    Yin-yong Bai, Chang-ping Wen, and Zong-hui Chen

Ready!Parametric Study on Post-Elastic Behavior of Single Pile in Liquefied and Lateral Spreading Soils Using Nonlinear Static Procedures

    Mohamed Faizur Rahaman K, and Mahammood Vazeer

Ready!Case Study of Top-Down Construction Method in Upper-Soft and Lower-Hard Stratum

    Hongju Xiao and Yuyong Sun

Ready!A New Strain-Softening Model of After Peak on Deep Granite Based on Triaxial Stress-Strain Compression Test

    Lan Qiao, Yihai Zhang, and and Ming Cu


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