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Ready!A Numerical Simulation Study on Optimized Support of a Deep Foundation Pit Based on FLAC

    Su Kuojun, Xu Xiaoliang, Fang Jingcheng, Xiao Yao, Eleyas Assefa, and Deng Huafeng

Ready!Optimization Scheme of Comprehensive Geological Prediction of Shallow Buried Tunnel in Water Stratum

    Qian Zhang, Wei-Gang Zhao, and and Hai-Xia Zhang

Ready!Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in the Gangu County, China Using Artificial Neural Network and GIS

    Shaowei Liu and Yanli Wu

Ready!Multiple Flow Rate Well Testing with Production Logging in Determining Production Formation Dynamics Parameter

    Song Hong-wei and Yang Guo-feng

Ready!Stress Distribution and Control Technology for Rock Surrounding Large-Section Pump Caverns in Deep Mines

    Xigui Zheng, Wei Yue, Shijie Mao, and Xing Cheng

Ready!Investigating the Cause of Deep Mining Disaster in China and in Ivory Coast

    Kouame Joseph Arthur Kouame, Fuxing Jiang, and Sitao Zhu

Ready!Analysis of Subgrade Soil Mud Pumping Model

    Su Yu, Leng Wu-ming, Teng Ji-dong, Nie Ru-song, and Yang Qi

!--p class=PprList>Ready!Impact of Grouting on Coal and Rock Mass Strength and Stability of Roadway Surrounding Rock

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