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Ready!Reinforcement Technology and Failure Mechanism of Coal Face Based on the Crack Propagation Features

    Dezhong Kong and Lin Gao

Ready!Laboratory Simulation Test of Unsaturated Soil on Permeability

    Chen Wan-peng and Li Xiong-wei

Ready!Risk Control Analysis of Metro Construction Based on Complex System Brittleness Theory

    Nie TingTing and Xing HuiGe

Ready!The Improved Grey Relational Analysis on Influence Factors of Blasting Vibration of Shallow Tunnel

    Shi Jian-jun, Wang Hui, An Hua-ming, and Meng Hai-li

Ready!Visualization of Crack Propagation Direction in Grout Along Bolt’s Longitudinal Axis During Pullout Using Flat Bolts in Confined State

    Subin Desar, Dr. Li Jian Lin, Dr. Deng Hua Feng, and Dr. Sun Xu Shu

Ready!Fractal Dimension of NMR T2 Spectra and Microstructure Parameters

    Dr. Wu Guo-ming, Gao Shu-sheng, and Wu Guo-quan

Ready!Drilling Characteristics of PDC Bit During Gas Drainage Borehole Under Different Coal Rock Properties

    Han Xiao-ming, Wang Han, Luo Chen-xu, Zhang Qiang-qiang, and Wang Shi-feng

Ready!CMP Gather Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves

    Hu Ze-an and Zhang Ping-song

Ready!Suction Characteristics of Unsaturated Reticulate Red Clay

    Jianzhong Li, Di Wu, and Yang Wang

Ready!Geo-Temperature Forecast Method of Typical Metal Mine

    Yongliang Zhang and Shouqing Lu

Ready!Distribution Characteristics of Mining Roadway’s Roof Based on the Administrative Distinction

    Guo Gang-ye

Ready!Binder Systems for the Stabilization/Solidification of Contaminated Soils-A Review

    Théodore Gautier L. J. Bikoko and Felix Ndubisi Okonta

Ready!Effects of Deformation and Failure Characteristics Of Rock Under Confining Pressure Tests Induced Rockburst

    DinhPhuc Hoang, GuangLi Xu, and ZhiPeng Li

Ready!Wellbore Mud Invasion Depth Determination Method Based on Fluid Loss Experiment

    Cai Jun, Sun Jian-meng, Chen Yuanfang, and Liang Hao

Ready!Three Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Pile Groups Carrying Combined Lateral and Vertical Load

    Paresh Patel, Gaurang Vesmawala, and Yogendra Tandel

Ready!Dynamic Analysis of Roadway Support of Rockburst in Coal Mine

    Zhengyi Wang, Linming Dou, Jiahao Xie, Jinzheng Bai, Jinrong Cao, Weishuai Chen, and Anning Li

Ready!Suction Characteristics of Unsaturated Reticulate Red Clay

    Jianzhong Li, Di Wu, and Yang Wang

Ready!Experimental Study of the Deformation of the Surrounding Rock of Tunnels in Large Section of Weak Ground

    Luo Jian-jun and Gao Liping

Ready!On the Calculation Method Based on the Exponential Model for Rainfall Infiltration

    Mengting Chen, Yi Jiang, You Lu, and Chi Xu

Ready!Ground Surface Settlement Analysis of Metro Tunnel Using PBA Method A Case Study of the Su-Huang interval

    Guokui Shen, Zhang Ding-li, and Chen Tie-lin

Ready!Fuzzy Reliability Analysis of Vertical Capacity for Pile-Composite Foundation Based on Maximum Entropy Principle

    He Wei and Zhijun Xu

Ready!Bearing Pressure and Settlement Analysis of Soft Ground Reinforced with Stone Columns

    Sareesh Chandrawanshi, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Siddharta Rokade, and Dr. P. K. Jain

Ready!Dynamic Response of High Position and Extremely Thick Hard Strata

    Shuli Wang, Kaizhi Zhang, and Guangli Zhu

Ready!Variations in Models and Parameters in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

    Lalu Makrup

Ready!The Influence of the Drilling and Blasting Method of the Tunnel Located Under Airport on The Airfield Runway

    Ru He, Chuanbo Zhou, and Nan Jiang

Ready!Adaptation of Blackspot Diagnostic Models: Application on a Section of Br-101 In Pernambuco, Brazil

    Emilia Rahnemay Kohlman Rabbani, Danielle Maria Gomes de Oliveira, Clóvis Veloso de Santana, Rodrigo Aguiar dos Santos, Mara Luisa Barros de Souza Brito Pereira, and Márcia Rejane Oliveira Barros Carvalho Macedo

Ready!Blast Wave Attenuation with Varied Groove Parameters in Tunnels

    Yu Zhang, Yuanxue Liu, Runze Wu, and Jinchuan Mo

Ready!Environmental Impact Assessment in Risk Areas of São Lourenço da Mata/PE

    Filipe Araujo de Carvalho, Tiana Cibele Fagundes Ximenes, and Kalinny Patricia Vaz Lafayette

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Loess in the Region of Shanxi Based on Underground Continuous Wall

    Dong-sheng Xiao, Zhang Song, and Xue-qi Liang

Ready!Optimization of Acid System for Complex Sandstone Reservoir in PL Oilfield

    Changlong Liu, Feng Li, Pingli Liu, Jian Zhang, and Liqiang Zhao


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