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Ready!Unconfined Compressive Strength of Sulphate Saline Soil with Different Salt Content and Lime Proportion

    Zhang Yu, Guangli Xu, Xuan Kang, Yawei Liu, Fei Zhang, and Xueqi Zhang

Ready!Enhanced Limit Method for Slope Stability Analysis

    Jaime Bojorque Iñeguez

Ready!Proportion Experiment of Roadside Filling Material in Deep Gob-side Entry Retaining and Its Engineering Application

    Qijia Cao, Yong Chen, Yuanba Song, and Guodong Li

Ready!Development of Hydraulic Hammer with High Output Power and Long Service Life

    Xueqin Huang, Gui Hu, Qingkun Meng, and Xiaofeng Zheng

Ready!Numerical Simulation Analysis of the Movement and Deformation of Rock Strata in Ascending Mining

    Zhou Y. and Fan S.

Ready!A Calculation Model for the Analysis of Soil Arching Between Piles Based On Ito Plastic Theory

    Sha Lu and Tingwei Zhu

Ready!Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using GIS and Probabilistic Methods

    George Fernandes Azevedo, Hernán Eduardo Martínez Carvajal, Juan Felix Rodriguez Rebolledo, Newton Moreira de Souza, and André Pacheco de Assis

Ready!Analysis of the Interaction between Subway Tunnel and Superstructure during Excavation and the Control Measure

    Feifei Wang, Xueliang Jiang and Jiayong Niu

Ready!Measurement Method of Original Rock Temperature of Deep Well in Metal Mine

    Yongliang Zhang and Shouqing Lu

Ready!Large-Scale Triaxial Tests on Deformation and Mechanical Behavior of Soil-Rock Mixture in Mountain Area

    Zuliang Zhong, Jian Xu, Xinrong Liu, Yiliang Tu, and Peng Wang

Ready!Design of a Fast 3D Laser Scanner for Mining

    Yu Lewen, Zhan Kai, and Zhang Da

Ready!Particle Flow Simulation of the Direct Shear Tests on the Weak Structural Surface

    Wenmin Yao, Bin Hu, Lichen Li, Xiaolong Chen, and Chenxi Rao

Ready!Time-dependency Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete Lining under Rock Overstressing using Shotcrete Model

    Heyam Shaalan, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Ismail and Romziah Azit

Ready!Disturbance Characteristics and Plastic Zone Distribution Law of Soil Around Tunnels in Shield Tunnel Construction

    Chunlin Li

Ready!Method of Recycling the Second Resource of Metal Mine

    Renjian Wang and Yongliang Zhang

Ready!Water Inrush and Mud Bursting Scale Prediction and Risk Assessment of Tunnel in Water-rich Fault

    Tan Ying-hua, Zhang Qing-song, Li Li-ping, Zhang Xiao, Zhou Zong-qing, Xu Zhen-hao, and Zhang Qi

Ready!Deformation of the Surrounding Rock of Tunnels in Large Section of Weak Ground

    Luo Jian-jun and Gao Liping

Ready!An Overview on Types, Construction Method, Failure and Key Technical Issues during Construction of High Dams

    Santosh Bhattarai, Yihong Zhou, Chunju Zhao, and Raghabendra Yadav

Ready!Load Transfer Characteristics of Cushion in Rigid Grid-micropile Group Composite Foundation

    Fang Ying-guang, Hu Xiang-feng, Shu Hao-kai, and Huang Dan

Ready!Damage Range Caused by Terrorist Attacks in A Double-Track Tunnel Crossing under Airport Runway

    Shiwei Lu, Chuanbo Zhou, Nan Jiang, and Chao Wu

Ready!Investigation of Certain Engineering Properties of Some Nigerian Limestone Deposits For Cement Production

    Akinniyi Akinjide A. and Ola Samuel A.

Ready!Automatic Extraction of Information Model for Alluvial-pluvial Fans from Thematic Mapper Imagery

    Li-Dong Li, Yan-E Chuan, Feng-Guang Sheng, and Xie-Liang Fu

Ready!Seepage Evaluation in Embankment Dam based on Short-term Temperature Observation and Heat Injection

    Bui Quang Cuong, Zhou Yihong and Zhao Chunju

Ready!Influence of Different Parameters on Optimum Coal Particle Diameter Percentage in the Process of Drilling Coal Rock with PDC Bit

    Xiao-ming Han, Shi-feng Wang, Chen-xu Luo, Han Wang, and Qiang-qiang Zhang

Ready!Simulation of Flow Field in the Process of Wave Impact on Beam-plate Structures

    Feng Jin

Ready!Parametric Study on Settlement of Piled Raft Foundation Using 3D Finite Element Method

    Sajjad Jamali Paghaleh and Behzad Kalantari

Ready!Micro-Mechanism of Residual Oil Mobilization by Oil-Water Interface Marangoni Convection Caused by Chemical Flooding

    Wei Yunyun, Luo Litao, Yang Zhengming, Liu Weidong, Liu Xuewei, and Xiao Qianh

Ready!Multiple-Point Geostatistics Method Based on Local Anisotropy for Non-Stationary Geological Modeling

    Siyu Yu, Shaohua Li, and Jinyu Tao


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