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Ready!Micro-Mechanism of Residual Oil Mobilization by Oil-Water Interface Marangoni Convection Caused by Chemical Flooding

    Wei Yunyun, Luo Litao, Yang Zhengming, Liu Weidong, Liu Xuewei, and Xiao Qianhua

Ready!Multiple-Point Geostatistics Method Based on Local Anisotropy for Non-Stationary Geological Modeling

    Siyu Yu, Shaohua Li, and Jinyu Tao

Ready!On the Calculation Method Based on the Exponential Model for Rainfall Infiltration

    Mengting Chen, Yi Jiang, You Lu, and Chi Xu

Ready!Optimization of the Parameters of the Filling Slurry Based on Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm

    Anfu Wang, Qian Gao, and Zhiqiang Yang

Ready!An Excavation Method for Urban Tunnel under Weak Surrounding Rock

    Wei Wang and Hengwen Zhang

Ready!Dynamic Response and Parameter Analysis of Buried Pipeline Induced by Blasting Seismic Wave

    Wang Haitao, Jin Hui, Wu Yuedong, and Wang Kai

Ready!Searching Recirculation in Multiple Fan Ventilation System Based on Depth-First Search Method

    H.M. An, X.G. Wang, J.J. Shi, H. Wang, and L.X. Lv

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Mucky Cement Soil Improved by Steel Slag Powder

    Wu Yankai, Hu Rui, Hu Xiaoshi, Shi Yubin, Zhao Weiying, and Li Yanbin

Ready!Correlations between Permeability and Pore Structure of the Top Ordovician Relative Aguiclude in Longgu Coal Mine

    Huren Rong, Haibo Bai, and Zihe Wang

Ready!Soil-Pile Interaction Considering the Time-dependent Property of Soil

    Miaojun Sun, Zhigang Shan, and Mingyuan Wang

Ready!Comparison of Bearing Capacity Cylindrical Piles with Tapered Piles under Vertical Static and Also Dynamic Loads in Different Layers of Sandy Soils by Finite Element Method

    Niloofar Jamali and Masoud Dehghani

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