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Ready!A Suggested Method for the Study of Crushed Aggregate Response to Dynamic Compaction

    Nikolaos Petropoulos, Dimitar Mihaylov, Daniel Johansson, and Erling Nordlund

Ready!Numerical Experiments and Analysis on Anti-liquefaction Effect of Multi-type-pile Composite Foundation with Gravel Piles and CFG Piles

    Liang Liang, Wang Shijie, and Kang Xinchao

Ready!Anti-Permeability and Air Tightness Performance of the Refuge Chamber Supporting Structure Based on a Damage Experiment

    Ren Zhigang, Wang Shu, Jin Longzhe, and Zeng Mingrong

Ready!Splitting Failure of Red Sandstone Cracked Straight Through Rectangular Specimen after Grouting Reinforcement

    Zhi Wang, Jiajia Zhou, Long Li, Yu Yang, and Shuai Liu

Ready!The Effect of Slope Topography on Base Shear of Mid Rise Structures Adjacent to Slope by Considering Soil-Structure Interaction Effects

    Amid Erfani, Ali Ghanbari, and Ali Massumi

Ready!Engineering Properties of Integrated Tropical Peat Soil in Malaysia

    Adnan Zainorabidin and Habib Musa Mohamad

Ready!The Duration Effect of Bearing Capacity of Friction Pile in Dredger Fill Ground

    Ping Yang, Shoubao Xue, Li Song, and Shijin Feng

Ready!Prediction and Integrated Prevention Technology of Dynamic Disasters Combined Rock Burst and Gas Outburst in Deep Mine

    Zengqiang Yang, Chang Liu, Hengzhong Zhu, and Jingke Wu

Ready!Geomechanical Properties of the Proposed Site Rock Mass of Zarani Underground Dam

    Mojtaba Ansarifar, Jafar Rahnamarad, Kazem Shabanigorji, Amin Naroei, and Mohammadali Enayat

Ready!Risk-Based Classic System and Control Method of Special Management Valve in Petrochemical Plant

    Anqi Liu, Jianbo Jiu, Zenggang.Wu, and Jiakui Jiao

Ready!Assessment of Earthquake-induced Soil Liquefaction based on the Hysteresis-loop Energy

    Yie-Ruey Chen, Chih-Ming Tseng, Jing-Wen Chen, and Ji-Yang Shih

Ready!Pore Characteristics of Sand-Gravel Mixtures Based on the Intergranular State Parameters

    Wang Yan-li, and Wang Yong

Ready!Effects of Inoculating Earthworms on Degradation of benzo [a] pyrene in the Rhizosphere Soils Growing Sorghum Sudanese

    Shengwang Pan, Zhihua Lei, Yunxiao Wu, and Maoping He

Ready!Influence of Space Effect on Deformation Rules of Crown Beam

    Yi-Peng Guo, Wu-Ming Leng, Zheng-Fa Lai, and Rui-Jing Yan

Ready!How Time Constraints Affect Safety Conditions at Construction Sites: Analysis of the Perception of Portuguese Construction Participants

    João Pedro Couto, Frederico José Barros Santos, and Emilia Rahnemay Kohlman Rabbani

Ready!Design and Numerical Simulation of a Local Reverse Circulation Core Drilling Tool Based on the Pump-Suction Principle

    Zongtao Chen, Longchen Duan, Songcheng Tan and Xin Kang

Ready!Coal Pillar Inducing Rock Burst in L–Shaped Zone and Prevention Technology

    Zengqiang Yang, Zheng Zheng, Chang Liu, Yongqiang Zhao, and Hengzhong Zhu

Ready!Compaction Characteristics on Dengkil Residual Soil Mixed Bentonite

    Norazlan Khalid and Mazidah Mukri

Ready!Influence of Long-Term Seepage on the Stability of Tunnels

    Yuewei Wang, Yunan Li, Daoyuan Tan, and Haiao Liu

Ready!Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine to Predict the Maximum Ground Surface Settlement Caused by Shield Tunneling

    Xingchun Li, Xinggao Li, Dajun Yuan, and Yuhai Guo

Ready!Development Characteristics of Karst Water System in Fold-developed Area and Prediction of Water-gushing Hazard in Tunnels

    Li-Dong Li and Xie-Liang Fu

Ready!Strength Criterion-based Mechanism Analysis of Unloading Failure of Rock Mass

    Qiuping Wang and Hao Sun

Ready!Automatic Extraction of Information Model for Alluvial-Pluvial Fans from Thematic Mapper Imagery

    Li-Dong Li, Yan-E Chuan, Feng-Guang Sheng, and Xie-Liang Fu

Ready!Slurry Pumpability of Waste Rock Concrete Pumping Filling

    Yu Jian and Yu Hua-jia

Ready!A BLEVE Model of Coal and Gas Outburst

    Baohua Guo, Yizhe Li, Hangyu Dong, Long Wang, and Qing Ma

Ready!Soft Rock Roadway Floor Failure Mechanism and Grouting Support Technology

    Shuai Han, Xing Zhang, and Pengchu Ding

Ready!Two-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Stresses and Deformation of a Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam

    Ding Lujun and Liu Yuhong

Ready!Gas-Water Phases Flow in Fracture-Pore Carbonate Reservoirs

    Li Chenghui, Gao Shusheng, and You Shiqiang

Ready!Model Tests to Determine Uplift Capacity of Mono Piles Embedded in Sandy Soil

    P. Sooriya Narayanan, Mohammed Faris, and M.P. Sivameenakshi

Ready!Influence of Curvature Radius on Jacking Pipe Construction on Mechanical Behavior

    Chen Peimin, Li Wei, Zhang Bin, and Zhou Wei


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