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Ready!Attenuation Law of Impact Wave Induced by Gob Roof Caving in Different Type Tunnels and Optimization of Escape Route

    Sasa Zhang, Gaofeng Ren, Zhaoming Qian, and Yujie Wang

Ready!The Interaction between Contaminant and Soil, and Its Mechanism

    Chao Liu and Xiao-juan Yu

Ready!Theoretical Model for the Crystalline Swelling of Montmorillonite

    Xiang-chun Huang, Chuan Zhan, and Jing-chao Jia

Ready!Temporal Evolution of Occupation and Land Use in an Area of Risk Slope's in the City of Jaboatão dos Guararapes - Brazil

    Rejane de Assis Albuquerque, Filipe Araujo de Carvalho, Tiana Cibele Fagundes Ximenes, and Kalinny Patricia Vaz Lafayette

Ready!Combined Support Technology of Large Section Coal Roadway Based on Stress Zoning

    Feng Cai

Ready!Bolt-Mesh-Anchor Coupling Support Technology for High Stress Intumescent Floor Heave in Deep Mining Roadway

    Feng Cai, Jiong Wang, Qianqian Jiang, Zhibiao Guo, and Guolong Zhu

Ready!Migration Law of Overlying Strata And Evolution Characteristics of Mining Stress by Superimposed Mining in Close Coal Seams

    Haifeng Ma, Chuanming Li, and ZhiHeng Cheng

Ready!The Failure Law and Control Technology of Roadway in Extremely Thick Igneous Rock Invasion

    Wang Haitao, Zhang Qinxiang, and Shen Bin

Ready!Diagnosis of Anchorage System's Integrality and Bearing Capacity Based on Ultrasonic Detection Technology

    Luo Bin, Xu Ming, Liu Xianshan, and Zhixin Yan

Ready!Effect on Stability of Surrounding Rock of Tunnel Constructed by CD Method and Bench Cut Method in Water-saturated Sand Gravel Stratum

    Yan, Bing

Ready!Correlation of Root Piles Load Capacity and Execution Parameters

    Fernando Feitosa Monteiro, Alfran Sampaio Moura, and Yago Machado Pereira de Matos

Ready!The Failure Mechanism and Experiment of Floor above Confined Water in Coal Mining

    Wenquan Zhang, Guangli Zhu, Shuli Wang, Gao Bing, and Bai Bin

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Goaf Stability and Its Regional Safety Identification

    Wanzhong Xu, Wenyu Tang, and Hang Lin

Ready!Continuous Structure in the Application of the Diagonal Bracing Composite Supporting Structure

    Li Ke and Yin Ke

Ready!Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Tight Reservoir by Acid Volume Fracturing

    Chao Xian, Liqiang Zhao, Zhifeng Luo, and Yuan Liu

Ready!Project Guidelines for Construction of Biodigesters in Poor Communities

    Emilia Kohlman Rabbani, Sergio Peres, Lizelda Maria de Mendonça Souto, Ataline Luis Lopes and Daniela Maria Xavier Soares

Ready!Geotechnical Properties of Dodaroo Dam Site

    Mahnaz Arbabi, Mojtaba Ansarifar, and Jafar Rahnamarad

Ready!Anisotropy Indentation Fragmentation Mechanism of Shale Under Coupled Loads and Different Deviation Angles

    Guangjian Dong and Ping Chen

Ready!Geotechnical Properties of Miyanrood Dam Site

    Fatemeh Ostadmahmoodi, Mojtaba Ansarifar, Nosrat Ganjali, and Gholam Hossein Beigipour

Ready!Improvement and Extension of the Pile Integrity Test (PIT) under Existing Structures for Foundation Depth Evaluation. Two Case Studies in Brazil

    Tiago de Jesus Souza, Paulo Scarano Hemsi, Paulo Cezar Aoki, and Rafael Marin Valverde

Ready!Comparison on Shear Strength of Coir Mat and Coir Fiber Reinforced Sand

    R. Sridhar and Dr. M.T. Prathapkumar

Ready!Stability Analysis by Ultimate Strain Criterion in Sope Engineering II

    Jianping Xin, Yingren Zheng, Xiudi Li, and Yongfu Wang

Ready!Modified Prediction Model for Dynamic Resilient Modulus of Compacted Subgrade Silt and Relevant Verification

    Cheng Dong, Wenjie Liu, Zhiyong Li and Liang Li

Ready!Effect of Gully Topography on Overlying Strata Behavior and Failure Characteristics in a Longwall Top Coal Caving Face: A Parametric Study

    Xin Wang, Xuehua Li, Shun Liang, and Qinhuan Niu

Ready!Dynamic Model Test on Prestress Loss of Anchor Cables

    Jia Xiaoyun and Zhu Yongquan

Ready!Laboratory Test Setup for Cyclic Axially Loaded Piles in Sand

    Ms. Kristina Thomassen, Prof. Lars B. Ibsen and Dr. Lars V. Andersen

Ready!Surface Movement Characteristics Caused by Fully-mechanized Top Coal Caving Mining under Thick Collapsible Loess

    Wen-bing Guo, Er-hu Bai, Yi Tan, and Da-ming Yang

Ready!Modelling Tied-Back Walls By The Software Ftool

    Gisele Machado Mota, George de Paula Bernardes, and Eduardo Dell’Avanzi

Ready!Excavation Pile Foundation Construction Technology in Quicksand Stratum

    Wen Juan-juan and Yang Kui

Ready!Asset management of PPP project for large scale geological disaster prevention based on incomplete information game

    Yanwei Wang and Yi Huang


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