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Ready!The Safe Distance Between Coal-seam and Tunnel under Different Gas Pressure

    Liu Xinrong, Li Junjiang, Li Dongliang, Bie Congying, and Guo Hongyan

Ready!Stability Analysis for Interval Pillar of Small-Distance Tunnel under Different Types of Surrounding Rock and Construction Countermeasure

    Wang Shui-jiang and Yang Kui

Ready!Stabilization of Pile Foundation in Water-Rich Cobble Ground with Curtain Grouting

    Wang Shui-jiang and Yang Kui

Ready!Early Fault Diagnosis Method of Rolling Element Bearing Based on MED and Hilbert Transform

    Zhang Yong-xin, Wang Zhi-yang, Luo Chenxu, Jing Shuang-xi, Chen Lan, Song Xiao-qing, and Yuan Jin-le

Ready!Gypsum Plaster Mortar Projection: Rheological Analysis

    Aristófanes Matias Gomes da Silva and Yêda Vieira Póvoas Tavares

Ready!The Blasting Vibration of Deep Buried Soft Rock Tunnel

    Jiangbo Xu, Changgen Yan, Hang Yuan, Guanjun Jiang, Faquan Wu, and Yongli Xie

Ready!Traumatism of Pathways and Structures in Yasouj, Akbarabad and Suburbs in Iran—Geotechnical Reasons

    Ashkan Gholipoor Noroozi, Haghighat Mahdiyan, and Alborz Hajiannia

Ready!Analysis of Radon Measurement Methods and Current Application Status in China

    Wei Zhang, Peng Li, Dongsheng Zhang, and Zhi Yang

Ready!Evaluation of Road Landslide in Iran and Stabilization with Micropile

    Ashkan Gholipoor Noroozi, Mehrali Khaledi, and Alborz Hajiannia

Ready!Slurry-blocking Properties of Borehole Sealing Material Applied to Pressure Grouting Discrete Dam Foundation

    Jian Ge, Jingwei Liang, and Xu Gao

Ready!Characteristic Analysis of Dynamic Response of the Stability of Surrounding Rock Roadway

    Yushun Yang, Sijiang Wei, and Dongming Zhang

Ready!Stability of Twin Shallow Tunnels in Unsaturated Soils Considering Intermediate Principal Stress and Strength Nonlinearity

    Cong Yao, Zi-han Yang, Yong-xin Li and X.L. Yang

Ready!Mechanical Property of Single Jointed Rock Masses under Coupling Action of Freeze-Thaw and Load

    Xinghong Wu and Yani Lu

Ready!Dynamic and Static Mechanical Properties of Ice-Rich Frozen Sand

    Lingshi An, Xianzhang Ling, Yongchang Geng, Qionglin Li, Feng Zhang, and Lina Wang

Ready!Mechanical Properties and Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Granitic Gneiss under Complex Unloading Environment

    Li Jun-mei, Liu Li-peng, Wang Bin, Ma Chun-de, and Li Xin-zhe

Ready!Petrophysical Estimates in Bangestane-One Fields in Southwestern Iran

    Reza Iravani Khah and Mehrdad Kholghifard

Ready!Lake-Bottom Deformation Special Equipment Measurement Methods and Practice of Mining Under Weishan Lake

    Yuanzhong Luan, Liyuan Weng, Yanhe Ma, and Hengxuan Luan

Ready!Analysis of Cracks Development of Tunnel Invert in Swelling Rocks

    Mingqing Du and Ning Wang

Ready!On the Effect of a Crack at an Inclined Angle on Strength Characteristics as Revealed by Triaxial Experiments

    Taoli Xiao, Zhonglin Wang, and Cheng Cheng

Ready!Application of LIDAR for the Investigation and Monitoring of Geologic Hazard

    Li-Dong Li and Feng-Guang Sheng

Ready!The Pre-reinforcement Scheme of a Large Deformation Tunnel

    Xixi Jia

Ready!Risk Classification Method of Assembly Occupancies

    Hao Yu

Ready!Seismic Response of Underground Fluid in Qingfeng Fault Zone

    Cai Yong-jian, Tang Yong, Luo Jun-qiu, and Zheng Shui-ming

Ready!The Influence of Pile Cap and Pile Defects on Dynamic Stiffness of Existing Pile

    Gu Renguo, Huang Xiaofeng, Fang Yingguang, and Zhou Naiming

Ready!Key Techniques and Application of Large Rectangular Shallow Pipe Jacking Engineering under Complex Conditions

    Sun Guangchen, He Shan, Fu Helin, Jin Hua, and Zhao Lifeng

Ready!Coalbed Methane Accumulation and Development Unit of Fukang Syncline in Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, China

    Xin Li, Xuehai Fu, Yanyan Ge, Xuesong Yang, Shun Liang, Mao He, and Chunlin Jiao

Ready!Soft Rock Roadway Floor Failure Mechanism and Grouting Support Technology

    Shuai Han, Xing Zhang, and Pengchu Ding

Ready!Dynamic Triaxial Tests on Dynamic Characteristics of Tailings

    Han Xu, Su Jing-yu, Wang Wei, and Ma Dong-hu

Ready!Analysis of the Influence of Vertical Stress on the Efficiency of Hydraulic Fracturing

    Fan Zhang, Geng Ma, Rui Li, Xiao Liu, and Dan Feng

Ready!A Study on the Layered Structure of Bentonite, Crushed Rock and Sand under Repeated Triaxial Loading

    Mustafa Al-saedi , Dr Amin Chegenizadeh and Hamid Nikraz


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