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Ready!FEM Analysis of Bearing Capacity with Constant Section Piles Compared to Variable Section Piles Under Vertical Loads in Sandy Soils

    Niloofar Jamali and Masoud Dehghani

Ready!Mechanism Analysis and Control Technology of Floor Heave in Large Section Mining Roadway under Shallow Seam

Ready!Generating Design Ground Motion by Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis and Code

    Lalu Makrup

Ready!Numerical Modeling of Saturated Soft Clay Behavior ihat Improved with Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVDs) by Preloading

    Babak Asadi Samani and Masoud Dehghani

Ready!A Strain Rate Dependent Damage Viscoelastic Model for Granite

    Lan Qiao, Miao Li, Qingwen Li, and Yuan Li

Ready!A New Topsis Model for Rockburst Intensity Prediction

    Yuehua Li and Shaohe Zhang

Ready!Numerical Study of Debris Composition on Moving Characteristics of Rock Debris Landslide by EDEM

    Liu Siljie and Liu Mingwei

Ready!An Investigation of CO2-Water-Rock Interactions During CO2 Flooding

    Na Xiao, Shi Li, and Meiqin Lin

Ready!Experiment of Foam Flooding Formulation for Extremely Low Permeability Oil Reservoir

    Shan Qin, Jian Wang, Peng Xu, Chengming Zhang, and Chengming Zhang

Ready!Fracture characteristics before and after pit excavation: a case study of the dam foundation of Laxiwa Hydropower Station, NW China

    Qunmin Wang, Shouyun Liang, and Yutian Ke

Ready!Influence of the core structure on the anti-seismic property of earth-rock dams

    Chen Xinqiang, Lian Chao, Kong Yuyang, Lei Dongning, and Qiao Yueqiang

Ready!High Stress Roadway Bearing Arch Strengthening Supporting Theory

    Guolei Liu, Xuebin Li, Fangqian Xia, Xiaojun Zhang, and Qianjun Lin

Ready!Rockfall Zoning Using Rock Fall Simulation at Gua Damai, Selangor, Malaysia

    Goh Thian Lai, Ailie Sofyiana Serasa, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Norbert Simon, Azimah Hussin, Tuan Rosli Tuan Mohamed, and Lee Khai Ern

Ready!Characteristics of Deformation and Strength of Mixture Filling Material

    Zhu Yanpeng, Ran Guoliang, Wang Xuelang, Yang Xiaohui, Shi Zhanbing and Wang Yiru

Ready!The derivation of the lifting jack force and mechanical behavior during construction of shield tunnel segment under the condition of upper-soft and lower-hard composite stratum

    Niu Ben, Chen Junsheng, Mo Haihong and Lei Kai

Ready!Application of AHP-FCE method in safety risk evaluation of deep foundation pit construction

    Jinping Li, Feifei Yuan, Wenjun Wang and Yao Lu

Ready!Geometry Effects on Slope Stability at Grasberg Mine Through the Transition from Open Pit to Underground Block Cave Mining

    Eman Widijanto, Ridho K. Wattimena, Suseno Kramadibrata and Made Astawa Rai

Ready!An Improved Nonlocal Strain-Softening Model

    Jisen Shi, Daosheng Ling, Chengbao Hu and Shilin Gong

Ready!Green's Function Method for Nonlinear Porous Flow and Its Application to Unconventional Reservoirs

    Liao Zuocai, Xiao Qianhua, Li Xiaojun, Yang Zhengming, and Huang Yanzhang

Ready!A New Method of Proppant Embedment Experimental Research during Shale Hydraulic Fracturing

    Xinghao Gou, Jianchun Guo, Cong Lu, and Si Chen

Ready!Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cemented Soil

    Taoli Xiao, Yunlong He, Qifeng Li, Zhuo Ding, Jianhua Zhu, and Chao Zhou

Ready!Prediction of Peak Strength of Red Sandstones under the Effects of Wetting-Drying Cycles Based on Ultrasonic Velocity Test

    Zhi-hua Xu, Qian-cheng Sun and Guo-dong Zhang

Ready!Application of Fuzzy Entropy Theory to the Green Building Parts Supplier Selection

    Luo Zhenhua, Lei Xiangfei, He Jian, and Pan HaiZe

Ready!Cumulative Coulomb Stress Changes in the Basin-range Region of Gulu-Damxung-Yangbajain and Their Effects on Strong Earthquakes

    Gang Yang, Dongning Lei, Qing Hu, Yongjian Cai, and Jianchao Wu

Ready!A Mesoscopic Damage Model of the Geogrid-Reinforced Wall

    Wang Chengzhi, Zhou Suntong, and Ying Nie

Ready!Landslide Susceptibility Analysis and Research on Group Control Model at Low-grade Metamorphic Rock District

    Li-Dong Li and Li-Ren-Xu Bin

Ready!Soft Soil Improvement with Conventional and Geogrid-encased Stone Piles under an Embankment

    Mohamed Basheer Dardeer Elsawy

Ready!Interference Optimization of Surfactant / Polymer Flooding and Surfactant Flooding in Daqing Oilfield

    Juan Wang, Shuoliang Wang, Zhihong Kang, Wei Lin and Menggao Zhu

Ready!A New Method on the Testing of Swelling Pressure under Water Content Control for Expansive Soils

    Zhaoyang Li, Qiang Xie, Mengyi Zhao, and Yongchun Guo

Ready!An Integrated Technology of Dewatering and Consolidating Tailings

    Yunbing Hou, Lan Shizhong, Wei Shuxiang, Wang Bingwen, and Wu Di


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