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Ready!Integrated Geophysical Methods for Imaging The Subsurface of a Building Site

    Nyako Seth Owusu, Aning Akwasi Akyeampong, Bernard Ofosu, Kwabena Osei Opuni, and Festus Anane Mensah

Ready!Field Experiments on Treatment of Subgrade Uneven Settlement for a Highway Open to Traffic

    Gao Lei, Yu Yanjie, Chen Yonghui, and Yang Wu

Ready!Methods of Determining Transfer Properties of Fresh Cement Pastes

    Jean Claude Tchamba and Théodore Gautier L. J. Bikoko

Ready!Stability Control Technology in Blasting of Extremely Close Tunnel

    Zhu Zhengguo,Jia Yuanhang and Gou Lingyun

Ready!A Model for Hydraulic Fracturing in Soft Coal Seams by Elastic–Plastic Softening Failure

    Zhaolong Ge, Feifei Zhang, Yiyu Lu, and Jiufu Chen

Ready!Exploration of Crack Development Near a Fault Zone and Method of Coal Pillar Retaining

    Bo Li, Wenquan Zhang, Bin Bai, and Jiudang Yuan

Ready!Influence of Strength Difference between Block and Matrix on the Mechanical Property of Block-in-Matrix Soils: An Experimental Study

    Jiaguo Xia, Wei Gao, Ruilin Hu, and Haoyue Sui

Ready!Intelligent Engineering Well Logging System Design of the Host Part

    Chen Yi

Ready!Construction of Database in the Field of Field Research and Exploration

    Guo Yan

Ready!Wireless Transmission System of Exploration Resource Information

    Guo Yan

Ready!Analysis on Temperature Field of CRTS-I Double-block Ballastless Track Bed Slab

    Meng Xiao-bai

Ready!New Solution to Critical Injector-Producer Spacing Shaped Invert 9-spot Area Well Pattern for Low-permeability Reservoir

    Guohui Qu, Yuanlin Meng and Guiyuan Ren

Ready!Signal Gathering and Transfer in Seismic Exploration

    Mingjie Chen

Ready!Status and Development Layout of Anhui Provincial Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Institutions

    Yingrui Wang, Heping Pan, and Minhong Ye

Ready!Interfacial Characteristics of Reinforced Silty Clay through Pull-out Test

    Li Zhenxia and Chen Yuanzhao

Ready!Mechanical Behavior of Typical Clayey-Silty Sands of the Brazilian Semi-Arid in Triaxial Tests

    Fernando Feitosa Monteiro, Yago Machado Pereira de Matos, and Mariana Campos Fontenelle

Ready!The Influence of Supporting Pattern and Roof Feature on Roadway Deformation in Mining Engineering

    Rong Lu, Fengshan Ma*, Jie Guo, and Haijun Zhao

Ready!An Experimental Investigation into Seismic Response of Subway Station under Earthquake Excitation

    Le Van Tuan, Zheng YongLai, Yue CuiZhou, Dr. Phung Vinh An, and Ha Thanh Lan

Ready!A Simplified Method to Evaluate Pile-Supported Embankment Reinforced With Geosynthetic Over Soft Soil and the Influence of Design Parameters

    Liu Feicheng and Zhang Jianjing

Ready!Assessment of Long-term Settlement Model for Open Dumping Area in Malaysia – A Review

    Ng Wei Jade and Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi

Ready!Influence Factors and Technology to Improve the Mining Productivity by Using Filling Mining Method

    Dong Peixin, Yang Zhiqiang, Gao Qian, and Xiao Bolin

Ready!Comparison of Different Limit Equilibrium Methods Based on Static and Dynamic Safety Factors

    Seid Hamid Mousavi and Dr. Behrouz Gordan

Ready!Stability Analysis and Support Scheme of Island Rock Slope

    Huan Likun and Dr. Liang Kong

Ready!Laboratory and Field Electrical Resistivity Studies on Laterites and Lateritic Soils

    Nimi Ann Vincent, R. Shivashankar, and K. N. Lokesh

Ready!On the Evolution Mechanism of Hydraulic Fissures and Natural Fissures under the Action of Hydraulic Fracturing

    Zhu Yunhua, Liu Xinrong and Chen Leyong

Ready!Basic Characteristics and Proneness Evaluation about Debris Flow in Zhangmu Gully of Tibet

    Liu Daxiang, Tong Biao, Yang Yueshu, Yao Xiaoyue, Ding Yu, and Xia Zhenyao

Ready!Application of Curtain Grouting in the Pile Foundation Construction in Watery Strata

    Liu Hui

Ready!Analysis of Flying Rock Accidents in the Method of FTA in Blasting Demolition

    Yang Wang, Xu-guang Wang, Tie-jun Tao, De-qiang Yang, Yin-jun Wang, and Ming-sheng Zhao

Ready!Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Saturated Sand Reinforced with Horizontal-vertical Inclusions under Cyclic Loading

    Chengchun Qiu, Donghui Cao, Zhaoyu Wang, and Guizhong Xu

Ready!Main Controlling Factors of Surface Deformation in Mining with Filling Based on Orthogonal Design

    Zhou Yan, Jin Fengxiang, Ji Min, and Li Ting


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