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Ready!Control of Overburden Deformation by Paste-Like Roadway Backfill Mining

    Wang Yingying, Zhao Chengwei and Chen Guangfu

Ready!Mechanical Properties and Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Granitic Gneiss under Complex Unloading Environment

    Li Jun-mei, Liu Li-peng, Wang Bin, Ma Chun-de, and Li Xin-zhe

Ready!Simulation of Deformation and Failure of Overlying Strata under Thick Alluvium in Different Mining Methods

    Guibin Zhang, Wenquan Zhang, Bing Gao, Bin Bai, and Bo Li

Ready!Long-Distance Oil and Gas Pipeline Measurement Method Based on RTK

    Junnan Xiong, Ming Sun, Chao Peng, Shan Liu, Jiang Li, and Xie Bo

Ready!Formulation of Structured Bounding Surface Model with a Destructuration Law for Natural Clay

    Yunliang Cui, Xinquan Wang, and Shiming Zhang

Ready!Application of Digital Image Deformation Measurement Technology into Face Rockfill Dam Shaking Table Model Test

    Liu Zhenping, Liu Fuhai, Zhao Xianbo, and Zhou Xianwei

Ready!Settlement Prediction by Fitted Peck Formula Based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method

    Liyun Tang, Jiwei Hu, Quansheng Zhang, Gengshe Yang, Jiami Xi and Peiyong Qiu

Ready!Ultimate Bond Stress between the Cement Grout and Tabriz Marl Soil Measured by Laboratory and Full-scale Experiments

    Amirali Mahouti, Hooshang Katebi, and Tohid Akhlaghi

Ready!Analysis of Reasonable Position Layout of Roadway in Lower and Large Thickness Coal Seam

    Meng Hao, Cheng Zhan-bo, and Jia Shang-wei

Ready!The Application of Anti-Slide Pile with Anchor Cable in the Protection of a World Cultural Heritage Site of Ming-Jing Tai

    Yulan Wang, Dong Zhao, Fan Lei, and Weixi Zhang

Ready!Prediction of the Height of Water Flowing Fractured Zone of Fully Mechanized Top-coal Caving in a Coal Mine of Guizhou Province

    Lin Gao, Dezhong Kong, Xiaomeng Li, Yong Liu, Guiyi Wu and Xiangtao Kang

Ready!Comprehensive Evaluation on Gravel Fill Foundation Reinforced by Intermediate Energy Dynamic Compaction

    Jin Meiha and Guo Jianqiang

Ready!The Establishment of Evaluation System for Rainwater-Friendly Community Construction Project Based on GAHP

    Yan Li, Wenyan Cheng, and Yichuan Zhang

Ready!Weathered Slope Stability Analysis in Open-pit Mine based on Weak Interfaces Exploration

    Wen Zhong, Xin Chen, Jianwen Han, Xiaojun Wang, Kui Zhao, and Zhuoying Tan

Ready!Numerical Analysis of One-Dimensional Infiltration in Unsaturated Soil

    Xue Wang, Xiao-hui Tan, Yan Xie, Peng Li, and Fusheng Zha

Ready!The Establishment of the Application Framework of Smart Technologies in the Rainwater Resource Utilization of Urban Green Land

    Yan Li, Wenyan Cheng, and Yichuan Zhang

Ready!Bolt-Grouting Support in Thick Alluvium and Thin Bedrock Cracked Soft Rock RoadwayA Case Study at Zhaogu No.1 Coal Mine

    Zhang Shuai, Fan Gangwei and Tang Shijie

Ready!Drilling Cuttings Migration Characteristics during Gas Extraction Borehole in Soft Coal Seam

    Han Xiao-ming, Luo Chen-xu, Li Jia-liang, and Wang Han

Ready!Liquid Nitrogen-Based Quick Freezing Technology in Urban Subway Tunnel Restoration Engineering

    Yao Zhishu, Wang Xiaojian, Ma Jin, and Xue Weipei

Ready!Analysis and Control of Pipeline Deformation Under Metro Shield Tunneling Construction in the Loess Area

    Gao Bing-li

Ready!Sustained External Pressure of Drilling Engineering Detection: under the Conditions of 50 kg/cm2

    Yang Wu

Ready!Numerical Analysis of OneDimensional Infiltration in Unsaturated Soil

    Xue Wang, Xiao-hui Tan, Yan Xie, Peng Li, and Fusheng Zha

Ready!Injection Parameter Optimization of Water Wells in Low Permeability Reservoirs

    Bo Luo, Jianchun Guo, Cong Lu, Haiyan Zhu, Zhihong Zhao, Cong Lu, Chen Li, and Yulong Zhou,

Ready!Model Test for Red Bedrock Slope with Weak Intercalation Affected by Rainfall and its Instability Model

    Yihong Zhou, Cuiying Zhou, Guangzhou, China, Zhen Liu, Xu Yang, Dingli Su, Zichun Du, and Wei Liu

Ready!Control Principle and Supporting Technology of The Full-Mechanized Mining Work Surface in Soft Coal

    Weijian Yu and Jian Zhang

Ready!The Height of Caving Zone and Fissure Zone of Huangling No.2 Mine

    Dong Zhenyu, Wang Shuangming, Hou Enke, and Chen Hang

Ready!On Calculated Length for Buckling Stability of Steel Pipe Pile Based on Energy Method

    Hong-wei Feng

Ready!Selection Strategy of Green Building Parts Supplier Based on the Catastrophe Theory and Kent Index Method

    Luo Zhenhua, He Jian, and Pan HaiZe

Ready!Surface Subsidence Control during Strip Mining Processes

    Xianqing Peng, Wei Gu, and Chang Wang


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