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Ready!Investigating the Ground Water Situation of Nosrat-abad City, North East of Zahedan, Iran

    Amin Narouie, Rahim Narouie, Gholamreza Lashkari Pour, Mojtaba Ansarifar, and Mohammadali Enayat

Ready! Probabilistic Analysis of Tunnel Surrounding Rock Using Upper Bound Limit Analysis Method

    Dr. Luo Wei and Zeng Runzhong

Ready!Solution of the Boussinesq Problem of Half Space using Green and Zerna Displacement Potential Function Method

    Nwoji, C.U., Onah H.N., Mama B.O., and Ike, C.C.

Ready!Candidate Production Well and Layer Selection Method for Acidizing-water Shutoff Joint Operation

    Chao Xian, Liqiang Zhao, Zhifeng Luo, and Xitang Lan

Ready!Effect of Gradation on Compression Index of Coarse Grained Clayey Soils Using Odometer and Rowe Consolidation Cell

    Samira Nematzadeh and Masoud Hajialilue Bonab

Ready!A Constitutional Review of the Post-Cyclic Shear Strength Behavior of Peat Soil

    Habib Musa Mohamad and Adnan Zainorabidin

Ready!Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis for Proposed Smart City, Ludhiana (India)

    Sanjeev Naval and Kanav Chandan

Ready!Geotechnical Characterization of Kahnooj Plain Soils, with an Emphasis on Collapsible Soils

    Mahboubeh Yoosefzadeh and Mahdi Masoudi

Ready!Analysis of Dynamic Fracture of Tunnel With Cracks under Heavy-Haul Train Vibrating Load

    Shuhong Liu and Baorui Zheng

Ready!Evaluation of Effective Factors on the Load-Displacement Relationship of Laterally Loaded Single Vertical and Battered Piles Using FEM Analysis

    Reza Rezazade and Behzad Kalantari

Ready!Influencing Factors of Floor Heave and Sinking Coefficient of Strip Mining in Deep Mine

    Liu Shuai, Luan Yuan-zhong and Miao Chang-qi

Ready!Simulation of Acid Fracturing Effective Distance in Fissured Carbonate Reservoir

    NanLin Zhang, Liqiang Zhao, and Zhifeng Luo

Ready!Slope Stability Evaluation by Geological Strength Index (GSI) on Selected Slopes of the Crocker Formation, Sabah, Malaysia

    Ismail Abd Rahim and Lee Kiun You

Ready!A Hybrid Encoding Method for Seismic Data Migration

    Chuang Li, Jianping Huang and Zhenchun Li

Ready!Evolution of Loess Crack under the Action of the Dehumidifier - Humidification

    Wanjun Ye, Changqing Li, Zhongxiang Liu, and Ruiqi Peng

Ready!Characterization of Bandung Soft Clay

    A. Desiani and P.P. Rahardjo

Ready!Geochemistry and Geotechnical Analysis of Lateritic Soils in the Anambra Basin

    Enaworu E., Ugbe F. C. Rotimi O. J., and Ameloko A. A.

Ready!Determination of Location and Type of Soil Contamination in Gachsaran Refinery

    Roohola Abbasi and Samad Zahermand

Ready!Evaluation on Grouting Effect for Metro Tunnel in Loess Area Crossing Below Railway Station Platform

    Zhenlong Zhang, Xinyu Wang, Zengrong Liu, Changning Li, and Rujia Qiao

Ready!Experiment of Fracture Grouting Mechanism in Loess and Its Application

    Zhenlong Zhang, Xiaobo Fang, Zhushan Shao and Yanjun Xu

Ready!Multidirectional Fracturing in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs

    Ting Li

Ready!Direct Shear Strength Properties of Clay Polluted by Hydrochloric Acid

    Qiang Ma,Xing Hu, Yi-cong Yang, Kui Jin, and Xu-tao Zhang

Ready!Application of Mixed Slurry Control Method in Rotary Drilling

    Yao Hongyun, Wang Junzhao, Chen Jingxian, and Zhou Changqun

Ready!Physical Model Test on Long-term Performance of Prefabricated Vertical Drains in Soft Soil Improvement

    Qi Li, Jianguo Tong and Yupei Huang

Ready!Dynamic Analysis of Stability and Liquefaction in Dams in Unsaturated Soil Mode

    Samad Nazari, Mahmoud Hassanlourad, Elham Chavoshi, and Ali Mirzaii

Ready!The Computational Method of Inverted Camber for Pre-Strained Geogrid with Consideration of Interface Characteristics

    Hua Chao, Wei Hong-wei, Yang Xiao-lin, Tang Bin-bin, and Cheng Zhi-ming

Ready!Analysis of the Force of Primary Lining During Construction Process and the Engineering Characteristics of Surrounding Rock in Outwash Accumulation Tunnel

    Jian Yan, Chuan He, Qing-Hao Yang, and Zhi-Jun Yao

Ready!The Impact of the Ground Geometry on Dynamic Applied Load over Buried Pipelines

    Seyyed Mosayeb Eftekhari, Dr. Mohsen Etemadi, and Dr. Seyyed Mahmoud Hoseini


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