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Ready!Seismomagnetic Precursors Seen From Space in Magnetosphere Anomaly for Prediction of Earthquakes

    Morteza Sheshpari

Ready!Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for Proposed Smart City, Jalandhar, India

    Sanjeev Naval and Diksha Sharma

Ready!Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soil During Drying and Wetting Cycles

    Zhai Ju-yun, Hao Xiao, Wang Tie-Hang, Ma Ming-Jiang, Yan Zhi-Xin and Zhao Jin

Ready!Trefftz Harmonic Function Method for Solving Boussinesq Problem

    Ike Charles Chinwuba, Mama Benjamin O., Onah Hygynus N., and Nwoji Clifford U.

Ready!Effect of Vibration Load on Leaching Process for Sandy Gypseous Soil

    Waad A. Zakaria, Qasim A. Aljanabi, and Othman M. Ibrahem

Ready!The Effect of Top Layer Spacing and Number of Geogrid on Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing on Sand

    As'ad Munawir

Ready!Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation for Layout Optimization of Lock Effluent Orifice Area

    Xingxing Zhang, Guangxiang Xu, Mingdong Chen, Ming Chen, and Jiao Wang

Ready!Mechanism of Rockburst in Floor and Prevention Technology in Folding Structure Area

    Zengqiang Yang and Chang Liu

Ready!Application and Analysis of Three-Step Method in Shallow-Buried, Unsymmetrical and Large-Span Tunnel

    Shisheng Zhou, Guihe Wang, Chunlin Ye, Feng Huang, Chaoyang Zhu, Yunji Su, and Wenhua Li

Ready!Radio Wave Penetration Technology with Measured Initial Field Strength Values and Its Application

    Xiao Yu-lin, Wu Rong-xin, and Yan Jia-ping

Ready!Seismic Performance of a Pile Group Reinforced with Micro Piles

    Dipali Paresh Doshi, Atul Desai, Chandresh Solanki, and Yogendra Tandel

Ready!A Study on the Application of Water Quality Monitoring in Early Warning and Forecast of Rainfall-Triggered Debris Flows

    Shufang Fan and Xuansheng Cheng

Ready!Damage Assessment and Visualization of Buildings in Mining Subsidence Area

    Cai Yinfei, Li Xiaojing, and Zhang Mingmei

Ready!Evaluation of the Improvement of Sand Dunes Soil in Fortaleza with Soil Stabilization and Cement Addition

    Gabriela dos Santos Viana, Fernando Feitosa Monteiro, Marcos Fábio Porto de Aguiar, and Francisco Heber Lacerda de Oliveira

Ready!Optimization of the California Bearing Ratio of Stabilized Lateritic Soils Treated with Nanostructured Waste Paper Ash--Coming soon

    Dr. Onyelowe Kennedy C.

Ready!Mathematical Advances in Soil Bearing Capacity

    Dr. Onyelowe Kennedy C.

Ready!Acidizing Simulation of Carbonate Reservoirs with Natural Fractures

    Nanlin Zhang, Liqiang Zhao, Zhifeng Luo, and Yuan Luo

Ready!Application of BOTDA Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Techniques In Vertical Bearing Test of Super-Long PHC Pipe Pile

    Tan Deyin, Dr. Liu Meimei*, Wang Zhan, and Wang Wei

Ready!Influence of Sawdust Disposal on the Geotechnical Properties of Soil

    Etim, Kufre E, Ikeagwuani, Chijioke C, Ambrose, Edidiong E, and Attah, and Imoh C

Ready!Simulation of Acid Fracturing Effective Distance in Fissured Carbonate Reservoir

    NanLin Zhang, Liqiang Zhao, and Zhifeng Luo

Ready!Size Distribution of Gas Drilling Cuttings Based on Specific Energy Consumption Influenced by PDC bit Cutter Rake Angle

    Xiao-ming Han, Shi-feng Wang*, Chen-xu Luo, and Qiang-qiang Zhang

Ready!Simulation of Flow Distribution of Acid in Pre-Pad Acid Fracturing

    NanLin Zhang, Liqiang Zhao, and Weijie Miao

Ready!Variational Formulation of the Mindlin Plate on Winkler Foundation Problem

    Charles Chinwuba Ike

Ready!Appropriate Dynamic Reinforced Supporting Time Determination in Relation to Aging Mechanism of The Stress Field Evolution

    Li Ying-ming, Meng Xiang-rui, Dong Chun-liang, Zhao Guang-ming, Peng Rui, and Xu Ji-cheng

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Surface Position and Motion Law of Frictions Formed by Roof Collapse in Goaf

    Guangpeng Qin, Yunxin Pei, Chao Wang, and Zhongteng Zhang

Ready!Reliability Assessment of Supports in Pad Foundation Column-Flat Plate Connection using Finite Element Analysis

    Ikeagwuani Chijioke C., Onyia Michael E., Nwonu Donald Chimobi, and Nnadi Valentine I.


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