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Ready!Quality Control of Once Lime Mixing Technique for Lime Improved Expansive Soil of Yi Lou Highway

    Wei Su

Ready!Analysis of Infinitely Long Euler – Bernoulli Beam on Two Parameter Elastic Foundation: Case of Point Load

    Dr. Mama, Benjamin O., Dr. Ike Charles Chinwuba*, Dr. Nwoji Clifford U., and Dr. Onah Hyginus N. doc

Ready!Theory of Elasticity Solution for Stress Fields in Semi–Infinite Linear Elastic Soil Due to Distributed Load on the Boundary using the Fourier Transform Method

    Dr. Onah Hyginus N., Dr. Ike Charles Chinwuba*, Dr. Nwoji Clifford U. and Dr. Mama Benjamin O. docx

Ready!Application of Soil Nailing for Landslide Mitigation in Bhutan: A Case Study at Sorchen Bypass

    Dr. Raju Sarkar*, Ritesh Kurar, Sangay Zangmo, Ugyen Dema, Sujan Subba and Daman Kumar Sharma

Ready!Integrated Technology of Wellbore Orientation Optimization for Unconventional Reservoir

    Wang Guanglei

Ready!A Comparative Analysis of Soil Water Retention Curves for Natural and Compacted Loess

    Yawei Ma* and Wenwu Chen

Ready!Characteristics of Overburden Failure of Close Thick Coal Seam Group Mining under Thick Loose Layer and Thin Bedrock

    Zhenlu Li, Wenquan Zhang*, Chunwei Ling, Bin Bai, and Bing Gao

Ready!Basic Characteristics and Starting Mode of Debris Flow in Tieshanzhang Mining Area under Typhoon

    Shufang Fan, Guihong Guo,Yawei Ma and Na Qin

Ready!Adaptive Microseismic Data Compressed Sensing Method Based on Dictionary Learning

    Yanjun Peng and Sai Tian

Ready!Preparation of Gangue-Bottom Ash-based Geo-polymer and Its Performance

    Lu Qianming and Wang Zhen

Ready!Application of SIR30 Ground Penetrating Radar in advance Geological Forecast in Highway Tunnel

    Wei Su and Xueyi Wang



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