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Ready!Application of AHP-FCE Method in Safety Risk Evaluation of Deep Foundation Pit Construction

    Jinping Li, Feifei Yuan, Wenjun Wang and Yao Lu

Ready!A Model of Diffusion Transport of Cement-Sodium Silicate Grout in Single Tubular Fracture

    Zhengyang Zong, Hai-jun Lu, Ji-xiang Li, and Xiaofan Liu

Ready!Optimization Design and Analysis of the Support System of Moon Island Station in Changsha Metro

    Chen Qi, Fu Helin, Song Kun, Liu Weizheng and Luo Guangcai

Ready!Impact of Rising Temperatures on Volumetric Shrinkage & Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Natural Clay Liners

    Ayman Alamareen, Nazieh Abboud, Ebraheem Hammoud Abboud, and Bassam Alaji

Ready!The Measurements of Water Intrusion through Cracks Propagation Inside Slopes to Explain the Cause of Slope Failure—Case Study of Embankment in the Sanggu-Buntok Airport, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

    Stephanus Alexsander, Indrasurya B. Mochtar, and Widya Utama

Ready!Decision-Making Methods for Profile Modification Based on Improved Kernel Function

    Mi Hong-gang, Song Zhi-cong, Gao Da, and Kong Ling-hui

Ready!Applications of Geological Modeling Technology in Offshore Oilfield

    Li Wen-hong, Kong Ling-hui, Zeng Yuan-fang, and Lei Hao

Ready!Safety Influence on Subway Station Adjacent to Foundation Pit and Enclosure Structure by Excavation Construction

    Ming Zhang and Jipeng Liu

Ready!Main Controlling Factors of Fault Environment Inducing Rock Burst

    Shitan Gu, Chengcheng Hu, Cairong Li, and Huabin Dai

Ready!Application of CT technology to Detect the Post-Grouting Effect of Over-Length Piles

    Huang Sheng-gen, He Weixiong, Lan Yanxiong, and Zhang Jichao

Ready!The Response Curves of a Tunnel with Shotcreting and Anchoring Support

    Dr. Jian-gong Chen and Fei-xiang Sun

Ready!Reasonable Borehole Spacing of Hydraulic Flushing Considering the Mechanism of Pressure Relief and Permeability Improvement

    Junxiang Zhang and Bo Li

Ready!A Critical Review on Current Transport Models

    Ali Rasouli, Dr. Amin Chegenizadeh, and Dr. Hamid Nikraz

Ready!Debris Flow Forecast Based on Soil-Water Coupling Mechanism: A Case Study in Aizi Gully Watershed

    He Na, Niu Haicheng, N. Sh. Chen, Zhong Wei, and Tom Cosgrove

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Fracture Evolution Characteristics of Overlying Strata in the Fully Mechanized Collapsing Working Face with Large Mining Depth and Dip

    Jia Zhenzhen, Ye Qing, and Lu Yi

Ready!Experimental Study on the Propagation Law of Flame in Pipe Produced during Gas Explosion

    Zhiwei Jia, Bo Li and Shengming Xu

Ready!A Study on the Stability and Economics of AER wall by 3D Finite Element Analysis

    Jayoung Kim, Minsu Seo, Jong-Chul Im and Su Won Son

Ready!Experimental Study on the Frost resistance of Cast-in-situ Foamed Concrete

    Wen-hui Zhao, Qian Su, Ting Liu, and Jun-jie Huang

Ready!Determination of Rock Mass Mechanical Parameters Based on GA–FLAC3D and BP Neural Network

    Hyokchol In, Kwangsong Kang, Dezheng Zhang, Nailian Hu, Teiun Pack, and Kwangbyol Jang

Ready!High Frequency Sequence Analysis and Reservoir Characteristics of Puguang Gasfield

    Daxiang Zhang and Taiju Yin

Ready!Engineering Classification of Genou Limestone Mass

    Maliheh Salari and Abdollah Yazdi

Ready!Deformation Modulus of a Thick Alluvium Layer from in-situ Load Test

    Zhen-Feng Qiu, Shen-Chuan Tang, He-Jun Chai, and Jun-Jie Wang

Ready!Determination Depth of the Active Zone Using Dilatometer Test

    Eddy Triyanto Sudjatmiko and Paulus Pramono Rahardjo

Ready!Investigation of Organic Matter on the Compressibility of Waste in Landfill

    Ma Shi-jin

Ready!Analysis on Shock Destruction Characteristics of Roadway Wall Caused by Gas Explosions under Different Gas Filling Volumes

    Jia Zhenzhen, Ye Qing, Liu Wei, and Lu Yi

Ready!Effect on the Grain Size Distribution when Preparing Sand Using Poker Vibrators

    Søren Dam Nielsen

Ready!Effect of Jute Fiber on Geotechnical Properties of Soil (Abstract)

    Parvesh Kumar and Fayaz Ahmad Mir

Ready!Enhancement of Recovery Ratio in CO2 Flooding Inhomogeneous Ultra-low Permeability Reservoir

    Zhengku Wang, Fengxia Li, Jianian Xu, Hongli Liu, Jiadan Hou, and Xuejun Hou

Ready!Back Analysis and Engineering Application of Consolidation Parameters

    Ai-hua Sun, Wei Zhang, and Xu-feng Wang

Ready! Definition of the Load Carrying Capacity of Single Piles in Unsaturated Soils Using Barcelona Basic Constitutive Model

    Omid Bandehzadeh, Masoud Mirmohammad Sadeghi, Mohammad Ali Rowshanzami, and Alborz Hajian Nia


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